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Friday, March 28, 2008

You Know What I Did Last Night

Last night Allan and I met after work and had a snack. We were going to have an appetizer at one of our favorite restaurants, but we ended up having guacamole and splitting a Reuben sandwich. I had not had their Reuben before, and it was amazing! I think it is the best I've ever had! Dee-lish!! This was preparing us for our next event.

Then we headed off for our true destination. Our favorite winery, Willmon's, which has vineyards in Deming, New Mexico, has a local store. Soon after I moved here we found this store, and I have fallen in love with their wines. I rarely have anything else in the house these days. I didn't care for chardonnay until I tasted theirs, and it is wonderful. I also don't care for cabernet, but theirs is very good. They have a table red (meaning it is a little sweeter than most the others), dubbed Ruidoso Red that is quite nice, especially with something like spaghetti. My favorite is their Merlot. Ahhhhh.

The store was having a wine and cheese pairing. So you see, we had to have something in our tummies before sampling wine, then driving 20 miles home over the mountain.

I've never been to a pairing. In fact, I've not been to a wine tasting other than one in a neighbor's home 30 or so years ago. Learning about how to pair with cheese was attractive. How interesting it was as they explained the process of choosing wine to match the flavors of the cheeses. And what marvelous cheeses they had! Oh, my goodness, what a treat it was!

Who figures out this "pairing" process? I must admit that every pair was just wonderful together, and I found myself thinking about how many cheeses a person tasted to find the "right" one. The winery owner's mother, who runs the store, was explaining the flavors and why they fit together as they did. It was very informative, and I wish I could remember more details. She said that such tasting should be limited to just six flavors, because after that your taste buds begin to loose their edge.

The end of it all was a really good key lime cheese cake with a muskat. Really nice! I loved the cheeses, every one. Most of the wines I've had, but it was fun to see how they worked with the cheeses. And we were the first to taste his newest wine, a shiraz, which isn't for sale yet. It was excellent. They were all excellent!

We shared a table with two older women (yeah, even older than me!!!) who were SO much fun! One was a retired opera singer, now an artist and a writer. A character in many ways, a delightful lady in all ways. The funniest part of this is that she had eyebrows arched into a permanent expression of surprise!! LOL! But she is adorable, so interesting to listen to, and so much fun to talk with. I think we will probably get together in the future for a dinner or two. She loves to cook, as do Allan and I, and we had so much fun comparing food ideas and experiences. Frankly, she is not someone I would have sought out in a crowd (dyed red hair and arched red eyebrows aren't plus factors in my judgment, I'm sorry to admit!), but I'm so happy that we met! Isn't it interesting who those things that make you snicker on a stranger are suddenly OK on a friend? I'm blushing.

OK, What did you do last night?

PS - BTW, I slept like a baby last night!!! Who knows?!?!?!

Life is beautigul!!!!
Once again!!


  1. Wow, that sounds like fun!! You know Todd and I are in a wine club with some neighbors and we pair specific foods with specific wines which makes the experience amazing.

    I would love to do just cheeses, though.

  2. So I take it you did sleep on your discarded clothing last night;)

    I love your description of the retired opera singer with the eyebrows arched in a permanent state of surprise. She must be trying to defy gravity's pull on aging body parts. I don't blame her for trying! Anyway, I can't wait to hear of your future adventures with the opera lady.

    Indeed, who gets to decided upon these pairings? It must be that some people are born with the gift of taste pairing, because your account shows the success of the decider.

    You know, I don't even REMEMBER what I did last night!


  3. Oh what fun..first guacamole and reubens (two of my favs!) then all that wine -- more of my favs!! Sounds like you had a great time. I love the fact that you made friends with someone you might otherwise have never given a second thought to!!

    Last night I went out to dinner with my friends Colleen, Lisa and Elaine and then we went on to watch their children play hockey (my son was on that team last year)...a good night!

    Stick with the vino before bed!

  4. I just LOVE a good reuben! And what fun tasting wine and cheese. I went to a winery about 30 years ago to tour the winery then tasted wine and cheese. It was a lot of fun.

  5. Jen, they told us they would make a list of the pairs available, so when I get it I will send you a copy if you wish. Lemme know!

    Betty, how'd you guess that??? LOL!!

    She is such an eccentric gal, smart and just loverly! Yes, I'm sure there will be fodder for future posts!

    You know, I'm always suspicious of those "deciders," but this experience certainly made me rethink it. I couldn't believe how they just seemed born to be together.

    You don't remember what you did LAST NIGHT?? Girl!! We gotta get you a life!! LOL!!

    Sherry, everything was just SO good! And yes, a bunch of myt favorites, too.

    I'm glad you had fun with your pals. :)

    Daisy, it was honestly one of the best Reubens I've ever tasted. Wine tasting is fun, isn't it? And coming away with some knowledge of a good pairing for my own pleasure or for a group of friends is wonderful!

  6. oh we eccentric ones are the most fun to be around! arched eyebrows - flaming red hair - all remanents of her performing days. i love people like that - not afraid of standing out. boldly!
    as for the wine and cheese thing. sounds interesting, but i have to admit, i think wine is horrible. especially red wines. yuck!!!
    as for me? last night i taught class. and i was grumpy. outrageously grumpy. i'm pmsing and my oldest had an absurd amount of homework. i wanted to be home.

  7. The wine tasting sounded wonderful. Had to laugh at the red hair/eyebrow description. Did you find yourself raising your eyebrows as you talked to her?

  8. Cameo, I'm usually drawn to those "unusual" people who "stand out." And wine is certainly an acquired taste, I'll admit, but I love it!

    Mary Ann, LOL! No, actually after we began talking, the eyebrows became basically forgotten. Once in a while, I had to smile, (always at an appropriate time, thank goodness!!) but generally it was just a non-issue. Funny how that happens!

  9. I wanted to know (though you may have said and I missed it)...which was your favourite wine and cheese pairing?

  10. Sounds like a good time!
    I love cheese. Love it and i'm dying to try some fruit ones.

  11. Sherry, I don't think I said anything about it. It is hard to pick just one because each pairing was perfect! They were all good. I think most memorable was a triple-cream Brie (Oh, my, gawd, it was so rich!!), and I believe it was served with one of the chardonnays. When I get the list, I'll post it.

    Patti, I do, too. a really good cheese just can't be beat. Mmmmmm!

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