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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting Better, Getting Better

Things are looking better in my world. I'm still doing a battle with the allergies and fibromyalgia, but the emotional junk has lifted. So life is beautiful again without struggling to see it.

Late yesterday afternoon I lost my internet connection. Something wrong in the DSL line. I called and they traced the line out. It was corrected by about 9:00 this morning. But do you realize what that means? I ...... had .. no .. internet .. service ........ for all those hours!!! gasp! However, now in my brave, back-in-balance mind, I realize that it wasn't a big deal. I spent time catching up of some of those things that I have DVR'd and reading. Novel ideas, eh?? LOL!!

What I miss greatly when I lose the internet is knowing about weather. Our "local" news is via Albuquerque, and their weather is very different from ours. The closest I can get to a weather forecast is less than 10 seconds when they (1) give the general overview of the State weather, (2) show the high and low for a quarter of the State at once (I sometimes can't zoom in quickly enough on Ruidoso, my closest neighbor that gets a mention, so I have to back up the DVR to see it). The bulk of their weather forecast in spent on Albuquerque and Santa Fe. So I use the internet weather services by which I can check Nogal, Capitan and Ruidoso, each ten "crows" miles or less from me, averaging the three to figure out what my day will be like. Last night I wanted to know whether to leave windows open or not, and I could only guess. I was tired at 8:30, so I didn't want to have to wait another 45 minutes for the earliest of the weather forecasts. Obviously I didn't freeze to death, so the 3" gap I left in several around the house was apparently about right.

The other common use for the internet in my house is reference. I'm still reading "Lies My Teacher Told Me," because I keep stopping to check out details and/or references the author gives. Sometimes I am sidetracked doing that for a couple days before returning to the book. Other times, I find what I want and return to the book within a few minutes. Last night I was going crazy with wanting to get on the internet and check out some details!

And, as is common with me, as soon as I didn't have internet I was thinking of all kinds of things I wanted to do on line! Now ..... do you think I remember what those things are today? NO!!! I only remembered one, which I have done. The others are lost again in the abyss that I fondly call my brain! Sheesh! I'm such a goober sometimes!

Speaking of weather, today is going to be a fairly sunny one. It appears that we may not be having the horrible winds, so I think I will do some quick house straightening and vacuum, then get outside for yard work. Which means I should get off the computer. OK, I'm going to close it now.

Alright, NOW I will.

I'm trying!! This time for real, OK?

No more kidding around, I'm outta here.


Here goes.....


Really, I am trying!!

I'll hold my breath until I pass out. That'll do it. (inhale)









  1. I am so glad you survived your time without the internet. Isn't it amazing how the internet has become such a part of our lives and it all seemed to happen wtithout realizing what was happening.

    Glad you are starting to feel better.

  2. Caroline, part of our lives? How about "most of our lives"??? LOL!! It is good to be back!!

    Hey, where's the answer to my message left on your phone????

  3. Whew! I'm going to my parents on Wednesday for a week and they only have dial up so I won't be on-line much. How, oh how am I going to handle it??

    I'm glad you survived. And I do the same thing with thinking of something I want to look up until I sit down with the computer. Then I draw a complete blank. LOL

    I'm so glad you're out of the funk. I hate the funk, but I suppose that's just part of life.

    How are the NM wild fires??

  4. Jenster, I remember the days of dial up. Of course, that was pre-blog, thank goodness! I can't imagine how many hours a day I would be on line!!

    The fires, grooooan! Not good. I'll do a rather than trying to do it here. I'll be a short post, but a long comment.

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better and have your connection again. We lived fully without internet but that's in the past. We adapt to what we have and the world that opens to us with internet -- to not have it is a loss.


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