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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wind and Rain

The title is not a rock group. It is storming outside. Rain and V.E.R.Y strong wind. according to the weather sites, the winds are 20 mph. but that's not at my house, very clearly! It is strong enough that it has blown over a huge dog house in my back yard. Strong enough that when I came home around 5:00 signs along the highway were blown over. I'm talking about regular road signs, like stop signs and street signs!!

They say tomorrow will be more of the same. With gusts over 50 MPH.

I'm glad I'm staying home tomorrow.

I'll let you know what it is like tomorrow.


  1. Do not go outside if you don't have to today Lynilu...and keep toto inside too!!! Nasty weather!!!!!

  2. Stay inside and keep warm and toasty. Have a cup of tea.

  3. Sherry, believe me, we won't! Well, except for toto tee-tees. hee hee! Oh, is that a tee-tee hee-hee? It's not yet 9:00 AM and I'm into potty humor?! This is looking to be an interesting day!!


    The weather sites say the winds are 35-50 for the day with gusts "over 50." Ugh.

    Hey, Daisy! I read Sherry's note, and before I replied I decided to go fix a cup of tea. By the time I got back to the computer, there you are suggesting tea! We got our mojos working in sync this morning, don't we?

    Yeah, I'm staying as warm and toasty as possible today! This will not be one of my brave and hearty days, unless something strange happens.

  4. Wow that is very windy! Glad you can stay inside where it's safe and warm and dry!

  5. Patti, Me, too!! It was pouring down rain a few minutes ago, and now the sun is peeking through! Looks to be an interesting day ahead!

  6. I know how windy it can get at your place, so if you do need to go outside...tie a rope to the house and use that to get where you need to in the yard. That way if you are picked up with the wind you won't go far. :)

    Check out my blog to see what the wind did at my work.

  7. Caroline, LOL! I just stayed in. That sounded easier than the rope!


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