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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Surprise for Me

I ran into Ruidoso today for a few things at WalMart, and as I was leaving my driveway, a pickup stopped near the bottom on the road. A man got out and walked toward my truck, so I rolled down my window, figuring he was probably looking for an address. He explained that he was surveying a property nearby and found that he forgot to charge one of his instruments. He asked if I had an outside plug that he could use.

Well, of course! I told him where it was located on the deck and wished him happy new year. He smiled broadly and thanked me three or four times.

When I returned home about four hours later, guess what I found?

He had swept the snow off my steps as a thank you! I hadn't bothered to clean the three or four inches still there, but he took a broom that I keep near the steps and cleaned them off for me! It's a small gesture, but so very thoughtful. Isn't that nice??? Wow, I love people like him, and they are so plentiful here.

Oh, yeah .... Life is good!!!


  1. That is just so pay-it-forward and karmic...and I love stories like this. The good samaritan in both of you!! :)

  2. Very cool. Isn't it amazing how something so small can make us so happy.

  3. ...Ok, but was he good lookin? LOL

    Just kidding.

    YES, that was very nice. As if he hadn't thanked you enough, he still felt that he should show you another gesture of thanks.

    I'm just glad that there are still some thoughtful people in the world. Thanks for sharing your "good news" story with us.

  4. Kathi - Isn't it? :)

    Sherry - Good begets good. Simple as that!

    Caroline - Yes, it certainly is!

    Dawn - LOL! He wasn't bad looking, but ... ahem ... pretty young for me!!

    It is reassuring to know that nice people still do nice things in our world, isn't it?

  5. I love to hear things like this. Never ceases to warm the heart!

  6. Very nice. I love hearing stories like this instead of how some people are jerks. Thanks for sharing!

    DAWN! LOL!!

  7. DMB - Welcome! I love such stories, too, and I've been privileged to be a part of several since living here. It makes my heart both joyfully leaping and blissfully peaceful to know I've found the perfect place for me to live. Come back!

    Jenster - Me, too! Honestly, living here has warmed my soul many more times than it has shown me the sadder, colder side of people. One of the reasons to be here. To stay here.

    And about Dawn ... isn't she just scandalous?? humph. :D

  8. You are so lucky and i'm glad you didn't say he had stolen something. See how black-hearted and cynical I am living where I live!

  9. Patti - What's funniest about it is that as I was writing the post, I thought that some might have that thought! And I'm telling you, if I were in KC again, I wouldn't leave my house if I knew someone knew I was leaving the house like that! I understand the cynicism!

  10. Random acts of kindness - I agree with Caroline, amazing how little things like this can really make our day.

  11. Sandra - Yep, and especially when you do something that is just "normal," but someone else sees is worthy of that extra return.

  12. Ruidoso! I was in Ruidoso about a month ago. One of those "lets take a drive and see where we when up days."

    That is so neat that he swept your porch. It makes you aware that there are good people in the world.

  13. Pepper - Girl, I live just 15 miles outside of Ruidoso!! Didja forget that? Wish I'd known you were here!

    Good people is one of the best things about this place.


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