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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yesterday's Adventure

I left the house about 2:00 PM yesterday to do just a couple errands. I figured I'd be gone a couple hours or a little more, because one errand was to Gail's, and I knew we'd talk for a while. The errands themselves, with driving time, would have been about and hour, so that made sense. I also allowed for other delays just because if I run into anyone along the way, I know me. I'll stop and talk. That's me! Well, I got home from my "little trip" after 8:00 last night!!

I dropped some thing at Allan's house. He wasn't home, so that was fast. Then I went to the Gallery to pick up some papers. I stopped there for a while.

My coworker, AL, and her hub went to a meeting on Monday night that I couldn't go to because I wasn't feeling well. Her hub had afterward done some on-line research and had some information I wanted to read. I'll talk more about this at another time, because I'm still reading and don't want to misstate anything, but in a brief description, there is a proposed mining operation threatening to infringe on the wilderness area in The Capitan Mountains. There was little information released about this project, the company, etc., which makes me very suspicious, but we do know it will be "open pit." In a short on-line search Mr. AL found information that indicated that the "facts" released at the meeting were not forthcoming or complete. Gail attended the meeting, as well, and she confirms this feeling of "secrecy." We're going to be watching and probably fighting against this one. My concerns make a very long list. I'm not anti-mining, but this is going to be in my front yard, and abutting one of our wilderness areas. I want it done right or not done at all. I just have a really bad feeling bout this.

I commented to AL that I have been waking with headaches often lately they usually dissipate soon afterward as I have a cup of tea or coffee, something to eat and get busy. But yesterday it was still hanging on mid-afternoon. She responded that I probably needed some caffeine.

I've never told you about one of the excellent benefits of my job. AL is a Certified Barista. Any time that someone is around the Gallery mid-afternoon and is willing to stay a few minutes to watch the shop while she runs home, about two blocks, she will whip up a wonderful drink for everyone who is around. She uses the best coffees, teas, chocolates and flavorings, and you've never tasted better beverages. ........OH..MY..GAWD........ Her mocha lattés and hot chocolates and chai tea lattés and Italian sodas are SO good. Her coffees are smooth and strong, no bitterness as you so often get when the coffee is as strong as I like it. The hot chocolate is creamy and rich and just warms you "innerds" so nicely on a cold day. I like her chai teas better than any I've ever tasted as they have a mellow yet full flavor. Her drinks are far superior to Starbucks, Borders or Barnes and Nobles, or any of the others out there. I know if you're a Starbucks fan, you're rolling your eyes right now, but I'm not kidding you. It's just something you have to taste to believe. Come visit me and I'll prove it!

So AL ran to the house while I gathered up the things I needed and did a little bit of my own work while there. When she returned with the latté, I took a few tiny sips, carefully, because it was super hot. As it cooled enough to take some regular swallows of it, within a few minutes my headache was, indeed, gone!! Dr. AL to the rescue with the most delicious, yummy "cure" in the world! Thank you, AL!!!

Next I was off to Gail's. Wednesday is and afternoon off work for her. She had some information and her notes from the same meeting, and she also had a bracket for holding a toaster oven that was left in the house she bought. It attaches to the upper cabinets so the toaster doesn't clutter the cabinet. It didn't fit her toaster, but it does mine. We visited for a while, and at about 5:30 we noticed that it was snowing, very slightly, just little pellets of icy moisture, barely enough to show. Gail asked if I wanted to stay for dinner, and I thought I over a moment. Snow wasn't in the forecast, and I wondered if it was a good idea to stay. In this mountain country, an unforcasted (I know that's not a word, but it works well!) snow can turn into several inches. Oh, well, how bad can it be. I have four wheel drive and a good truck. I stayed.

