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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Trail To You, Until We Meet Again....

Does anyone know the song referenced in the title? Remember who sang it? :D

Today was a slow day. Kylee had some activities at the local art museum, a day camp sort of thing, and Connie needed to study, so I went to PetSmart for some treats for the kids that I can get only there. I needed some Super Glue, so I ran into a K-Mart that was next door to the pet store, and had a ridiculous experience there (couldn't find the glue, no employees to be found on the floor, the ones I met didn't make eye contact and one even turned down an aisle as if to avoid me!!, took the manager 12 minutes to come to the service desk when I asked to talk with her, etc.). I got one of those cash register tickets that asked me to take an online survey about my service in the store. I did. It was not favorable. Do you think anyone in the K-Mart Corp. had a clue about why they are going under? Sheesh.

I met Connie for lunch. Greek food, one of my favorites. Yum!! I had my favorite, gyro sandwich and a Greek salad. Double YUM!!! We had a nice visit, then she went to pick Kylee up and came to get me so we could go to get ... Coldstone Creamery ice cream. Oh, yum, again!! Then we did a little shopping at Borders (I got some books on CD for the trip home), and Target (just a couple small items for the trip) and then home for dinner. When Scott got home, he did some chicken on the grill that was outstanding and Connie made couscous to go with it.

Tonight we watched a movie, For the Love of the Game with Kevin Costner (what's not to like about any movie with K.C.?), and now I'm getting ready for bed. Gotta get some sleep.

It is time to go home. I will be packing up and heading southwest again in the morning. I hope to get away early enough to make it in one drive again. Past a certain point (Santa Rosa, NM), I will be pretty well committed to finish, because there is no place to stop and get a room, no place to pull off the road in a rest stop, nothing to do but get on down the road! That puts me just 140 miles from home, but at the end of the day AND the end of the trip, it may be the hardest of all to drive.

I won't be posting tomorrow, of course. Hope all is well with everyone, and I'll talk with you on the other end!! Don't forget ....

....Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans sang that song. I used to love watching them on TV.

    Cold Stone Creamery and Kevin Costner all in the same day. It was a good day.

  2. PS. Have a safe journey home.

  3. Roy Rogers and the sons of the pioneers (with perhaps a little Dale Evans on the side) and no i'm not reading anyone else's answers first! Enjoy your Easter with your family.

  4. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. I never saw the show, but I know the song.

    If I'm not mistaken, that stretch of road around Santa Rosa has very little cell phone reception. So be careful and make it home safely!

  5. Hope your drive home was uneventful. I know you will sleep good tonight in your own bed.

    Be sure to let us know that you got home OK.

  6. Daisy (and Patti and Jenster), Yes, of course, Roy sang that, sometimes with Dale and backed by the Sons of the Pioneers.

    LOL!, I didn't think about the fortune of CSC and KC in one day. Life is good, isn't it??

    Patti, are you sure you didn't read Daisy's answer? You're too young to know that!! LOL!!

    Jen, I'm soooo old that I didn't watch the show, but I adored him when I was a wee tot (more on that earlier).

    I didn't check the cell most of the way. I have an extended-range antenna, but I need to buy a new adapter for my current cell phone. I stopped at several truck stops without luck. I just put it in the hands of the Creator.

    Caroline, it was, and wow, did it feel good to sleep in my own bed last night! :D

  7. Oh yummy -- I love me some Greek food (most of it -- except lamb -- everything else I love!!) and ice cream. Sounds like you ended your visit with some quality time with the family.

  8. Sherry, oh, me, too! Did you know that the meat for gyros, as well as many other Greek dishes includes lamb? I learned that a long time ago, and it kinda got me, but I can't stay away from Greek food. I just won't ever cook it!! And yes, a great finale!!!

  9. Dear Lynilu,

    Since you do enjoy Greek food so much, you just may be interested in my Greek food recipe blog: Greek Food

    I'd love to hear your impressions, hopefully you'll try some or all of the recipes!

    Be Well,

    Sam Sotiropoulos

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