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Monday, June 09, 2008


I just had a light bulb moment!

I was picking more of those nasty little parasites off The Boy (over 30 this morning!!), and I was struck with how docile he is when I do that. About that time, he licked my hand again several times. And I realized .......

.... what I'm doing is a grooming behavior in the animal world. It is commonly done by the dominant animal, the mother, etc., and tells the animal being groomed that he/she is under the control of the dominant one. He is seeing that I am his boss, but not his tormentor or one who ignores him!! Hah hoooooo! I stumbled into something really good here! That may be why he is coming around late yesterday and this morning. Maybe???

I'll pick nasties off him for the next week if that's what it takes!!!

Look at this .... he is resting his chin over China's neck. She's not crazy about his choice of places, but she was very still for a couple minutes, almost as if she knew he needs to connect by cuddling with her. Pretty touching.


  1. Outstanding epiphany, Lynilu - I sense you are very correct :)

    Bonding is happenning through it...

  2. I love that picture and I love how he wants to cuddle with the others. Ali and China are so good about letting him cuddle even though they may not want to.

  3. Aren't they all going to need a flea/tick dip? You'll be pulling off bugs until kingdom come otherwise, no?

  4. 30 ticks?
    poor baby!
    i agree with sandra - they all need to go get dipped.
    and then a regular treatment after that.
    check yourself too while you're at it!!!!!!

  5. I completely agree with your thoughts. Now is the perfect time to begin some obedience training.

    Puppies strive toward one goal, to please. Also, he will watch Ali and China for proper behaviors within the "Pack."

    The new guy is a "clean slate" when it comes to your teachings- I envy the fun you can have at this time.

    I don't know if it is just me, but, his character I have in my mind from your desciptions remind me of "Snoopy." I say only say this because I have seen other suggestions out there; however, I did love each and every one you listed. You have a great imagination.


  6. Hi, Annie, it's good to hear from you! Yes, bonding is happening, but it seems so slow. Patience, Lyn, patience!!

    Caroline, yes, I think the elders are understanding and helping the young'un to learn and to adjust. I wish they would let him know I'm a good leader!

    Sandra, I'm sure that the vet will do that. The others are on an ongoing treatment plan, but will probably need the booster of a dip, too. sighhh.

    Cameo, I've been checking myself regularly. Besides, every itch or twinge now leads to a thorough examination!! LOL!!

    Reach, yes, all you say is obvious to me as well, but I'm so new at all this with a dog like this one (see my reply to your comment on the previous post), so I welcome your input. Email me at with your suggestions.

    Snoopy is cute, too! I have lots of names to consider as we get acquainted, the Little Guy and me!

  7. Good thinking. We could send you some ticks if you need some to pick off!

  8. Oh, Beans, thanks, but I'm busy enough with what I have here!!! LOL!

  9. Kathi, did you have a chuckle thinking of me as the "dominant animal," picking ticks??? LOL!! I did! I pictured myself as a monkey, pickin' fleas!!! LOL!!


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