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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Tree, Part II

OK, I'm working on staying positive here. It is 30 degrees outside, and it is raining. NO! This isn't supposed to happen! Snow is alright. With four-wheel drive I can do snow easily. But rain at 30 degrees = freezing rain --> s.l.i.c.k...r.o.a.d.s!!! I was planning a trip to Walmart today, but that's clearly scrapped until another day. The other task I'd planned for today was to carry the empty decoration boxes to the basement. Not happening in this ... shudder ... cold rain! I'm not about to get soaked with icy water!

I don't mind cold weather. I don't mind snow. I don't mind most things about the winter season. The one exception is cold, freezing rain. It chills like nothing else, and it is always dreary while it is going on. I do not do dreary. I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and this kind of weather just does me in. And this is set to last for at least the next couple days. Sighhh. As I said, I'm working on staying positive.

I took pictures of the tree and decorations last night. So, without further ado .....

These are some of the ornaments, mostly handmade, that are not going onto the tree. I've enjoyed the memories, and now they will go into a box, then a plastic bag, the kind I can suck the air out of with the vacuum to keep them as well as possible, and I'll decide later what to do with them.

One of the little Christmas trees that Scotty decorated when he was just a wee boy, probably about two or three. As you see, many of the "precious jewels" are missing. After all, it would be around forty years old. Yep, I'd lost a few "jewels" by that age, too! BTW, I'm not allowed to call him "Scotty" now, but he was just a little guy when he made this, so....

I really wasn't kidding about the clutter. I took this the other night and I think it is too cute. China Doll crawled right into the middle of the mess and watched me!

But then she fell asleep!

Once the tree was decorated, she decided to take up residence under it. My first present under the tree!!

This is a little créche that I bought somewhere in the Caribbean. It is made from a marble-like stone. I liked that it is just different.

This my main créche. Yes, it is Native American. What did you expect from me?!

I emptied shelves around the living room of their usual Southwestern items so I could put out my collection of international Santas.

The stocking hanging under the shelf is my original stocking. Yep, that thing is sixty years plus old. I've had it as long as I can remember.

This is a stocking gifted to me two years ago my my step-daughter, Annette, because of my penchant for frogs!

More Santas.

And still more.

Just so you know, I didn't get rid of all "kid" things. No, I'm still me! The reindeer in the basket sings "Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer." The frog in the lower left corner sings a hilarious version of "Deck the Halls"!

On another shelf is my angel orchestra.

And my village is lighted every night.

These represent several years of gifts from Terri and her family.

Here the choir sings carols.

Under the tree a Christmas Angel and Father of Snow stand guard.

This is a terribly blurry shot, but the Santa sings "Jingle Bells Rock" and Wiggles his hips. The moose in the rocker ... he rocks wildly and sings "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"!!!

Continued in "The Tree, Part III"
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  1. I'll have to come back later..the photos aren't loading!

  2. Sherry - Sorry 'bout that.

    Is anyone else having trouble with the pix loading? If so, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  3. Most loaded, some did not. Glad the bug was on top. . . I might have had to give you a hard time 'bout playing favorites!!! ILY and miss you! Come back to the 80 degree weather!!!! No snow or ice here!!!

  4. Augggh - I can't see the photos, Lynilu except for the 2 videos on the top !
    Will try again later --

    Can you light a fire in the fireplace ? Does that help the S.A.D. in this freezing cold rain ?
    Or is it a sunshine only thing where even lights on in the house don't help much ?

  5. TL - I hope you come back to see how it works now! I love you, too. And While sunshine sounds great, I'll stay put and wait for the snow. Remember ... snow = good; ice = bad. Gonna get snow tonight, probably!!

    Annie - I hope you'll check back, too, in hopes that since I divided the photos into two posts, perhaps you can see them.

    I don't have a fireplace! It might help, but sunshine or special lamps that simulate sunshine are essential for me. I do have one, and I've used it today. I'm better this evening.

  6. Awww the photos aren't loading for me either. Rats


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