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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well, I'm pretty sure I'm losing it. Or I've offended the gods and they are out to get me.

When I left on my trip I took my extra car key with me. You know, "just in case." I had it in my purse for the first few days, then I thought about perhaps I shouldn't carry both keys in my purse.

Now, I do not remember putting the second key elsewhere, but I might have. A couple days before I got home I had a passing thought, "I don't remember seeing the spare key." But I brushed it off and decided I'd look in my purse later. I didn't. it would be hard to over look this key because it is one of those big ones with the buttons built into it, AND it is on a white plastic tag, the kind that has a slot in it to hang in the key box. Altogether, the key and the tag are probably about four inches long. The key is an inch and a half wide.

This morning I dumped our my purse. It isn't there. I searched all the pockets of all the suitcases and small bags I too. It isn't there. I combed through the truck, under seats, under cushions, shook out anything that might be harboring a key. It isn't there. Well, crap. That kind of key cost a small fortune to replace. The last one I had done was about $70! But I will replace it because if I should lose the one I carry everyday, I'm completely screwed.

After that disappointing debacle, I decided to take the luggage to the basement and carry the Christmas boxes to the deck. I walked to the key box, picked up the key to the basement, put on my gloves and walked with the luggage to the basement. When I started to unlock the door, the key was not in my pocket!!!! Pardon me, but WTF???? I retraced my steps, then did it again, and yet two more times, but the key, on a white tag like my truck key, isn't anywhere to be found!! I carry a spare for that in my truck so that if I'm already down the stairs I don't have to walk back up for the key, so I got it out and did my tasks.

What is going on??????

Lynilu is not a happy camper!!!

Oh, yeah, BTW ... still no mouthwash!!!

Update at 6:30: I found the key to the basement. It apparently fell from my pocket as I went down the stairs and was underneath, the one place I didn't look until later. Now, if that *^#% car key will just surface in a similar fashion!


  1. Oh wow!!! A real mystery. I hope you find your truck key. I know those keys are expensive.

  2. Daisy - Say a prayer or meditation for me on that, OK? :(

  3. Sounds like you have a Key Elf stealing your keys!! (And I think he visits my house fairly often too!)

  4. OH!!! :o You mean it might actually not be ME???? LOL! No, Cheryl, I'm fairly sure I am responsible for the truck key .... beyond that, who knows!!

  5. Lynilu,
    My mom used to thread our gloves in the wintertime with a string around our necks and dwn our jacket sleeeves so we wouldn't lose them...

    Dangnabbit key running away like that :) !

    What's the mouthwash thing ???

  6. Okay, sorry, read the post below and found about about the mouthwash...

    But the naseau (sp.?) 2 days in a row... How are you feeling tonight ? It's flu season....

  7. Losing it? No...could it have been the changes in altitude as you travelled? Or is it PTS??? Post travel syndrome?!? :)

  8. Annie - I remember those mittens! I hadn't thought about them in a long time! And I get the point ... I'll look at a way to attach the keys to my person!! LOL!!

    I've been feeling well all afternoon. I think it might have been weariness catching up and the readjustment of altitude. I hope.

    Sherry - LOL! I like that ... PTS. That is probably it. I just hope the key shows up before I have to buy a new one. grrrrr. Now I'm going to go drink my PTS medication and go to bed! LOL!!

  9. sounds like you had a pretty rough afternoon. Hope it has gotten better and I really hope that you have found the spare key.


  10. I hope that PTS medication was somewhat alcoholic in content!!! :)

  11. Caroline - It did get better, thanks. Still no car key but I'm still looking.

    Sherry - :)

  12. Possibly the key is at one of the spots you stopped off at on your journey?

  13. Patti - No, I don't, I have a Ram!! LOL!

    Man - I'm checking back with family and friends with whom I stayed along the way, keeping my fingers crossed. My fear is that it fell out of my purse in the car, and when I opened the door it fell out without my noticing. It could be ANYWHERE if that is the case. :(


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