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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go!

And if you read that other than to say that I'm rushing around, shame on you! LOL!!

I've been busy. Make that B.U.S.Y!! I'm leaving first thing tomorrow morning, so everything in the world had to be done today. Not done yet!! But I needed to sit down for a few minutes, and of course, post here!! LOL!! Gawd, I'm SO addicted!

Yesterday morning the other man in my life came to visit. I looked out the kitchen window, and here was my visitor, sunning himself on the steps.

Now, this guy is very feral. I can't even go outside if he is anywhere close or he is gone, gone, gone! I had to take these pix through the window.

He's really a beautiful cat. Yellow and grey stripes.

This morning I woke early since I had to get the dogs to the groomer, and it was just beginning to grow light. Here is what I saw:

Look at these clouds up close. Beautiful, strange, mildly ominous in the semi-dark.

While the dogs were being groomed, I ran errands. Got the tired fixed ... finally!! Then grabbed a few last minute things from WalMart (Don't shoot me, those of you who would boycott them ... they are literally the only game in town! I shop Mom & Pop as much as possible, but some things you just can't get elsewhere, OK?) Made a couple other stops, grabbed some lunch, washed the truck and picked up the dogs.

Back home I began the actual packing. Most of the clothes were folded and ready, so I got the suitcases from the basement. As I was walking back to the steps the UPS truck pulled in the driveway, and to my delight, I got my Pay It Forward gift/prize from Catherine! What wonderful timing! After opening the box, I immediately packed these to take along on the trip! Thank you, Catherine!!!

When I'm back from my trip, I'll pass this on, so stay tuned!

I'm currently reading Lies My Teacher Told Me, and if you haven't read it, you should. within the first few pages I was sighing, snorting in disgust, and rolling my eyes. Some the untruths I actually knew, but others just blow my mind ... and make so much sense, unfortunately. Eye opening and saddening, but something everyone should read, then push on to read other "facts" to help us make up our minds what we really know and believe. There are always at least two sides to any story, but our history has been horrible white washed. And "white washed" is unbelievably accurate.

OK, gotta get back to packing the truck. I want to leave very early, and it will happen only if I'm almost completely packed tonight! I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date, no time to say 'hello,' goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!! Or should I be more positive and say I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!!

I'll post again in a couple days. I doubt I'll be anywhere soon enough to blog tomorrow, but I'll be back soon!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Be safe and have a great time!!

    Love the pictures - as usual. ;o)

  2. Gee, I thought my sunrises were beautiful. Compared to what you get to see every morning, mine are crap. :)

    Drive carefully and I can't wait to see you in a few days. I guess I better get to cleaning the house....

    Is anyone going to keep an eye on Wilson while you are gone?

  3. O, I wished you lived closer . . .the sights look absolutely fantastic! I can't believe you get to see that all the time . . .

  4. Beautiful pictures and so is that cat.
    I like sunsets more than sunrises especially with a hangover

    Have a safe trip

  5. Yay! It made it there!!!

    Have fun and be safe. :)

  6. so long, farewell....
    drive safe to wherever you're going.

  7. I say the "late" ditty all the time! Have fun and have a safe trip Lynilu. Hug Caroline for me!

  8. As always, I love the pictures. Have a safe and fun journey.

  9. I'm sorry I've been remiss in reading you lately but I'm glad to have time to play catch up tonight. Have a really good trip and be safe.

  10. Oh where is Lynilu???? Hope you made it safely to your first stop.

  11. Lyn, what gorgeous photos. You are quite the photographer. And I guess it IS easy to take great pix when there's so much beauty around you.

    Be safe on your travels!!! You comin out this way again??? :-) lol

  12. Praying for your safety, and love the pics!

  13. Lovely photographs -- very artistic!!

    As for Wal*Mart -- you do what you do. Anyone who says differently? Come see me -- I'm a Canadian who has Wal*Mart here but no Target. I also have Canadian stores but there are more Wal*Marts -- you shop with what is there -- often you have no choice.


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