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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Boys

Well, well, well. Mr. Max is going to prove a challenge, I can see it coming. His time on the streets made him a survivor and that's a good thing. Sorta. He has learned to get what he needs in whatever way he can.

I decided to have some cheese and crackers at bedtime. I got eight crackers and two slices of a nice Muenster cheese on a plate, sat down on the bed and had a couple of them. Then I realized I had left my glass of water on the counter, about 10 steps away. I looked around and all the dogs were asleep.

See, here is Max, stretched out right beside me.

Ali did wake at the flash, but he put his head back down right away. Sam was cuddling with him, and he didn't even care!

China was passed out at my feet.

I sat the plate on the night stand. By the time I returned, literally less than 30 seconds, four crackers were gone, and all the cheese!! Oh, he avoided eating the paper that they put between the slices!! AND .... he was standing in my spot, "grinning" at me as he swallowed the last bite, and wagging his tail!

Max will challenge me about getting into things, too. He is curious as can be. He has been all over the house investigating everything. He stands up on his back legs, stretching as far as possible to see on top of furniture, pokes his nose between things to see what is there. Like Sam, Max has dragged toys onto the bed, but he has gone all around the house and brought them to the bedroom whereas Sam just gets what is here in the bedroom.

Max already acts as if he has lived here forever. He is very relaxed, wags his tail almost non stop, and is playing with me. Tonight I was patting the floor, and he responded by patting back at me. He played this way for at least a couple minutes! It is clear that he has owned a family before and knows some of the social aspects of human cohabiting! His easy-going nature will be pleasant to have around. And unless I find that he is a heathen in the house training, life will be great! So far, so good on that front.

You think he's not relaxed??? LOL!! Look at this!!

Yep, the boy will be a challenge, but a delightful one, I think! He incited China to play a little bit this evening! It was really cute to watch, she and Ali play occasionally, but not quite like this. He was very gentle with her, and I think that helped. They were both bouncing at each other in that way that dogs do when they play, and she was obviously enjoying it. I'm hoping he will give her a little more joy before she goes, and this was a good sign.

And look at Sam with his back feet tucked up to his chest again! Funny little guy!

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. So Max IS a people-food dog. That will be a challenge. We struggle every night to get our dog to eat his dog food dinner. He'd much rather share what we're having. I made the mistake of sharing with him occasionally when he was a puppy. My son learned that lesson. His dog gets NO people food.

  2. I think it's going to be hard for Max to lose his street habits and he needs to learn his house manners!! hee!! He'll get there and with the others to show the way he'll become more accustmoed to what's his ... and what isn't!! hee!!

  3. I love how when we talk on the phone Ali starts barking. It's like an older sibling yelling at their younger one "get away from me". Oh, and that picture of China sleeping. Did you notice that it looks like Sam is looking in the mirror?

    You have your hands full, but I know you are loving every minute of it.

  4. Big Dave, so it would seem! I assume this comes from his having to fend for himself for an unknown period of time, but it might be thanks to a previous owner, too. It is becoming clear that he has enough savvy about house-life that itcould be that. I agree it is better to have no experience with people food, but my late hub slipped my kids nibbles from time to time. From me they get it only like when we travel ... a little hamburger patty shared 2 or 3 ways keeps them happy while I eat. I'll try to erase that memory Max's memory (yeah , like that will happen!!

    Sherry, he actually isn't bad, but his outgoing personality and seemingly lack of fear, as compared to his new adopted sib, Sam, certainly presents a different set of rules/skills for us both! I think it will balance out. I HOPE it will!!!

    Caroline, believe me, that is exactly what Ali is yelling at them!!!

    The picture you mention, I'm guessing he might have been seeing some of my movement or something of the sort. That mirror is his favorite fascination!

    I am loving itI I just hope everyone finds a middle ground and family roles settle out before my head of steam runs out!!! :D


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