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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Whining and Groaning

And I want to share it with you. Nice of me, huh??

I'm not sleeping well. I have no idea what is going on. I fall asleep without difficulty, then I wake three or four hours later and can't go back to sleep for an hour or two or three. Sleepus interruptus. This has gone on for a week or so, and it is beginning to wear on me. I slept well when I was on the trip, but it began shortly after I returned home. I suspect the time change coupled with time zones changes and fired by sleeping in different beds might have initiated it because of the timing.

Last night's restlessness I understand. The last three hours at work were in a meeting about the proposed open-pit mining project. The Gallery is helping to plan and host a silent auction to raise funds, so the meeting was about that. However, as is common, there are few volunteers who have come forward to help with any aspect of the cause. Mind you, there are several hundred who have signed up as being willing to volunteer or contribute financially; yet not one dollar has been sent nor has one person agreed to give time for anything. Everyone who signed up wants the mining project stopped, but they want everyone else to get 'er done!! There is a total of three people heading up the drive and five of us with the Gallery doing all the work. Shameful.

By the time our meeting was finished, the emotions were raw. I personally fear we will lose the beautiful view that I see every morning. Those mountains in most of my shots are the Capitans, the range that is threatened. Look at this picture, then imagine that on the left hand side of the picture an area of 2000 acres with a pit that is 400 feet deep. That's a 40 story building deep, folks.

So anyway, it was rough to realize that at least for now our efforts, this little group of eight, is all that stands between our beloved mountains and a corporation which would essentially rape the mountain, rip it apart and carry away the soil that comes from the pit. And once the dirt is carted away, they don't bring it back. There are other grotesque issues having to do with potential pollution of air and water, wear and tear on roads, displacement of wildlife, but I'll not go there at this time. Just imagine the damage to the mountain. That's enough for concerns to be elevated.

Da Boss is talking to a high level, extremely influential person, who I can't name at this time. This person has pledged to the cause in the way of free legal representation and whose name will knock the socks off many people. But without funding and physical support, will this person be enough?

We try to remember that we are just a few weeks into this, however, we don't dare waste time. So the pressure is high. I'm worried. That impacts on me at many levels, and I realize, however, that until yesterday this wasn't heavily on my mind. When I came home last night, I had a beer out of necessity, because I was so stressed. Then a little dinner.

I know I should avoid alcohol when I'm having trouble sleeping, but last night I simply needed some release for the pent up emotion. In the last week I have avoided alcohol. I've tried all my "tricks" to assist sleeping. Warm milk concoctions, meditation and relaxation exercises, even a muscle relaxer and Tylenol (when I don't sleep right, the fibromyalgia kicks up, so I'm usually aching when I wake at night), reading a while, etc. Nothing lets me sleep through the night.

I know I'm also pushing the envelope on my physical activity. I'm working on clearing the underbrush from my property. I hope to have it done before new spring growth makes it even more dense. I'm doing well, and I don't think I'm overdoing it. I work outside two to four hours every about every other day, quitting when I begin to feel tired so I don't hurt myself. But it is sitll more than I've done in a while. If I could just get the restorative sleep......

Possibly there are just too many things coming to a head in my life at the same time. I'm not sure of the root cause, but I can tell you I'm getting raggedly tired. Please send good thoughts to the universe (in whatever version is yours) for my rest. I really need it.

I'm going to end with a couple irreverent cartoons. I chose irreverent because that's the humor that suits my mood today. I need a good laugh, and these tickled me. Hope they do you, too!

Happy Humpday!!!!!

PS- I just noticed that I had another hit from someone in France who googled "l*adypa*nty"!! LOL! I googled it myself a few days ago, and I found that my blog occupied the top three positions. I think I'm going to disguise the word in all the previous posts to get myself off the top of the google list! But it is very funny, and lifted my mood, despite it all! OH, and the chocolate-dipped strawberries left over from the potluck that I just ate helped, too!! LOL!!


  1. Is this high level person's initials E.B. ???

  2. I hope you all save the beautiful mountain range. It would be such a shame.

    I have the same sleep problem, I can get to sleep with no problem, within minutes even (just ask the hubs) but I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes more than once and have trouble dozing back off. I hate to take something in the middle of the night too. Argghh if you find a solution share it and I will do same. Hugs my dear friend.

