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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Didja ever.....

Did you even have a morning when you got up, looked around the room and thought, "If I moved this over there, and that over there, then put those over here, it would look so cool!"?

Well, I did that this morning. So I moved this over there, and that over there, then put those over here, and voilá!! I hated it.

Then I tried that over here and this facing the other way. Nope.

Them I put those over there, and before I even finished this, I moved everything back where it was.

Did you ever have a morning when you got up, looked around the room and thought, "I'm freakin' not movin' anything today!!"? I will tomorrow!


  1. Many times honey many times! It's like early spring fever or something!

  2. Patti, spring fever or spring insanity!!!

  3. hehe-that's funny . . not so much for you, but I get it. You get that need for a change. When we were in the apartment I did that all the time, and never did it end up actually changing-because all the crap only fit in one way! But I NEEDED to see something different.

    Rest now!

  4. Hehehehehe!!!

    I thought of you yesterday as I was shoveling my drive way. For fun.

  5. ROFL!!! I have been there and I have done that -- the main thing is, you had the "idea"!!! And what are you doing, eating "Wheaties"...where is all this energy coming from???

  6. Beans, what made it even funnier is that I moved the room around a couple weeks ago and love it that way!! I actually do like the couple things that I adjusted in the end, though, giving me more room.

    Yep, I'm getting ready for bed now!

    Jen, well, was it fun?? :D I have never, ever found shoveling the driveway "fun"!!! EVER!!!

    Sherry, I know, I know!! I think it might be cabin fever, or spring fever, perhaps. At any rate, I'm definitely "running a temperature" to be doing that. All the furniture is on those slider-thingys, so easy to move, but still..........

  7. Oh my gosh yes, that happens to be in the middle of the night sometimes which is even worse! Yeah, I agree with Patti, it's early Spring fever. I can't wait to open the windows and clean the dickens out of everything.

  8. Kathi, :D

    Sandra, in the middle of the night??? I haven't had that happen yet! I've been opening my windows for at least a few minutes a day for a couple weeks, and I love it.

  9. HAHAHAHA!!!

    You do that TOO?

    Uh, not suggestion that I know anyone ELSE who has done that...I'm just sayin! LOL



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