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Monday, December 24, 2007


Christmas Eve Gift!!! If you're reading this, you have been "got"!!!

One more tradition before I tuck traditions away for 2007. This on came from my late husband's family, but no one really knew the story of the origin. I asked several of the older generation, and they just didn't know. Here's how it works.....

On Christmas Eve, everyone in the family tried to "catch" the others. It could be in person or a phone call, and it was a lot more fun before caller ID became standard on our phones. When you talked to someone for the first time on Christmas Eve, anytime during the day, you had to be the first one to say ... or usually shout ... "Christmas Eve Gift!!" If you were first, if you"got" the other person, they owed you a gift!

We used to lurk around corners in the house and jump out to shout "Christmas Eve Gift!" We listened carefully for the early morning sounds in order to spring on the other and be first. In fact, we've been known to wake someone up, wait a few seconds, the "get" them before they realized the date. I know ... cheezy way to win, but it worked! We would try to call a relative and yell "Christmas Eve Gift" before they realized who was on the phone. My husband even went so far as to call some relatives shortly after midnight on Christmas Eve, usually waking them up, just to win at the game.

With the advent of caller ID, we began blocking our number when the calls were placed. This worked a time or two, but after "hello" there was usually a fairly simultaneous "Christmas Eve Gift" at both ends of the line, followed by gales of laughter and an argument about who was first.

Then I got smart and started answering the phone by saying "Christmas Eve Gift," getting ahead of some of the family members, but also having to explain this to a lot of startled others who were calling. Most of them took it with laughter.

The game actually lost it's punch after caller ID came about, but Glenn never gave up trying. And since he passed on, most of the family has let the tradition slide away. The strongest competition was between Glenn and his Uncle (also a) Glenn who passed away about 1990, and it was losing momentum from then on. It was fun in it's hey-day, but one of those traditions that I'm just as happy to put to rest because it didn't adapt well to the advances of technology. I'll bet it was a lot of fun when the whole family lived in the same town, close enough to walk to each other's homes and spring a surprise. It's a relic now.

BTW, those gifts were never forthcoming. The fun was in the game, learning to be cunning and quick. However, if you have read this, you owe me! LOL!!


  1. Guess I owe you Lynilu and it sure does sound like fun. It would have been hilarious in my hubby's family when they were all at home or nearby....7 boys and 4 girls. (in a house with 6 bedrooms and ONE bathroom) Blessings of the season to you and the KIDS. I will never be politically correct, will always say Merry Christmas.

  2. Darn...forgot to sign the comment

    Ruth in Canada

  3. Oh, I forgot about that one. I used to love it when Glenn would try to sneak it in without me knowing. I think one year I actually beat him to it.

  4. That's a fabulous "game" to play and it's sad when something like that tapers off when some of the key players are no longer with you to carry on the tradition.

    I'm glad you "got us"...I never saw it coming Lynilu!!

    I'm having a glass of wine while waiting for my dinner to cook (beef bourguinonne..what I usually serve on Christmas Eve)..we've been visiting friends for the I thought I'd come visit for a bit with you while I'm cooking. Shall I pour you a glass??

    I hope you are having a mellow Christmas Eve...some videos maybe, a favourite beverage (maybe some mulled wine), something you love to eat and that you are going to start a new tradition for yourself that you will repeat each Christmas.

    Early to bed remember...Santa knows if you're sleeping or if you are awake!!!

    I also want to tell you that meeting you this year has been one of the highlights of my life. You have filled my life with laughter, with love, with wonder and with warm arms. Does it get better than this??

  5. P.S. RUTH!!! You need a blog!!!! All those in favour?? AYE!!! :) It's easy peasy to do...and you'll never look back!!

  6. I second what Sherry said!!!!!!

    So....what do you think Ruth?

  7. Ruth - That would have been very fun at your hubby's house! We had 5 kids, a foster son and around Christmas a few others, too, so it sometimes got a bit wild! Hey, we are celebrating Christmas!! I say Happy Chanukah to my Jewish friends when it is appropriate, and right now Christmas is appropriate. There! My blog, my rules!!

    Caroline - I think you did get him one of his last Christmases, and he was so tickled that you played the game with him. Thanks for that.

    Sherry - Oh, pour me a glass of wine, for sure! I've been sipping eggnog with rum, but I'm ready to change! And, yummm, can I come to dinner? That sounds so good!

    My evening is very mellow. I'm baking some more goodies to take to neighbors tomorrow. I'm having a very nice evening. My daughter called a bit earlier. They are with her in-laws in MO and had just left church. She said they had the traditional candlelight singing of Silent Night, and she got teary over it. I'm playing my Christmas collection (22+ hours!!!) and I had sung it with Barbra Streisand earlier and got a lump, too.

    I told my daughter that I'm very pleasantly surprised at how well I'm doing. I am totally alone, yet I'm having such a peaceful time. I may have some guests for dinner tomorrow ... and I may not! Sort of a long story, but just say, many have had changes of plans and so they may join me. Cool! Either way, I'm having ham and yams and asparagus and green beans and...

    Thank you Sherry. I've been very happy that we met, also. I never cease to be amazed at how a blog-friendship can blossom! It has been a blessing to me that I've had the blog for the last 1.5 year; I haven't been lonely at all, in spite of the many changes and moves I've had. I have taken my friends everywhere, even on vacation! Just you wait ... I'm gonna come see you!!

    And YES, RUTH, WE ALL VOTE "AYE," SO YOU *MUST* START A BLOG!!!! Remember, my blog, my rules, so you *have* to do it!! :D

    OK, gotta go do one more batch of cookies and them I'm going to sit down and read all my Christmas letters!!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!!

  8. I can see where that was fun and hey it was fun while it lasted right? Darn technology! LOL


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