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Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, crap. It looks like I'm going to be in for a few uneasy days. It seems that someone is buying a property in back of me. That's not a problem. Well, I'd just as soon no one bought it, but .... Anyway, in the process of buying property, a survey is always in order, and guess what? Their survey says that a small slice of MY property isn't really mine!

Now here is an interesting little factoid. This same survey company (Survey Co. A) did a survey of my property in 2002. Then another company (Survey Co. B) did the survey when I bought this property in 2007. The measurements varied between those two but an inch or two here and there, but nothing significant. Now reenters Survey Co. A to survey the property behind me, and NOW they say that a skinny pie slice eighteen feet at the base and approximately 170 feet long/high belongs to the other property. WHAAAAAAAaaaaa?????? And "they" seem to think it would be a nice idea if I would just quit claim this over to them!!! I don't freakin' think so!

Tomorrow or Wednesday we will have everyone in the world out here to locate the definitive markers, those set by the Powers Almighty of the World of Land Ownership. There are brass markers out there somewhere that denote the longitude and latitude, set in place by the Powers when the original plat was done on this land. I don't know who all it will be, but Allan (my Realtor). Company B who did my survey, Company A which is contradicting his own survey, the County head of the department of Power(OK, the Assessors office), and ????

I don't want to be in a fight with these people, because after all, they are going to be my neighbors, and it would probably be nice if we weren't at odds beginning right now. However, I'm also not going to lie down and let them drive over me with a Hummer, either! Hell's bells, I'm not going to let them drive over me with a golf cart! I don't know what my recourses will be, but I'm not planning to just give it up. Period.

So keep me and my little green spot on the earth in your kind thoughts and prayers.



  1. Thinking of you tonight.

  2. crap is right! i hate junk like this. something similiar is happening to my parents. there was this big treed lot between their house and the neighbors. 2 months after they moved in, a bulldozer came and cleared the lot to make room for a new house. guess what? the new house was never built and the land owner approached my parents and the other neighbor wanting to take them up on their previous offer to buy the land - AFTER THE IDIOT DESTROYED IT! i think they're going to do it, but people are stupid. stand your ground lady! hold firm. i bet it all works out in your favor. if not, you have a case against the survey company! it'll all be good for you! let us know!!!

  3. Thanks, Traci. I really appreciate it.

    Cameo, I hope it works out OK. I'm such a mess tonight that I can't go to sleep. Yep, I'll keep you informed here. Thanks a lot.

  4. Stand tall, stand firm, stand your ground!!! Do NOT sign any quit claim. Do Not let "them" take advantage of you. Do Not let "them" think you are a pushover. Thinking of you and sending you good thoughts and a lil prayer.

  5. Don't take no bull!!! DO NOT SIGN ANY QUIT CLAIM!! Unless there are big bucks coming your way for the value of the land they want to steal.

  6. I am so sorry about this. You should have called me when you weren't able to sleep. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


  7. Daisy, thanks for the support. I plan to do just that!

    Man, oh, I won't! It appears to be a messy situation, as there is even more than I wrote, but I intend to make it THEIR problem.

    Oh, Caroline, I thought about it, but I knew there wasn't anything to be gained by waking you up. It is what it is! I really do appreciate it, and thanks. :\

  8. Definitely sending you "winning" vibes. I admire your chutzpah woman!

  9. Patti, for once my chutzpah isn't as brick-wall strong as I'd like. This is an area that I know little about, and the rules and regs of land would intimidate the best of 'em. But I have Allan and several people behind me. Let's just hope the good magic and the facts line up in my favor. The "winning" vibes are enormously appreciated.

  10. Ugh, do they really want the land for something, or only because of the latest survey said it was theirs? I think there's a polite but firm way to dig your heels in on this, but what a shame to start out that way with new neighbors.

  11. Oh dear!!! And OH CRAP!!! I'd be a little...uh, PISSturbed about that too. I hope it all works out. But if it doesn't, give me a call...we can take 'em!! :-)

  12. Sandra, who knows. I suspect it is because it is theirs, as the particular slope wouldn't be much use for them. If I were them, I would want what should be mine, so I really don't blame the buyers. I blame the surveyor who were sloppy. Them I'll take on with venom!

    Dawn, OK! You, me, and Guido, right?? I'll give you a call!


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