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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Birthday Day

It started out to be nothing special. A friend and I were going to go into Ruidoso and buy some wine and run a couple errands. We did that, then found that another friend, A, was in town, too, so we all met for lunch at one of my favorite places. My companion for the day, L, bought my lunch, partially for using my gas to make the trip, and partially for my birthday.

I had their smoked chicken salad with capers on a croissant which is only one of the yummy items on the menu, along with their potato salad, also the among the best ever. My drink was interesting ... has anyone had the "Limited Edition Diet Doctor Pepper, Cherry Chocolate Flavor"? It doesn't taste like a diet drink, and is really, really rich. Very good. But very sweet!

When we finished eating, L said she wanted to buy me a dessert for my birthday, but I told her I was just too full. We sat on the open terrace, talking and enjoying the sunshine and the gentle breeze. It was so pleasant today with temperatures in the low 70s. SO nice! And just as we got ready to leave, the owners came out the door with a tray of three slices of turtle cheesecake, one with a birthday candle in it! These guys make their own cheesecakes (in fact, they make everything but the breads themselves) and they are excellent! I love them all, but this one and the crème brulée are off the charts favorites. So, I had dessert, anyway!! I wasn't going to rudely disappoint my two favorite café owners! I was so stuffed!

L and I can back to my house and visited with a neighbor. She is considering buying a home he is building (remember the one I was worried about a few months ago?) or he and his wife may move into it and sell their existing home which is breathtaking. She had some questions to ask him about it. Then we looked at an unimproved lot up the road from me, too.

I drove L home, and got back here just about 5:00. A full day. A good day. A relaxing day. A great birthday!!!

BTW, today is Ali's 15th birthday, too!! No need to send him wishes; he knows you love him!! giggle!! :D


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  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNILU !!!!! May there be many healthy, happy, picture-taking more :) - and to Ali as well :)

    We are both Aries !

  3. Happy Birthday sweetie. Sounds like a fabulous day indeed!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! You and my son share a birthday - how wonderful is that?!?!

    May this be an amazingly wonderful year full of magic and wonderment beyond your wildest dreams.

  5. Annie, thank you, again. Yes, we are the best, aren't we? giggle!!

    Traci, yes, it was a very nice day. Thanks!

    Casey, yep, I saw that on your blog the other day! Very cool! And thanks for the beautiful wish!

  6. Sounds like it was a wonderful day. I bet I know where you had lunch. Did we eat there when I was visiting last year?? Did you take any picture today?

  7. Caroline, we ate at Lucy & Ethel's. Is that where you were thinking? I didn't take pictures. I didn't even think of it, and the camera was in the car!! duh.

  8. I am addicted to the dr pepper drink

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. redfrog27, I drink few soft drinks, but it's my favorite, too!

    Julie, thank you!!!!

  11. Smoked chicken salad with capers on a croissant - good grief that sounds like heaven!

    Oh, I'm totally looking for that Diet Dr. Pepper, I've GOT to try that!

  12. Sandra, it is delicious! They make the best food!

    Look quickly for the DP! As I said it is a "limited edition."

  13. I didn't know Ali shared your birthday! How sweet!
    I love Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper but it's more of a "treat" than a drink for me!

  14. Patti, I agree. It is really, really good, but not something I could drink on a regular basis.

    And yes, my baby boy has the same BD ... and some of the same stubborn traits! LOL!!

  15. Oh my goodness! What a lovely day!!

    I could almost feel myself sitting on the terrace with you in Ruidoso. Oh, Lynilu! Why do you do this to me?? I've got such a hankerin to get back to the Southwest for a visit, but I don't see it happening any time soon. *sigh*

    Geesh! I turned this into a comment about me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

  16. Jenster, I kinda thought you were there, too! :D You know you would be welcome to visit here anytime you can make it, don't you? OK, start thinking positively ... get those negative thoughts out of your head!Make it happen!!

    That's OK, I'm happy to share the day with you, my friend! :) Thanks for the wishes!

  17. I'm just trying to get caught up. Sounds as if your birthday was fun- I must track down that Dr. Pepper flavor! That restaurant sounds heavenly.


  18. Betty, the soda was good, but like I said, very rich! The restaurant is fun!

  19. Belated I am....
    But I mean it all the same..

    I hope you had the most wonderful birthday and a year that is full of surprises -- magical at that!! xo


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