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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Got Nuttin'

...but that hasn't stopped me from blogging before, so why would it now? Yeah, I know ... hissss, booooo!! Tough!! :D

I just found a list I wrote recently. But I have no idea what it is, what it means, or why I wrote it!! It's a short list. I know it was recent because of what else in on the page with it. Above it are a few calculations I was doing on Tuesday. See? I know when I did the calculations, and three lines down on the page is this list!

awesome little bag
no guessing?
large object
carry in purse

HUH??? I've been rereading this, trying to figure it out for almost two hours. I truly have not a single clue what it means!! I think I'm losing my mind!! Anybody got any ideas?

OK, on with things I do know about. Maybe.

Last night, Saturday, Gail came over for dinner, and then we played Bunko. Neither of us have played Bunko before. Have you played Bunko? It is really easy, fast paced, takes very little thought, and we laughed like a couple of hyenas half of the time! I can understand why it is so infectious. I'm guessing we'll be playing this again.

Dinner was good, too. I did some chicken-fried steak, potatoes and gravy, Gail brought some brussel sprouts and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert. a few bites into the dinner Gail looked at me and said, "Ohhh, I've missed your cooking." All I could do is just grin at her. I enjoy having someone to cook for, because it is hard to cook for one person. Some things are OK for one, but a lot of things just can't be done right in that small an amount. It's a good trade off!

I filled in at work for someone else today, and it was a horribly boring day. We had ten or twelve customers. No, make that looky-loos, not customers. My only sale all day long was a gift certificate for $50, and that doesn't even cover my salary for the day! I did get a lot of computer work and paper work done, but still, it's not how I want to spent my Sundays!

Oh, wait, I do have something kinda neat. The other day one of the artists needed photos of several of her paintings for a newspaper article. I will send them to the newspaper when they are ready for them. She asked me if I could make her some prints of them, which I did, of course. She was so happy that she wanted to pay me for my work, time and the photo paper, but I said no. She walked over to the wall, took down one of her small paintings and handed it to me, saying, "Then this is yours. Just take it off my inventory." I again protested that my work was not a big deal, and she said she would simply have my coworker wrap it up and mail it to me!

The cool thing is that it goes perfectly with my current decor! It is a miniature of an old, crumbling adobe wall with a door in it. It is perfect on my wall with the Native American baskets, pottery and Southwestern statuary. She told me part of the story about it. It is the remains of a house that once belonged to a judge in this area, and after he died, there were no heirs, and the place simply fell into rubble. But it's a great painting, and I'm so pleased to have it in my home! Isn't it just cool how thoughtful and kind some people are?

OK, I'm going to get off this computer now. I'm tired of computers for today. Gonna go read a book and get some early sleep.

MaƱana, y'all!!


  1. Sounds like a game of charades LOL

    That was nice of her to give you one of her painting s :)

  2. For having "nuttin" you did pretty good there lady!
    How nice Gail appreciates your cooking.

  3. Walker, LOL! That as good as anything I've come up with!!

    Yeah, wasn't it? She is a really nice woman, salt of the earth kind.

    Patti, well, like I said, it's never stopped me before! LOL!!

  4. This was a whole lotta sumpthin!! Never played bunko but I'm glad you and Gail had a lovely meal and lots of laughs.

    As for being paid in kind for what you did for that artist -- that's lovely. And I'm glad you've accepted graciously. Being able to give makes people feel good, you know? :)

  5. Sherry, whatever makes us laugh is worth it, isn't it?

    I try to be gracious in such moments, but this was awkward for me because her painting was far more than the minute investment of time and supplies I had used. The greatest part? ... we were both happy and we have forged a new closeness.

  6. I have no clue what Bunko is but it sounds like fun. Chicken fried steak sounds wonderful. Yesterday, I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and since I'm on a diet, some green beans.

    As for the list, I'm thinking you were watching Wheel of Fortune? While tasting some wine perhaps??

  7. Mary Ann, your menu sounds wonderful, too. I had meatloaf on Friday at work. Da Boss buys our lunch, and there is a deli close by that makes killer meatloaf, yummm!

    I've heard of people habing "Bunko night," and always wondered. We decided that the best part is the "no thinking necessary" part! LOL!!

    The list ... no, that's not it. I'm still perplexed. :-?

  8. Well that was a pretty good post for someone that thought they had nothing.

    Your dinner sounds soooo good. Promise me you will make that next time I come visit.

    I noticed on Julie's sidebar that one of the things she wants to do this year is see NM. I told her that I was planning a trip in the fall and she should totally meet up with you and me. How fun would that be????

  9. Caroline, of course I will fix that for you!!

    And as for having a little Blogger meet ... bring 'er on!! Yeah, tell Julie to see if she can time it that way! Cool!

  10. I would actually drop everything and Sophie and I would drive there for a visit if you would promise that dinner and then another dinner of your pasta and shrimp. Yummy.

    I was thinking that a year ago this week was when I drove out to see you. Part of me feels like it's been the longest year and then the other part can't believe it's gone by so fast.

    I will work on getting Julie out to NM around the same time. She owes me one since I am going to MN next winter to jump in a frozen lake. :)

  11. Oh! Now it's TWO dinners???? Caroline, you crack me up! OK, OK!!! Both dinners! LOL!!

    Jump in a frozen lake? You ARE nutz!!!


  12. Now I want chicken fried steak!!! I want it so bad that the Chinese food currently en route with the fiance is not going to be good enough. Aw poo!

    It's embarrassing to think about how much time I've just spent trying to figure out your list! I'm so stumped!

  13. Melissa, I'm sorry! Do ya wanna come out here with Caroline and Julie in the fall and have chicken fried steak ala Lynilu?? giggle! I had Chinese a few days ago, too, and it was very good!

    You think *you're* embarrassed??? Sheesh! I wrote it down and I'm still stumped!!

  14. You needed an awesome little bag so you could carry large objects in your purse without guessing where you put them...yea, that's the ticket! I know, I know, I'm psychic! hee!

    Oh and if you're dishing out fabulous food to visitors, I think I'm on my way!

  15. Traci, I like your thinking, but dat ain't it either! LOL!! and as for the food for visitors ... Come on down!!!!


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