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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Marianna, FL

Today was an easy drive. I left a little later than I intended, but within my time frame. I made a couple stops, one at Walmart to buy some extra strong bungees to hold the tarp in place in the back of the truck. I have a net over it, but the wind raises it just enough to be really distracting in the rear-view mirror. The bungees hold it down nicely. I had to stop once to adjust them a little bit.

Other than that, the day was an easy, almost boring drive. I enjoyed the scenery, but I saw nothing that just dropped my jaw. I just drove along with traffic, listening to my CD book, munching on an occasional Necco wafer ... OK, maybe more than the occasional ... and sipping on my Figi water. A couple stops for gas and to stretch our legs, and life was good.

I am enjoying the book pretty well. I started with the Danielle Steele book, Sisters. The story is good, but I'm also remembering why I quit reading her books several years ago. Redundancy. She repeats things more than I like. Details that could be stated once are reworded and peppered throughout the text until I want to say, "Enough, already! Got it! Now move on!!" I like the plot, I like her story development for the most part, but I get it that the sisters are all beautiful, I understand that the all loved their mother greatly, I see what a phenomenal relationship these people have!! Steele goes over details like these five to eight times over several chapters, until I want to scream! If I weren't interested in the outcome, I would just chuck it and go on to another book.

She is also not great with consistency. An accident happened; it took thirty minutes to remove a person from the wreck; she is at the hospital, or at least on her way; her family is saying she's been gone for over an hour for an errand that should have been ten minutes; the officers are at her home telling her family that "an accident happened twenty minutes ago." Huh? Other small details are convoluted, leaving me saying, "Wa-a-a-a-it a minute."

Oh, and there were several damaged spots on the first three CDs, so I missed parts. This is the problem with rented CDs. But I've never had one with this many problems. It is usually just a skip or two, but these were major bloops, and I'm guessing I missed about three or four pages with each one, so I missed perhaps a dozen pages. I hope it doesn't have so many on the remainder of the CDs. I still have four to go.

OK, enough grousing. I'm in for the night. Not many choices of accommodations that will take pets, but the room looks and smells clean. It is spacious and not shabby. It'll do. And as I wrote this last bit, there was a knock on my door. I now have a pizza! Yay! I didn't feel like going anywhere, so I ordered in. Now I can get comfortable and except for a couple doggie walks, I'm in for the evening.

I'm back in Central time again. I'll be moving with the sun now as I drive west, rather than against it. That makes the day go a little easier. Tomorrow at this time I'll be somewhere in Louisiana. Not sure where I'll stop, but I'll figure that out when the time comes. Until then!

Oh, wait! How 'bout a few pretties in tribute to Florida as I prepare to leave?

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Glad to hear that todays drive was uneventful.

    I am not the type of person that could listen to a book on tape. My mind drifts too much...I have to have the book right in front of me.

    So you are going to be in Louisansa???? Do you want directions to Laura's house??? :)

  2. Oh, are those flowers for ME? Why THANK YOU!!! :-)

    I'm glad your travels are going well and have been uneventful. You're such a trooper. I'm very impressed with all your traveling. I love to travel, but driving...not so much!

    Continue to be safe, my friend.

  3. Caroline - I considered getting that address!! LOL!! But, alas, Shreveport is too far north! I won't get to see Laura's jaw hit the floor!!

    About the books ... you might be surprised. I thought that, too, but I'm amazed. I actually have more focus on the spoken book that I do on the written one! It is hard to do it around town because of distractions (stop lights, intersections, etc.)and because the trips are short (you lose train of though being in and out of the cart) but on the highway, it is great!

    Dawn - Why, yes, they are just for you! :)(: I did so much travel by air that I didn't see great parts of the US as I traveled over it. I'm loving this, being able to see what's twixt here and there. It's a new experience and I'm loving it!

  4. Lynilu,
    Smart idea about the bungee cords.

    I prefer Nora Roberts for just the reasons you mentioned.

    Hope Louisiana is a pretty drive !

  5. Gorgeous flowers!!!
    I was smiling as you were talking about Danielle Steele and her redundancy...that's why I stopped reading her books years ago. I too get fed up with she gets away with it, I'm not sure. I suppose being a million $$, million selling best selling author gives her that "privilege" and maybe her editors and publisher don't mind?!? And I'm thinking, it's got to be worse when it's on CD or tape...with a book you can flip a few pages to get to what you need/want to know!!

  6. You are really having an adventure!!!

    LOVE the pics!!!

  7. Annie - You know, I stood and looked at the book, and I wondered why I didn't read her books any longer, but it escaped me. It cambe thundering back! Yes, I like Nora Roberts much better, too.

    Louisiana has been a pretty drive. See next post.

    Sherry - I found myself thinking as I drove along, catching more irritations ... does she have an editor??? I don't understand it either.

    Cheryl - Uh-huh! Stay tuned for tonight's post!


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