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Monday, March 17, 2008

Stormy Weather

I was a dark and dreary night day. The good and loyal son/husband/father braved the driving rain to make his way to the fields to harvest corn to feed his family while they remained huddled together in the cold dank hut, attempting to fight off the ravages of the plague which seemed to creep in with the icy air through the gaping cracks in the mud walls. The small, thin child, the emaciated wife and the aged, toothless grandmother waited for his return with hunger in their eyes, hoping his quest would be enough to fill the stomachs for at least one night. As they waited with water from the raging rainstorms dripping on their heads, they listened to the rumbling of their stomachs, almost as loud at the crashes of thunder overhead. But they continued to wait for their brave Scott to return home and save them from this horrible fate, because they knew he would do so.

OK, the roof and walls don't leak, Scott isn't gleaning corn from the fields, and we aren't starving. And BTW, I do have teeth!! But the day has been terribly dismal, cold and yucky. It has pounded rain all day, and just in the last hour or so, it has finally abated. It has rained so hard most of the day, and the gutters were literally pouring water out. I'm guessing that it was probably two to three inches. The weather report said "scattered showers." I'm glad it didn't forecast "torrential downpours"!!!

Connie made a pot of posolé this morning. It has been cooking all day long, and it smells SOOO good!! I can't wait for dinner time!

We have unpacked a few boxes and hung some pictures and other decorations today, so the day was productive. But we decided not to try to do the things we had planned, because it involved being outside. Obviously this was not a day to venture out unless necessary. I wanted to go on several errands to stores that I can't easily shop at in NM. I might even stay over another day so I can do that, unless we get a great deal done tomorrow. I'll see.

Alright, it is clear that I have nothing to say today, so I'm gonna quite this nonsense!! Happy days!!


  1. We're supposed to get the rain tomorrow. BLAH!!!

    The posole sounds good. What a perfect meal for such an icky day.

  2. My bad...make that, we are getting the rain Wednesday. Tomorrow it is supposed to be cold with possible snow. I guess it is winter's last blast. I can't wait for spring!

  3. LOL. I loved how your post got started.

    It rained here ALL day long. The dogs hate going out because not only are they getting wet, but everytime they step on the grass their paws sink into the mud. They are such girly girls...they hate getting their hair wet and don't want to get their nails dirty.

    I heard on the news tonight that we might get snow on Sunday. How crazy is that....snow on easter.

  4. P.S. Did you notice your numbers today??? I had noticed early this morning you were getting a bunch of hits from Florida.

  5. Daisy, oh, the posolé was very good! I hope your rain doesn't deluge you as it did us. Good luck!! the whole picture you paint doesn't sound too nice. Ugh!

    Caroline, I understand about that, 'cause a fast trip out soaked every one of them, and it was just nasty!! fortunately, the grass is thick enough they don't sink like that. And snow on Easter wouldn't be new to me! I've seen that several times in my life. Of course, I'm really, really old!! LOL!!

    I hadn't noticed the hits. Interesting! Maybe TL's friends?

  6. Laughing at your "nonsense" comment. I prefer the term "creative thinking".

  7. Patti, "creative thinking," eh? I like that!! :D

  8. Jen, I've been accused of that before! :D


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