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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Look What I Got

Look what I got!!!

Last night I heard something outside, and I got excited about rain because we are so very dry right now. What was falling was a combo of snow and sleet, probably 20% and 80% respectively. The ground was actually covered, but the temp was 42°, so I knew it wouldn't last.
That temperature fell rather quickly in the following hour, but the ground was too warm. I was actually surprised that it lasted at all till this morning so I could take the pictures.

So we got a little moisture, a very good thing. However, the wind is going to be high today (they are predicting gusts up to 60 mph!!) and tomorrow, so its good effects to the soil is canceled. Last year was an amazingly wet year for us, but not this one. We are right back in the drought, big time. The winds have been far greater than usual since fall, and it doesn't show signs of easing soon. We've had two fairly small range/forest fires near here (20 miles or less) in the past few days, and they were driven to spread by the winds. One of the fires was a cholla fire on the high desert, actually a good thing as it clears old, dead debris. However, the winds made it go much farther than was safe. Fortunately, this fire was kept away from homes, etc., so was relatively harmless. The other was in the mountains, causing some evacuations, and again, not causing home damage, threats to lives, etc.

You know how you see those signs when you drive through national forests, often with an image of Smokey Bear, that say, "Fire Risk Today Is: (low, moderate, high, etc.)"? Well, ours have said "Very High" for weeks now, and we are under advisories for "High Wind Warning" and "Red Flag Warning" (fire threat) per the national weather service daily. This stinks. But I knew coming here that these were issues that would be part of my life. I just didn't expect the extremes of the past two years.

Day before yesterday I did something really good for me. No, not the self-indulging kind of good thing, :( but very nice for me, none the less. When it gets windy my metal roof snaps and pops, and not like Rice Crispies! It is L.O.U.D!!! Well, a few days ago I was out with the dogs on a breezy day, and I heard a *pop*, not as loud as when you're inside, but quite noticeable. I looked up and realized that a tree near the house had several limbs hanging over the roof or rubbing the side of the house. Well, DUH!!! Those were "slapping" the house in high winds!!

So while the winds were low, I got out the extension ladder, propped it against the house, later against the tree, climbed up, twisted and turned, reached and pulled, until I got rid of any branches that threatened to hit the house again. I've since found that I missed at least one that *pings* the house, but not *pops* it. So I'm going to have to return to the ladder one day soon, but for now, we aren't hearing those sounds that make you duck before you think about it.

The end result of that is that late yesterday and again today, I am feeling the aches of my activities. It's one of the dues we pay for being allowed to live into older years. My body doesn't work like that on the ground, the twisting and reaching; then when it is confined to the pose on the little rungs of the ladder, it is even more taxing to aging muscles. And before any of you lecture me .... I was very, very careful. I didn't push safety too far. See? I knew you were gonna say that! No, I was cautious, took time, etc., but my body simply takes less stress before it begins to holler at me these days. I'm learning to take things more slowly, to work in smaller blocks of time, and I don't hesitate to ask for help. In fact, I may need a person taller than my 5'7" to reach the remaining naughty branches.

So ... I gotta get busy now. I need to straighten the house and do some work on my photography today. Oh, yeah, and .... shudder .... pay bills. Busy day ahead, and time's flying past! have a good day, all!!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. okay..I had a really nice comment here and blogger is being a I'll come back later!!!

  2. Sherry, I hear you! I've had trouble with uploads and with saving drafts for at least 3 days now! I'll wait with bated breath for your return!! :D

  3. The snow is amazing at this time of year. It was snowing this morning as I left for work, and I thought of calling you to share the news...but then decided you were still happily in dreamland. On the way home from work, on the dirt road leading to my home I had to slow down to drive through a HERD of deer! (no longer)Gypsy Moth

  4. NLGM, now you need to come up with a new moniker! LOL!!

    It was just a few days earlier than this last year that I got 14 inches!, But yes, it is out of the norm. Strange stuff going on, for sure.

    The deer have been T.H.I.C.K!!! I guess that good year for grazing with all the moisture, and they took advantage to multiply!

    So what's your new name????

  5. You just be careful with that so-called "old" body.
    I missed snow this year, maybe next winter *sigh*

  6. Patti, we certainly didn't have as much as last year, but I realize that that winter was not the normal. I wish we could have last year's snow every year!

    Careful? CAREFUL?? I don't want no stinkin' careful in my repertoire! I likes to live dangerous-like, lady!! No, I'm very careful, really. Since I trapped myself in the garage before leaving KC, I think things through pretty thoroughly, especially when I'm alone. Thanks! :)

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  8. Hi Lynilu, Have you seen this
    productId=1272830 or something like it? They are poles that have saws at the end and sometimes even clippers.

    You can often reach things that do not inflict damage to our gray haired physical bodies eh. Here's one address
    tp/tree_trimming.htm and I'm sure that you can ask at your local hardware store about other such products.


  9. Robert, funny you mention that. My late husband had one of each, a saw and the clipper-type, and I was wondering what happened to them in the move! I didn't get here with them.

    However, what I used was good. I have a power tool set with a reciprocating saw. I put a pruning blade in it, and going through a 1-2" branch is quick business. It makes for a fast removal, and is actually much easier than the extension device. I expect, however, to run into situations in which I can't reach it, anyway, so I do need the extended reach tool.

    Thanks for the suggestion!


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