Dinner was good. Spaghetti and a salad. And we had such a good visit. I really did enjoy the time. About 7:30 I got ready to go home, because Gail looked out, and the snow was covering the ground, not heavily, but enough to make me think about the added 1000 feet at my home elevation! I didn't wear a coat, just layers of sweater when I left home because it was in the 40's, sunny and comfortable. But I carry a heavy coat in the car for this kind of event, and I'm glad I had it.

The drive home was interesting! Not really difficult, but the highways were slick, packed with that icy snow that was coming down, so slow progress. The gravel roads were much easier to do, and fortunately most of my road home is on gravel. But the wind was blowing very hard and it was bitter!! I drove slowly, taking about 45 minutes to cross the nine miles between our homes. Here at the house I had what I can only guess because of the blowing and drifting, but I'd say about two inches. The temperature had dropped from the 40-ish when I left to 19! Ouch!!

I'm telling you, every day is an adventure in my life! I just don't have a predictable routine. And I'm so glad!! It's a lot more fun this way!!

Life is beautiful (and full of adventure)!!!


  1. Yes I would definately rather have a smorgasboard than order from Life's menu!

  2. You had a busy, productive day -- and you made me salivate about AL's coffees and bevies....glad you made it home okay. We're expecting some "junk" tonight and tomorrow - hope it's not as bad as they are predicting.

  3. Never a dull moment in your life and I think it's wonderful. I love how happy you are in just the small things.

  4. Hee-hee,Patti, you said it well!!

    Sherry, I knew you and Jenster would understand all that about the bevies!! When they are that good ... Oh, heaven!

    I hope you don't get a bunch of ugly weather. It's the time of year that we all start saying "Enough is enough!"

    Caroline, when I read your last sentence, I realized just how true it is. And I think it is because I feel if you can't enjoy the small things, you'll go crazy waiting for the (good) big things. I've come to know that a bunch of the little things add up to a really good big thing. Life is beautiful!!

  5. Lynilu,
    You are totally right to keep your eyes and ears openabout the mining. Secrecy is a harbinger of deceit.

    Could your headaches be caused by caffeine withdrawl ??? Seriously, that would be why the coffee or tea seems to ease it after you drink.

    45 minutes to drive 9 miles - ack. Good you were cautious - storms like that make driving treacherous. 19 degrees is COLD !!!

  6. Annie, secrecy is far more concerning to me than many other forms of alarm. Wish us luck.

    I don't think it is caffeine withdrawal could be it. My habits have not changed ... one cup of tea or coffee in the morning, a very rare second occasionally. Then two or three times a week I have a latté at work. Perhaps once a week I have a short soda, one of those small cans, 6 oz. I think. It has not varied. And I never have one after four or five, so waking with headaches doesn't seem to fit that.

    :D Oh, yes, that IS cold!! It went to about 11 overnight, I believe!

  7. Omgosh, mocha lattes sound so good! I need to come back when I can put my feet up, have myself a latte and catch up here.

  8. Kathi, Hey, on this blog, if you snooze, you lose! LOL! Yep, I've been busy lately! Come back whe you can.

  9. As I told Sophie this morning...

    It's Friiiiday!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  10. I want one of AL's drinks!!!! They sound yummy luscious.

    Your spaghetti dinner with Gail sounds good too. You have me getting hungry now.

    Stay warm and have a happy weekend.

    PS. How's Jack? ;-)

  11. I think what Daisy meant to say was, "How's Wilson". hehe

  12. Caroline, I can imagine Soophie's look ... head up, ears raised, tongue slightly out and eyes sparkling! Oh, and the tail wagging!

    Now, about the cat's name ... you are SO BAD! BTW, did you notice that Loving Annie entered a new suggestion? :D

    Daisy, I'm gonna get one of those today, for sure!! I'm hungry, too, for some reason.

    He's fine!

  13. The beautiful wife LOVES chai tea lattes...

    I have never indulged in one!

    The Egel Nest

  14. Oh, Bradley, you should try one! They are wonderful! I was introduced to them 8 years ago by my stepson, and they are excellent! TBW is a smart lady!! :D


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