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Friday, December 07, 2007

Adjusting to Routine

I think I'm having some trouble adjusting to the time zone after my trip. I'm waking very early in the morning without being able to resume sleep. Today is the worst ... I woke about 4:00 and I'm still awake. Grrr. Other mornings have been between 5:00 and 6:00. My normal pattern is to wake around 7:00 on most days.

When I was making the trip east, I was adjusting incrementally. I spent about two weeks in the Central Time Zone. The one hour change wasn't difficult, and I was waking on most of those days somewhere close to the magic 7:00 hour. Then I moved to the Eastern Time Zone, and had the same experience, a minor adjustment was necessary, but I still woke on most days somewhere around 7:00.

However, my trip coming home was faster as I spent the first night in EDT, two nights in CDT, then was home on the next night. I didn't notice problems the first night, possibly because I was so tired from travel, but since then I have been waking early. This stuff gotta stop! I'm getting tired!

Allan came over for dinner last night. We hadn't had dinner and time to really talk since early October with me getting ready and then being out of town. And he had to week long business trips in that time, as well. He and his business partner are starting a new company, and they have been overwhelmed with the preparations for that, so there is added distraction, as well. We had a good visit. A really good one.

I fixed a vegetable lasagna with salad, and then I did some chicken tenders on the side, marinated with an Italian flavor and baked. Oh, and crusty bread for dipping. It was very good! I haven't made lasagna is many years, and I was hesitant about it as I worked on it. It is an amazingly simple dish, but I just worried that I was forgetting something. I took a look at recipes on the Internet to assure myself that I was in the right ballpark. I was.

Before, during and after dinner, we talked up a storm. We got caught up on family news and gossip. He had talked with some, I had with others, so together we completed the jigsaw puzzle. We talked about old times, the latest in his business, Christmas plans and a few other things, too. I love getting together with him! He is and always has been, not just my step-son, but one of my best friends. He is a person with whom I can be very honest and open without fear of the raised eyebrow. And he understands because of our shared or parallel experiences. It is so easy for us to share time. We share similar philosophical and political views. [Now if he and I could just run this country, all would be well!! (: LOL! ]

I hooked my computer to the home theater system, and had Christmas music playing. I don't get that on the radio here. The local stations don't do exclusive holiday music like they did in KC (that isn't all bad ... those stations sometimes go overboard), and if there is a holiday music station on satellite radio, I don't know about it. So I haven't had much Christmas music until yesterday. When I got it connected, I made a folder with all my Christmas music in it. It was then that I realized I have ... are you ready for this? ... 22.7 hours!!! Yesterday afternoon and through the evening, I/we listened to music without a single repeat! I'll probably do the same this afternoon and evening.

I rearranged my furniture on Wednesday. It began as an exercise in making room for the Christmas tree that I will be unpacking between now and early next week. It ended up in a reconfiguration that I certainly didn't expect, however, I love it! I can keep it essentially the same after the tree comes down. Allan approved, too, saying that it seems to give a lot more openness to the living room and dining room. The dining area is actually a bit more cramped, but the look is good. I figure that when I have company I'll pull the table out farther into the room so allow seating. With just me here, or with one guest, like last night, it works well. Bottom line is that I like it.

I located and cleaned up my big food processor and mixer in preparation to holiday baking. I have a couple recipes that I can't do without it. I'm excited about decorating and baking for the holiday. It has been many years since I had time, energy or desire to do the Christmas hubbub. I'm so ready to do it this year! I think it is part of my "rebirth," in which I am learning about me as a person on my own, coming into my own, so to speak. And I want to begin doing some entertaining. Nothing huge like I used to do thirty years ago, but I want to have friends in for dinner, for cards or games, to pop corn and watch a good movie. I'm definitely ready to expand my living style. And I feel the house is about ready to do this, too. It's been a long time coming.

Sort of related to the previous paragraph, I've noticed myself making some personal adjustments in my life recently. I realized that, while I would love to have a "special someone" in my life (you know, that person to cuddle up with and watch TV or cook his special favorite food or to share tidbits I'm reading or just to know he is there), I'm not looking. Vittorio asked me if there was a man in my life when I told him that my life is great. I told him no, and added that apparently it isn't a big thing for me at this time because I am not actively looking; rather I'm enjoying learning about myself. I've said that before, but it has been deeply in my thoughts since then. In the introspection that has come with it I've made decisions about some quiet, personal changes that I have wanted or thought about for some time. This time I'm actually doing something about them. It feels very good. I've needed to do this for some time, but I wasn't in the right place to let go, to move on, to do what it takes to be more myself. I'm feeling more in charge of my personal life than I have been for a terribly long time, and it is such a good feeling!