  3. Sending you peaceful relaxing thoughts of sleep. I think you are just way over stimulated (and I'm sure it has nothing to do with those goregous caffinated bevvies you get at work, right?!?!).

    Also sending thoughts that you are able to protect your environment.

    Loved the funnies by the way -- and I'm really sorry about those d*mn#D women thingies we were laughing about!!

  4. Sandra, no. I will reveal it later, when things are more certain. The person is a top environmental lawyer and is a strong Democrat, which might be a hard sell since this county is more Republican in nature. My theory, and Da Boss agrees, is that famous names brings in the people, regardless of affiliations, and thus can open pocketbooks. Some people would volunteer just to be present and see XX up close, you know? We'll see!

    Patti, boy, I hope so, too. The alternative is not pleasant.

    Yeah, if I figure it out, I'll let you know! Miserable pattern to be in, for sure. And thanks for the hugs.

    Sherry, LOL! No, I don't think it's the bevvies, because I'm pretty careful to have nothing with caffeine after 3, usually not after 2. And yesterday, rather than coffee-based drink, she fixed me a luscious Italian soda. Yummmmm. Thanks for the good wishes.

    About the (#^&$ things ... LOL!! Don't worry! It was funny as hell, and I got a tons of chuckles out of it! It will go away soon! :D

  5. Every once in awhile, I will have the same sleep (or non sleep) problem. I am like Patti, I HATE to take anything in the middle of the night.

    I sincerely hope you can save the magnificent mountain range. What a sad, sad tragedy if it were to be mined away.

    As always, I love the cartoons.

    That is too funny that people find you looking up underthings. TEHEHE!!!

  6. Well, I can't help but notice that on the days I manage to do my aerobic workout, I can't sleep that night. I think the stimulation lasts for many hours, especially when there are other stressful issues going on in your life! So your yardwork might have a lot to do with the sleeping problem.

    You have my postive thoughts on your sleeping and your open-pit mining opposition. I wish you much strength and rest!


  7. Daisy, I don't like to take meds in the middle of the night either. I'll take them at bedtime, but only if there is nothing on my schedule for the next day so I can sleep in will I take anything after that.

    Me, too! I hate that big business and industry seem to take such a casual view of our natural environment.

    My reputation is really stellar, isn't it? LOL!

    Betty, yardwork may be a factor, but it began before I did any yardwork, so I'm not sure. I agree that stimulation lasts for a long time, but I haven't worked past 3:00 on any day.

    Thanks so much. I really need all the good energy I can get for this!

    Hugs received and reciprocated!

  8. Add me to the list of those with restless nights lately. Last night I went to bed at 11...woke at 3, got up at 4. Hoping that will help break the cycle and let me sleep tonight. Wondering if some of it is allergies since the temp is perfect for leaving the bedroom window FM is reacting to it as well. Giant, gentle hugs!

  9. Froggi,, a friend also mentioned to me this evening that we have just been through a full moon. If you believe along that line, it could be a factor. I'm personally willing to accept anything that seems to be explanatory!!!

    Also, I must say everyone I know with FMS is having difficulty recently, so I'm willing to let that be the culprit, although my symptoms are relatively mild. As you probably know, "relatively mild" can certainly be enough to cause a disturbance. Thanks for the hugs, and right back to you, as well!!

  10. Oh Lynilu, I know that it is all the stress you are under that is causing you so many sleeping fits. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to not have a good night's sleep for so long.

    And I just have to say that you are so brave for standing up for your beautiful land and views. If only there were more concerned citizens like you and your small group!

    I'm sending prayers and crossing my fingers for a better night's sleep tonight for you!

  11. Oh, Cheryl, thanks for the sympathy. I don't know that I'm brave, but I know I have lived long enough to see so many of our natural resources being depleted that I can't stand idly by. I'm frustrated tonight by the lack of involvement of people who originally said they cared and would help. Why, oh, why can't people stand up for good causes???

    OK, before I launch a long tirade, I'll just say thanks for the prayers for my rest. I really do need it to be able to keep focus on the matter at hand. :) A hug of thanks winding your way!!

  12. What a shame to have that gorgeous view ruined. No wonder you're thinking about it.

    I'm working backwards and trying to catch up - so I'm glad you've had some actual sleep since you wrote this post. :o)

  13. Jen, yes, and working against big corporations is tough. Wish us luck.



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