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Sunday, December 02, 2007


I'm here, safe and sound! I'm going to do a quick post, then I'll be back later with a real post about today's journey.

Here is the windmill in back of the motel in the daylight. But it wasn't turning this morning. :(

This also was at the motel. I wanted to show you that this area, just west of San Antonio, is hilly and very pretty.

More tree covered hills.

I'm thinking that Kerrville might be a rather affluent community. There were some houses on this hill that were huge!

The ground was completely wet the whole time I was there. I wondered it it had rained, but I forgot to ask. I think it was just really hazy. And the haze shows in this photo. I probably could have fixed it with digital adjustments, but I left it so you could see how the air looked.

Here is one of the houses on the hill. Uhmm, think it is big enough?

Another of the hills. And the haze.

On the way home, Ali got very restless the last couple hours. He had done this (below) anyway, but those last miles, he just kept shifting around and trying to get comfortable. One of the things that seemed to make him feel more comfortable was to rest his chin in my purse. He would stretch his body and neck as far as the security strap would let him, put his little face in my purse which was sitting just in front of the console/third front seat. I had a pair of socks in my purse, just in case my feet got cold. He nosed at them until they were when he apparently wanted them, and nestled down!

That's not some sort of bizarre drink in the cup! It's a plant that I have carried all the way since being at Scott's house. He has an incredible green thumb, and it is a starter plant that he gave me. Honest!

OK, I'll be back after I have a bite to eat and tell you about the day!


  1. So glad you are home safe and sound. I bet it feels good to be home and I am sure you will sleep great in your own bed.

    The pictures of Ali are sooo cute. I bet he was getting restless in the end because he could tell you guys were getting close to home.

    As for the cup...I thought maybe you had picked up a habit of chewing...hehe

  2. YEAH!!!!!! At last, at last... You're home at last!!!!

    I bet your "kids" are glad to be home too.

    The pictures of Ali are darling. It's like your socks were some sort of security blanket for him.

  3. Glad you are home..thanks for checking in to let us know before you started to settle in!!

    Such a cutie Ali is...but something tells me Ali sensed home was in the offing...

    I will believe you that you have a starter plant in the cup...seriously, really, I believe, I believe, I believe!! :)

  4. Caroline - It is great to be home! Ali is curled up in the bedroom and has been since about 30 minutes after we got here! He and China ran crazily from one end of the house to the other for about 5 minutes after we got here! Chewing? LOL!!!

    Daisy - It is so nice to be here!! Yeah, I think he was using them as security, too. Silly little guy!

    Sherry - Well, I had a duty, you know! Ali seems to be highly sensitive to "things," so that is possible. And ... yeah, I'm convinced that you're convinced. Sure. :)(:


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