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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Got An E!!!

This is tickles me because the grading scale my kids had in schools in Kansas City when they were growing up gave an E as the top grade on the point grading system.

OK, now zoom ahead twenty to thirty years .... I got an E!! Me! I got an E!!!

I was bestowed this grade honor by Catherine. Coming from Catherine makes it extra special, because she is, among other admirable qualities, a writer. A real writer, as in published!! So the fact that she is willing to use the word "Excellent" in regards to my my blog is awesome, I think!

I, in my turn, get to pass this along to other blogs that rate as Excellent.

  • Jenster and Sherry are both women whose strength and attitude are qualities I admire and covet. In some ways we all look at the life struggles of others and think, "Wow, I don't know if I could do that." That is how I feel about the way these two remarkable women have done battle with breast cancer, and in fact, still do, in a survivor capacity. Each has her own special je ne sais quoi in how they deal with daily life. Their positive outlooks and willingness to share the stories of their lives with the world through their blogs make me say, "Excellent!"
  • Loving Annie inspires me as a woman of today in ever sense of the word. Annie has a kind and loving attitude toward the world in general, but she has the guts to admit that even a loving, gentle lady has a libido. So many of us have bought into the idea that we are lady or tramp and that there is nothing in between. Aha! cries Annie! Not so! A woman has multiple facets and levels within the facets, all wrapped up into a complex bundle. And being all those pieces and parts is OK. Ask Annie. Womanhood is "Excellent," as Annie can show us all!
  • Caroline is a long time friend IRL as well as my mentor in Bloggerville. She is an example for me in living life as it comes to you. Her life as been filled with sudden twists, sharp turns, grinding hills to climb, and breakneck, eye-popping down hill zooms ... yet she survives. And she manages to smile. She is the example of bounce-back-and-don't-give-up living in a world that is more than challenging than any of us wish it were. Her style for living is "Excellent!"
So there you have it. My examples of Excellence in Blogging! Alright, ladies, it's up to you now. Pass the torch!


  1. You So deserve your E!


    The Egel Nest

  2. Well of course you deserve and E -- heck, I'd give you the whole alphabet with something great delineated by each letter!! But hey, I'm biased because I think you are great!!!

    I value this distinction being passed on to me Lynilu, because it is coming from you. And I thank you for all your lovely, dynamic words. Having read your blog for some time, and knowing some of the other women you've graced with this distinction, I can honestly say I am in very good company.

    ((((muah)))) and a (((((hug)))))

  3. I agree with everyone else. You absolutely, positively, without a doubt deserve an "E" for Excellence!! In fact, I think you deserve an IE for Incredibly Excellent.

    Thank you so much for the honor and especially for putting me in the same category as these other spectacular bloggers - you included! I'm stunned that you consider the few moments of honesty scattered throughout my trivial musings worthy of an E!

    Thanks again and WAY TO GO!!

  4. Good Thursday morning to you, Lynilu ! How are you ?

    You and your blog definitely deserve that excellent award ! Your incredible pictures, the interesting things you write about, your honesty, your plucky attitude, your caring for the dogs (and now cats)in your life, the sunday funnies which crack me up, your kindness and smarts in comments - it's all EXCELLENT !

    Thank you so much for passing it on to me - I appreciate it :) That was VERY nice of you !

    I have been swamped this week with things, but promise to come back by your blog today and catch up on your news for the last few posts !


    Loving Annie

  5. Bradley, awww shucks. Thanks!

    Sherry, isn't it nice when someone toots our horn for us? And I like to surround myself with the lovely people along my journey, so there is a somewhat selfish element to it. It feels good to be in such company! Besides, I think it is the collective "us" that is truly the Excellence!


    Jen, I have to say those moments of honesty in blogs are the exact things that make them worthwhile. Those tidbits in yours are like mega vitamins to others, and I hope you never stop.

    And thank you, as well, for being an extension of me out there!

    Annie, thank you sincerely for your gentle words here and on your own blog, and for being part of my extended family. Don't you think we build on one another in the process of our blogs? And of Life??

    Happy hugs!!

  6. Thank you so much for this award. I wish I could see myself the way you (and so many others see me), but this is something I am working on.

    Thank you again for the kind words you said about me.



  7. Congrats,Lyn! You know I think you're Excellent and your "E" is well deserved.

    Congrats to you other ladies as well. I don't know you, but if Lynilu says you deserve...then you DO!!! :-)

  8. Lyn, you give me way too much credit! Thank you for the kind words, but I gave you an E for Excellent because your blog is RICH (maybe I should've given you an R)... rich with fun, insight, and goodness. I'm so very glad for your blogging friendship. :)

  9. Caroline, You are welcome, but it isn't undeserved, you know. trust me ... I know these things! :D


    Awww, Catherine, thank you. I think you and I are both linked to some pretty quality blogs, aren't we?


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