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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Beloved/Dreaded Christmas Letter

Do you like those holiday letters? I do. It is fun to hear about things that I don't always hear about, even if it is someone I talk to on a daily basis because we don't necessarily think of it, or don't brag face to face.

Do you send one out? Yep, I do, too, although It's not in the mail yet!! Yike!! OK, I usually send a post-Christmas letter, I admit it! Are your letters "Typical" or "Honest"? Mine! I'm not sayin'!!!!


  1. hey! i don't personally do the christmas letter, but i have to admit i wish more people sent them. there are friends i get cards from and i have no idea what is happening in their lives. s'pose things could be said the same of me. maybe next year, i'll start. hey! maybe valentines day i'll start!!!!

  2. no letter from me, but I don't mind getting them...if they are at least interesting..honest or not!! LOL!! I do send one to a distant relative in England as it's the only time in the year we communicate and it's just bringing her up to date with what's been happening with family in Canada. Sadly, the last few years it's been more about those who have passed away.

  3. Cameo - I got a couple cards this year that I wished had letters in them, one because I know they've had a great year and I'd like to hear more about it, the other because we only hear at Christmas. And I've sent mine in February before!! LOL! In fact I think I sent one in April one year!

    Sherry - It sounds funny that there are people I care deeply about, yet we have grown apart so it is difficult to have telephone conversations. So getting the annual keeps us up with each other's families without the awkwardness of trying to make small talk. And I have a friend with whom I have maintained that kind of contact, and once we had the chance to get together, in person, vis a vis we took up a conversation as if there was no gap. Yeah, I'm happy to send and receive them.

  4. Lynilu, those are the BEST kind of friendships...the ones where you might have an absence from one another for a very long time, you communicate by email or holiday letter...and then see one another and pick up where you left off as if you had seen each other the day before. Those are simply beautiful friendships.

    I totally understand the people you grow apart from, even though you care for them deeply and it's awkward to converse face-to-face. So much of life can be "difficult" and yet it needn't be. The main thing is to matter how it is done!!

    I'll send you my address and we can send each other a Christmas letter next!?!?!

  5. Sherry - You're right. I like to stay in touch even when the friendship is more distant than in the past. Yes, I would love to exchange letters!! I've sent you my addy.

  6. I have never sent out such a letter but I enjoy reading them. We had one "braggy" aunt who used to send them, alas she's passed on now.


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