I'll spend part of today finishing up my unpacking. I only have to put away the summer clothing I took with me and a few of the personal care items. Actually won't take more than an hour, I suspect. I need to pack away the bedding Gail used while here. I use those bags that you suck the air out of using the vacuum. That allows me to store more things in a small space, very valuable in a smaller house like this. I also have to go pay property taxes, that necessary evil. I could mail it, but I would like to see it done. Don't know what that is all about. I will also go into the gallery for a bit today. There is some catch-up that needs to be done there, and I might as well get on with it. I want to get those outside-the-house things done so I can get home and get on with the Christmas unpacking and, hopefully, start decorating. It is very windy, and it has been so for a couple days. Tomorrow and Sunday have forecasts of rain. Yeah, I want to get the outside things out of the day and curl up with some good music, books and Christmas plans.

Gee, I just realized I'm back into the rut of real life! No interesting, informative stories from the road. Hmm. Gotta do something about that!

But now I need to get in the shower and get on the road!

Bye for now, y'all!!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Sounds like everything is getting back to normal in your busy life. Enjoy getting your little home ready for Christmas. I cant wait to hear the decorating details. I love how you describe details. You asked where in Canada I live...I am in the nations capital, the seat of our parliament buildings and politicians. Ottawa is in Ontario, right on the border to Quebec, situated approx 2 hours from Montreal to the east, and approx 5 hours from Toronto to the west. We are about 1 hour from the US border, and from Ogdensburg NY. Did you know that the border between our countries is the longest unprotected border in the world? (I think maybe the customs officers now carry guns for personal protection) Ottawa is a beautiful city with many parks and greenbelts and a canal that runs through the city where people skate all winter. Supposed to be the longest natural skating rink in the world.....26 miles I think. Many people are able to skate to work. Lots of galleries, national orchestra, and the home of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Team. We would love to have you visit as a tourist.
    Darn I wish I had your skill for details and description.

    Have a good day Lynilu and be careful with the outside decorating. Dont be falling off a ladder.

    Ruth in Canada

  2. I know you are enjoying the Christmas in your own special place. I'm so happy for you Lynilu! I wish I had a bigger kitchen but hey at least I have a kitchen right?

  3. Taking the time to adjust to everything after a holiday is a good thing...nothing worse than plunking right back into the same pace and same routine as pre-vacation. We rush too much as it is.

    Glad you and Allen had a good's wonderful to be friends with our adult children.

    As for where you are in life..I think you are in a good place and you are giving yourself time to know you and what you want..which is the best place to be. If someone special comes along, you'll be comfortable with who you are and so will he.

    Have you read the Hot Flash books by Nancy Thayer? They're funny fiction, but they are also quite relevant about women living life on their own.

  4. I hope you get your sleeping schedule back to normal soon. Tht's the pits waking up that early and not being able t go back to sleep.

  5. Ruth - I've been working on decorating the tree today. I'm tired! I will post about it tomorrow or Sunday.

    Ahhh, Ottawa. Thanks for the "tour"and information. I've heard about the skating on the river. Don't remember where, but I was surprised about the size and thought it was interesting about people skating to work! It sounds like a good place to live, lots to do. I've been talking with a friend about traveling, and one place that we are thinking of is in your direction. I'll keep you informed!

    Patti - I am enjoying it so far. I'm doing better at letting go of some of the ornaments than I thought I would. I'll post more about it soon. The kitchen ... don't you kinda wonder about how people decide on sizes? I've had kitchens so small that I bumped into myself when I turned around!!

    Sherry - We do rush, don't we? My pace has lightened a lot since moving here. When I go to a big city now I feel the hurry in the air, and I am glad to leave for the wide open spaces!

    Yes, you are right about meeting someone. The good thing, I think, is that I'm not actually looking and being frustrated. There is time!

    And thanks for the tip on the books!

    Daisy - I'll get there! I suspect a few more days, and I will be more balanced. This is kinda like jet lag. Sucks!

  6. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your tree, Lynilu !

  7. I didn't read Ruth's comment..I think she is our Ambassadress for travel to Canada! Seriously though, she's right...I'll be in Ottawa first week of January for a hockey to tournament and we're all hoping the Rideau will be good and frozen so we can skate. I'm in Toronto so Lynilu if you do make it "north" I'm 4 hours from Ottawa and I'll expect a get together! You can start planning for next year!

  8. Hi there my fine feathered friend, lol.

    I had a feeling your internal clock would be a little wacky when you got back on your own turf. Girl, you were all over the place, in just about every time zone, weren't you?

    Keep enjoying the spirit of this time of year. That's what it's ALL about.

    Love ya!

  9. Annie - It will be later today or tomorrow!! :)

    Sherry - Yes, Ruth did a good job, didn't she? And I will most certainly keep you both in mind when I get to that part of the world!

    Dawn - Feathered?? LOL! Well, yes, and those feathers were a bit ruffled! I'm actually settling down now. I slept until 7:00 yesterday and till 6:00 this morning (Sun) after going to bed at about 9:30 last night. I'm feeling much better!! Thanks!


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