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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Windy City??

I thought I was living in New Mexico, but it seems that I might be in Chicago! This wind just doesn't stop! Today it has blown like crazy all day long. They just said on the news that this are is having sustained winds of 45 MPH. Did you get that? SUSTAINED at 45! Wind gusts are up to 66! That is "tropical storm" level wind. I've talked with a number of people who have lived here for some time, and while we all know that winds can be bad in New Mexico, the "old timers" say that this is unusually strong and is lasting over a longer period of time than they can remember.

Oh, good grief. They just said (on TV) the winds could be even worse overnight, gusting upward of 70 is possible. This is just insane!

I live on the lea ward side of the mountain, so you'd think this should be more protected. I guess I'm close enough to the top of this hill that it comes down the higher hills behind min own, and then it swoops over the top of my hill and right down on me. sighhhh.

Oh, yeah! And we are probably going to get some snow tomorrow!!


I'm going to sleep.


  1. hang on. you might want to strap yourself to the bed!

  2. What Sherry said.... wind scares me

  3. Hope you are doing OK and hang on tight. You should be used to the wind...remember how windy KC gets? I know it's worse though when you live on the side of a mountain. :)

  4. You are sick because of the winds. I have been having severe headaches, sinus problems, sneezing fits, and I am now sick of New Mexico. I am glad I read your blog because now I know this is unusual. Yesterday we couldn't see the city of Las Cruces nor the mountains because of the dust. I will stop my ranting about how dusty and windy it is here. You should try living in a RV in this mess. That is probably why I am a little sick to my stomach. Hang in there, it will get better.... I hope.

  5. Ugh. Wind is the WORST, isn't it?? I just drove through a mountain pass two days ago, and the wind was blowing the snow so severely that I couldn't tell if I was on road or not. I can't believe I'm alive to tell about it, now that I think about it.

  6. Well, everyone, the winds have calmed down considerably since I posted this. It's now what I would call breezy with some gusting, but tolerable. At least it no longer sounds like I'm going to bbe torn and tossed off the mountain, house and all!!

    Pepper, I can't imagine being in an RV through this. You must be sick of it, for sure. It is normal to have a lot of wind in the spring ... but that is the SPRING. And even then, it isn't usually this bad. I hope you're able to get out of NM soon, and without a bad taste in your mouth for the *real* NM.


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