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Tuesday, April 29, 2008



The Trigo Wildfire near Albuquerque is 95% contained. The cost: 4800+acres; 9 homes; 2 RV s; 9 other buildings; $????; animals ????.

Fie upon thee who started that fire.

~ ~ ~ ~
I'm thinking about buying a new printer, one that will enable me to print my own photographs. I'm thoroughly disgusted with the local choice as they are borderline rude, don't return calls, you have to make an appointment to take in a job (or risk waiting unspecified lengths of time if you "drop in"). They do nice work, but I think more of myself than to put up with their attitude. So as I begin my search, this is what I'm facing.....

There are too many choices, and I need to know more information than any normal person would know! Argh. It is taking a long time and a lot of reading and asking questions of other photographers. I'll get there.

~ ~ ~ ~

I remember when my kids were young. We weren't rich, but did OK. We clothed out kids, but that often meant buying store brands (what they needed) vs. the name brands that they, of course, wanted. If they wanted Levis rather than store brands, they had to figure a way to come up with extra money to buy what they wanted. For the most part, they were OK with it. Allan got a job and bought his own Levis; that was important to him. The others were younger and didn't have the discrimination of his 16 and 17 years of peer pressure. They often opted like this.......

LOL!! Lawdy, this brought back memories!!

~ ~ ~ ~

And then there is me. I like to look nice. I like to be age-appropriately in style. But there are limits.......
That's me!!! If it ain't comfortable, I won't wear it! I don't do high heels, haven't for 100 years!! OK, make that 20 years. I have worn what I refer to as a "high heel," the three pairs of shoes with a heel of about 1.5 or 2 inches on about four or five occasions and two of those were my kid's weddings. I used to wear mega-high heels, and I wore them well. I think they are beautiful and sexy. But they also hurt my feet, my legs, my back. So gimme elastic waistbands, low heels, and shirts that allow me to move around with comfort!!

~ ~ ~ ~
Mornings are not an easy time for my sweet babies. They don't like getting out of bed. If I let them, they stay on the bed, snoozing and stretching and yawning and snoozing some more until noon. This is the attitude of my dogs.....

What else can I say?? LOL! We're all three getting old and no longer "do morning" with grace!!! I'll give them all the morning leeway I can. Life is good, but it's also short, and we three will spend it however we damn well please!

Life is beautiful!!!!

PS - One more thing ... and this had to come after the LIB statement ... Bush is speaking right now. What a jerk he is. I usually avoid watching him because he just infuriates me in the way he talks to the press corp, the sarcasm he levels at anyone/everyone, the mannerisms he puts out there, let alone his messages. I decided to stick it out today and see if he had something new. No. Just a vile barrage at Congress for the current economic condition ... he blames everyone else for gas prices (too much being used [I'm guessing his use is excluded here, and I'm wondering why all public officials are not limited in their use of gas for travel outside Washington or their base of operations], and Congress has rejected his attempts to correct it), for the foreclosure avalanche (Congress has ignored his attempts to avoid it), the success in Afghanistan is because he did things to make that happen. What a self-serving son...... never mind. I just turned it off so I didn't have to watch his rudeness to the reporters that are not in his favor and laugh like Alfred E Newman at his own stupid attempts at humor with the ones he likes at the moment.

Outside of certain idiots and egotists, life really is beautiful, and I'm not going to let this lapse of my judgment in what I watched for those 30 minutes spoil my day.

Y'all have a good one!! I will, too!! And don't miss the Tuesday Trivia below!


  1. Keeping up with the trends is expensive as I found out.
    That god for knock offs lol

  2. I too, just watched/listened to Bushy Boy as I was unloading the dishwasher and making my lunch. I can't stand him or his mannerisms either. And I really can't stand the blame game he played today. What a CROCK!!!

  3. You and those sweet puppies deserve to snooze as long as you want to!
    I so remember the being trendy, what am I talking about? I still am I just do it more carefully.

  4. Oh I'm sure Patti has a "Boys Like Girls" T-shirt, don't let her kid ya.

    I did enjoy seeing Bush on tv last week, he danced again at some White House event. Man, can that guy dance. Bwaahahahahahha

  5. People who start fires should be jailed for life without penalty of parole.

    Hope you end up with a wonderful printer for your pictures, Lynilu !

    Elastic waistbands and sneakers - we have the same closet (lol).

  6. Walker, yeah, thank god for knock-offs!! But convince a teenager of that!

    Daisy, he was on a very nasty, negative roll today, wasn't he?? I get so irritated over his projections that my stomach hurts, and that's not an exaggeration. I'll be SO glad to have him gone. blech.

    Patti, LOL! Yes, you still are, Miss Monogram Queen!!!

    Sandra, OK, now girl, I'm a bit worried about you! I think you've been watching too much of the Bush and it's making you brain go soft!!! LOL!!

    Annie, yes, thank you, and LOL!!! But I have to admit, my shoes are usually sandals from the Earth Spirit line (do you remember "Earth Shoes" form the 70s??? they are tres comfortable!!).

  7. Glad I missed Bush today- didn't even realize he was on...

    I'm told that printers these days are cheap and amazing- you can get one that does photos and scans and everything imaginable probably for the price I paid for my 8 year old antique that only prints word documents.

    I wish my dog would sleep in! He's up with the sun every morning, ready to be taken out long before I'm agreeable!


  8. Betty, Bush ... gah.

    Printers/technology .... it works like that. No matter what you buy, it is fated to be outdated within weeks, and it's replacement will be cheaper. I really hate that!

    This sleeping in of my babies is a fairly new event. Just in the last weeks, maybe months, they are doing it. A sign of age, I'm sure. :(

  9. whenever i hear that wretched man talk i say things that my friend then follows with--out loud . . "she didn't mean that-for anyone that may be listening --that threat she just made she didn't mean." its funny.

    i have a countdown calendar and it can't come fast enough. i hope we don't replace him with another one . . .

  10. Beans, I try to keep myself out of trouble by only saying things that are true and don't impose a true threat. Like "IDIOT!!!" or I comment on his often HIGHLY inappropriate facial expressions. I know you understand that one!

    Do you get the feeling that he is making a purposeful mess just to watch the next one try to fix it and dig out??


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