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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The State of My World

Scott and Connie's new house is very nice and roomy. They have more room than the three of them will use in ten years! But it is nice, laid out well, and very comfortable.

Here is a picture of Scott's new home office. When he needs some privacy, he simply retreats to his loft office.

Oh, OK, he was actually putting a light in the etched pot when a phone call came in. but wasn't that a good story? LOL!!

Now, here we are at Caroline's place. the dogs are getting along quite well! Yay! The cats just go about their business, for the most part. Bonk sits on the back of the couch, surveying her kingdom ....

.... and Ben is guarding the gold hidden in the dank recesses of the depths of the castle (AKA under the couch!!).

I managed to get one picture of the four dogs at once, Sadie is on the left upper corner, Sophie on the right side, China is right in the middle and Ali is up front.

What is funniest is that Sadie is clearly the largest of the dogs, but she is afraid of the little furry ones!!

Here is Sadie trying to sneak past China, who could care less!!

Look at the fear on poor Sadie's face!! She is about 75 pounds and both China and Ali are under 15!!

Here are our two host hotties, Sadie and Sophie!

And dear little China. Caroline got a darling picture of her, but it wouldn't upload, so I got this one a few minutes ago.

And believe it or not, everyone is getting along amazingly well! Now isn't it true?

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. I love the pictures of Scott.

    I am so glad you are here for a few days. You have no idea how wonderful it is to sit and visit with you and not cry or talk about her. Yay.

    And I am so happy the babies are getting along. Looks like we worried for nothing.

  2. cute pictures of the kids lol


  3. Caroline, it *is* good that the kids are getting along. Who'da thunk it? :D And yes, I'm very happy you're not crying ... I'd hate to have to spend the whole time straightening you out! It's a lot more fun this way!!

    Ruth, thanks from all of us!!! :D

  4. That picture of Scott is hilarious. He's dressed for the office and everything. LOL

    The dogs are precious. All of them. Sadie is cracking me up, too. :o)

  5. Sophie & SadieMarch 16, 2008 9:49 AM

    Thank you so much for calling us "hotties". And we do think we are pretty hot. :)

  6. Jenster, we were teasing Scott, and he wasn't even aware of it because of his phone conversation!

    Sadie is still walking around like Ali & China are gonna eat her up!! :D

    Sophie! Sadie! Girls, now settle down! I don't want you to get reputations around the 'hood!!! Remember, this move to the new place gives you a chance to start over with clean reps!!

  7. I think the photos and story about Scott's office ranks higher than the truth!!

    Gorgeous puppies -- why is it that sometimes bigger dogs are frightened of little ones??

  8. Sherry, yes, LOL!!

    And the dog thing ... I don't know, but it happens often.

  9. Oh now IS a dog's life :-). All the doggies look real comfy together. That's great.

    I love the "loft office". I could get use to that.

    Continue to enjoy your visits.

  10. Dawn, a dog's life, fer sher!! Yep, it worked out very well!

    And the loft office is a wee bit small for me, but cute!!

    Thanks, I will!

  11. Loved the pics of Scott in his loft office. Nice!!! ;-)

    I also loved the cute pictures of the children.

    Hope you're having a great time.

  12. Daisy, yeah, fancy-schmancy office my son's got, huh? LOL!

    The children are cuties, even as different as they are in a group! Thank goodness, they all got along so well!

    I am, thanks!

  13. I love the pics and stories about the dogs! Sadie is too funny!


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