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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back at the Ranch ....

.... things were getting back to normal. Sunday was a very busy day, getting all the laundry done so everyone had clothes for school. We had to wash everything that went with us on the camping trip because it was all smoke-filled, whether it was worn or not. In fact, when I showered my hair smelled terribly of smoke. And I had showered and washed it at camp, although I didn't on Saturday morning before we came home.

While we were dragging ourselves around the house, the kids were playing and Aleksis was doing some acrobatics. She let out a little "Ow," and when asked what was wrong, she said, "I was doing a backbend and I got a butt cramp." Ohhhh. Yeah, last time I did a backbend I got one, too! Those suckers hurt!! LOL!!

Philip lost a tooth after we got home, so both kids had a visit from the tooth fairy. Isn't it cute when they are missing both front teeth?

We were having dinner the other night and he said something about "sweet beans in a basket." I don't remember the reason, but Kirk started laughing and said it sounded like something your grandma would say, "Well, sweet beans in a basket!!!" Philip didn't get the joke, but he kept it going for several minutes by mimicking his dad. Well, sweet beans in a basket, if he isn't the cutest li'l thang!!

I looked out at the lake yesterday and saw a row of fourteen turtles sunning along the bank just outside the house. I grabbed my camera and headed out to take their picture, but saw this little guy on the screen before I got outside.

He was only about three to four inches long. Cute little guy!

However, when I turned to take the turtles picture, this is what I saw.....

Yeah, they all took off except this one. He was rather defiantly looking at me, almost daring me to come out and get him. Of course, when I did take about four or six cautious steps in his direction, he was gone very quickly. Sweet beans in a basket!!!

This moon was so beautiful this morning. I took the photo at about 7:30 or 8:30. I just couldn't believe how full and bright it was at that time of the day! Sweet beans in a basket, have you ever??

I mentioned to Terri that I wanted to go to the beach today or tomorrow, thinking that I would go alone. She said she and the kids would go with me to have some quality time, and they came home at noon. Terri teaches only till noon, and since she teaches at the same school where the kids go, she simply talked to their teachers who said to let them go and spend time with their grammy! Philip even was excused from homework! Sweet beans in a basket, what a good deal!

So off we went this afternoon.

Terri took a stroll along the shore.

Philip was all over the place, doing everything imaginable!

Leksie started out doing handstands and cartwheels along the sand.

And before long both were in the water.

I walked a bit, but I mostly just sat and enjoyed the soothing motion of the water against the sand.

And took pictures! (Like that's a surprise, right?? Sweet beans in a basket, you know me, don't you?)

This little bird ran constantly, following the tide as it ebbed and poking at whatever was being left behind in the sand, then retreating quickly when the tide came toward him again.

Here he is running up the beach for a new "hunting ground."

As I said, I just sat.

And did some people watching!!!!

Sweet beans in a basket!

Unfortunately most of the people looked more like this!

Swee----. Never mind.

But one doesn't get tired of the surf.

Not ever.

Never, ever!!

And for those of you who are drooling right now, wishing you could be there and hear the surf, I have something special. I can't transport you here, but I can bring the ocean sight and sound to you ..........

Now close your eyes if you want and just listen, one more time.


Life is so amazingly beautiful!!!


  1. That's great that the kids got out of school early to spend some time with you at the beach. And I just love Phillip's new saying. Very cute.

  2. Caroline - It was great! One of the perks of going to a small, private school where your mom is also a teacher!

    I smile every time I think of "sweet beans"!!

  3. Great pictures, Lynilu ! Beautiful moon, wonderful beach, and nice sound effects, too...


    Seeing 14 turtles sunning along the bank must have been pretty cool, even if only one of them consented to be photographed !

    Kids definitely look cute when their front teeth fall out ! Phillip looked adorable !

    Nice pink toenail polish on you :)

    Glad all the washing and cleaning up got done so that is behind you from the camping trip.

    Loving Annie

  4. I will laugh and think "sweet beans in a basket" forevermore!

    Ahhh you know I love the ocean. So soothing and wonderful. Glad you had a nice time and safe travels home my friend!

  5. Annie - Those turtles can be shy things, you know! LOL!

    I'm washing clothes again! But this is just the few things I've worn this week, as I'm now packing and getting ready to go home tomorrow morning. It never really ends, does it?

    Glad you liked the sound effects on those clips. Now I can take the ocean home with me to the mountains!

    Patti - Aren't kids wonderful how they bring out the fun in us? I know, "sweet beans" is stuck in my head, too!

    And you can come back here and listen to the ocean as often as you wish!!

    Thanks and I'll keep safety in mind as I venture out. :)

  6. Oh I loved this post and I loved the photos and the video...and I loved the "sweet beans in basket" and I loved your humour...that the men looked more like "door #2"... I always feel energized and calmed after I've been here...especially with today's videos.

    And thanks for the loving birthday wishes on my blog today!! (((muah)))

  7. Sherry - Well, thankee, ma'am! And you're most welcome!! HB, again!

  8. You are sooo right. One can never. ever. ever. tire of the surf. I was only on Delaware's beach for a mere week, but SWEET BEANS IN A BASKET, I already miss it dearly.

  9. P.S. you're travel pictures... they are FABULOUS.

  10. Catherine - LOL! It doesn't take long to fall in love with the surf. The wonderful thing is how soothing it is. When I sit and watch and listen, I'm am soothed and energized at the same time. Ahhhhhh.

    Thanks about the pix!

  11. I LOVE your pictures!!! And I'll say, Sweet Beans In A Basket! Those beans sure were something sweet to look at!!!!

    Philip can sing that song, "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth". I sang that song (solo) when I was in first grade at my school's Christmas program. And back then it was still called a "Christmas" program.

  12. Daisy - Thanks! Yes, those beans are sweet! Well, the kids are working on Christmas programs at school, so maybe TL can suggest that! I don't know how many others are missing front teeth, but wouldn't it be cute to have a row of toothless kids singing that??


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