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Monday, May 12, 2008

Cancel the Irises

Oh, shoot. I don't think I will make it to the Iris Farm tomorrow, because it is probably going to be raining. Oh, goody! It's going to rain! There is always a happy side to the bad news, and this one is easy to see. The irises will still be there next week. And they'll be all the more beautiful after a good shower or two.

The chances of rain for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is just from 30-50%, but that's not bad. Certainly the best we've had in months. Wednesday, or maybe it was Thursday night we may even get snow!! Hello???? It's nearly summer!! But again, any precipitation will be welcomed.

I'll keep you informed about how it goes!


  1. Mine are growing like weeds all over the front.
    I don;t know where they came from either because i never put them there but they seems to like it because they have survived for the last 30 years

  2. Good I hope you do get some much-much-needed rain!

    There is a daylily farm on the way to the Beach that my Mom loves!

  3. I really hope today you are staying in because of the rain.

  4. Are you kidding me???? An IRIS farm? That's my favorite flower, I LOVE purple iris'. I wonder if we have such a thing anywhere near here, gonna check it out now. I'm so jealous of you!

  5. Walker, once they are established, it takes an army of gardeners and an act of god to get rid of them! I like them, so I would probably never remove them anyway.

    Queenie, so do I!! nothing yet (5:15 pm) but it is clouding up. I guess I could have gone, but I'll enjoy it more later when I can take my time.

    Caroline, well, I sorta stayed in. I went to the Gallery for a while to load software into the computer there, but nothing outside. It's windy, not blow-you-over windy, but enough that outside activities are not much fun. I'm hoping the hazy sky with some clouds is the forerunner to the rain. pleeeeeeez!!

    Kathi, I love them, too, but I like the different fancies! I had about 20 different colors and color combinations at the house in KC. I'm hoping that when I get some raised beds set up here, I can start them again. Meanwhile, I can't wait to see the farm!


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