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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm a-Smokin'!!

A very quick note:

OMG! I was working on the laptop and the power cord began smoking!! No, I wasn't working that hard!! It just started burning! I quickly unplugged it and got on the phone with Apple. While I waited about ten minutes for assistance, I transfered all the essential files for work to the desktop. Apple is sending a new cord, but it will take 2-3 days to get here, so I'm tied to the desk for a short period.

I'm glad I have the desktop. I'm thinking of a few people I know who have only laptops. What would they do while waiting for a replacement cord to come in??? I'm having withdrawal, DTs if you will, just thinking about it!! LOL!!

Later, y'all!!


  1. eeek. I only work on a laptop and I am glad that nothing has happened-especially since I have 8 things attached to random USB ports.

    I am getting a new laptop through work, so I won't have to tax this one so much.

  2. You know, I owned an Apple laptop several years ago and I had a faulty cord back then as well!! hmm....

  3. p.s. I love the new look here, Lyn!

  4. Ok, so this has me worried. I would be in a lot of trouble if my laptop decided to take a break. you mind sharing what you were working on? Was it a steamy email??? :)

  5. I love my desktop and hate my laptop!

  6. OH*WOW!!! That is a scary thing!!!

  7. I would go into severe withdrawal. I can't have a desktop in my RV. That is to scary.

  8. Beans, it actually wasn't "overwork", but a cord that I'd tripped over several times and some wires in it broke, I think. I'm bad bout leaving the power cord in the way. Guess I'd better shape up!

    Catherine, I don't think it was a faulty cord, but a faulty operator!! See above. LOL!!

    Thanks on the new look. I like it, too!

    Caroline, since you live in a city, you can go to Best Buy or Circuit City and get replacements without losing much down time. I had to laugh at the guy who was helping me on the phone. I waited several minutes while he looked (I didn't know what he was doing) then said they would ship it overnight to me because I wasn't close enough to an Apple store to do the exchange as a walk-in!! I could have saved us both time if I'd known what he was doing!!

    "Steamy email"?? I WISH!!!!!

    Jen, I hadn't moved tht fast in quite a while! LOL!

    Patti, I'm OK with either, but I love being able to be anywhere in the house or on the deck with the laptop. Within a few weeks, I will be posting from the deck on a regular basis while I enjoy the scenery!! :D

    Daisy, YEAH!!! I was afraid of losing the computer or starting a fire!!

  9. Pepper, I hear you on that! I'm getting ready for a short road trip, and not having the laptop would be totally unacceptable!!!!

  10. My goodness, you're such a show off!!! You just want us to THINK you're not working that hard! Who are you trying to impress, my friend? Sheesh!!! :-)

    I guess that's the equivilant of the hard drive in your desktop kicking the bucket, huh? Not that I know ANYTHING about that (last year)...I'm just sayin!! :-)

  11. Dawn, ME??? :D

    Well, it's not really the equivalent of a crashed hard drive, but it's as bad in some ways. If you can't recharge the battery of the laptop, ya got nuttin'!! Much like a car with no gas and being in the desert with no pump to refill!


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