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Friday, November 02, 2007


Hi, all!! I'm in Allen, TX, just outside Dallas. I spent the first night near Lubbock, where I had a nice visit with a nephew and his wife and son. Pleasant evening and I took my time yesterday morning, spending time with my niece-in-law, again a pleasant visit.

We arrived here yesterday evening to. Everything has gone well with the usual travel concerns such as road repairs to slow us down a bit. Oh, and somewhere between yesterday morning and this morning I lost the little bag that has my make-up in it. Grrrr. I'll be going to Walgreens in a while to replace the essentials, but the biggest loss is the parts that I use only occasionally and are going to be expensive to replace. When I put on more make-up than just mascara and blush I use Bare Essentials, and those are more pricey than the drug store variety. Of course they were in that bag, too. Again, grrrr. I went through my truck with hopes of finding it, then my niece went out with me, and we took everything out of it without luck. I called the niece-in-law, and she checked there but failed to find it. I'm guessing it fell out on one of our stops. Grrrrr.

I also left my shower bag with shampoo, etc., in NM. That wasn't quite as bad, but It contained all those things you take into the shower, so I had to borrow face washing stuff and shampoo and all that for this morning. Yesterday I washed with some disposable face wash pads that I carry when I travel (in the bag that I lost, of course!), and didn't notice I was missing the shower bag itself. Grrrr.

So this afternoon I went out and replaced all my make-up and the little bag it was in. I opted of less expensive things rather than the "name brands" and it still cost me over $100 to replace it all. Grrrr.

I think I'll go growl myself to sleep. grrrrr. :)(: No, not a big deal, just an inconvenience, and I'm back in business again. I'm enjoying being with family too much to let this get me down!

I didn't realize there are cotton fields in the Lubbock area! Lots and lots of cotton fields! OK, I know some of you are laughing at me, but I just didn't know it! I was also surprised that this late in the year some fields were full and ready to harvest, others had just the bare stalks after being harvested, but mostly surprised that some of the fields were full of bolls that were just beginning to open up. Seemed to me that it is late in the year for not-yet-ready-to-harvest crops. I don't know much about cotton as a crop. Here are some pix:
A field looking about ready to harvest.

Up close.

A harvested field with one of Texas' other "crops" working away!

Actually, just after I took this picture I passed a field on the other side of a house that had another of the "crops" of Texas long horns!! What an interesting mix! I wasn't quick enough to get a pic of the cattle, but I had to share that, anyway.

OK. I'm ready to give you something to enjoy. At my own expense. I began this post around noon today, went shopping, came back and wrote some more. I just went in moments ago (it's 9:30 here) to straighten things up, put away the days purchases, those which I had not already used (the new makeup etc., I used and put away earlier in the day), and when I moved my PJs on the bed ... have you guessed it? Yes, there was my little bag of make-up. I'd covered it with the PJs, one of the few things that we didn't move today!!!!!!! ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH! and Grrrr.

Good night. And good grief!!!!

Life is beautiful!!!
Even when I'm a dufus!


  1. I so needed this laugh today. :) Hey look at the bright will be a while before you need to buy anymore makeup.

  2. Caroline - LOL! Funny you say that about not needing anything for a while. Since I had opened and used all but one thing, I can't return it, so I said almost the same a while ago!! Great minds work alike, right???

  3. Oh good grief!!! Dufus?!? That was cute, but no, not a dufus...just very happy, having a good time and in a relaxed mode. Be grateful you didn't buy more bare essentials and that would really have put you back a penny or two!! Keep smilin' Lynilu...and watch out for those linens!!! :)

  4. Sherry - Yes, ma'am! As I said, I'm too excited about the trip and the visiting to let it get to me! Life is good!

    MLM - Good!!!

  5. Well....Hell!! Been in a similar situation and though it's not life shattering, it's just irritating.

  6. I'm glad you found your make-up bag. At least you won't have to buy make-up for awhile and you won't be running out on your trip.

  7. PS. I really enjoyed the pictures of the cotton fields.

  8. Anonymous - Isn't it? Just frosts ya!

    Daisy - I'm glad I found it, too. Although it was irritating that I didn't find it before I spent the $$, I felt better about the fact that I didn't leave all the old stuff somewhere beside the highway. Glad you liked the cotton fields! I was fascinated with them, too.

  9. Oh no!! LOL!! I am sorry you wasted all that money, but it sure made for a great story!

    I'm so glad you're having a great trip.

  10. Jenster - I was just thinking that if it weren't for things such as that, we would all have boring blogs, wouldn't we? WooHoo!! Thanks!

  11. Yeah! We were expecting the K-9 team to show up at our door any time to sniff out your bag. :) I'm glad you found it, even though you'd already replaced everything. We really enjoyed your visit. We'll always have a room for ya! Reservations not required. -S3-

  12. Oh boy well you've already got replacements handy "just in case". The cotton is in here and it's beautiful!

  13. S3 - Thanks, and I enjoyed my visit with you, too. I really love you house and S2 says I shoulda seen it before your lovely M got hold of it!! I appreciate you sharing it with me. I'll be back (said in my worst Arnold-impersonator voice, of course!!)

    Patti - Enough replacements for at least a year!! Sheesh! And I guess I might see your cotton in a few days, eh??


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