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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Input and Output

The boys love ice cubes. I'd dropped an ice cube before, and Max showed interest, but it really started after the two young'uns had their surgery Friday. I could give them ice Friday night, and Max loved it. At first I crushed the cubes a little, and Max was the only one who paid attention, and he really went after it!

I've kept giving him ice yesterday, and now I'm not crushing it, just putting cubes in a bowl for him. When I put cubes in the bowl, he comes running. This afternoon when I dropped some in the dish, he stuck his nose in it and rattled the cubes around like he does. I walked away and sat down, and a couple minutes later, he came running into the living room with a little "clink, clink, clink," as he trotted. I looked up and he had two cubes stuck to his beard!! I wish I had thought of grabbing the camera, but I was enjoying a good laugh, and I just got the cubes loose and returned them to the bowl. He really looked funny!

Now as of this afternoon, Joey and Sam have caught on that Max is getting something they aren't. Uh-huh. So they want ice, too. Except they aren't as skilled at it as Max is. Sam waits until Max is finished crunching, usually in one of the little dog beds, and then he goes and eats the chunks left over. Joey watched this a few times, eying Max at the bowl, following him with the cube in his mouth, observing the fine techniques of the art of ice cube chomping. He would turn his head from one side to the other in curiosity. Very funny to watch! Then he ate one of the little pieces that Max dropped, and after a moment of concentration, he turned on his heels and ran to the bowl for his own!!

I don't know what it is, but if they're having fun with it, I'm all for it.

Life goes on .... while I worked today, the boys wreaked havoc on the house. The pushed down a baby gate , giving them access to most of the house. They made toys out of anything they found! Nothing was destroyed, just strewn!

And .... sighhh .... the dogs who this whole week have had only three inside accidents, had left me more presents that I could imagine!! After about 45 minutes of cleaning up, I made my mind up that it is crates and heavy duty house training this next week. I have only two crates, so that means a lot of rotating and working with mom while outside a crate! I'm going to get very tired of this, very quickly, but the bottom line must be established!!

When good dogs go bad.........

LOL!! Pray that my sense of humor holds out!!

OH, MY!! Sam just threw up on the bed! looks like it's gonna be a long night to start out the long week!!!!


  1. hahahahahhahahhahahhahahahahhaha.
    (in a very sympathetic way)
    hang in there mama!

  2. I donno, Cameo, that sympathy sounds pretty hollow to me!

    I'm hangin', but the fingernails are startin' to hurt!!!!

  3. Wishing you lots of luck and patience.

  4. Daisy, thank you. I think I'm gonna need an extra supply of both!!

  5. Yikes I feel your pain! We fostered a doxie Saturday night, a completely housetrained 8 y/o but he was pissed at his owner and peed on my couch, my chair and pooped twice in the livingroom. I was not happy but what can you do? They have feelings too. Luckily my nephew is looking for a four-legged roommate, they met and seemed to hit it off so he is there. At least I can keep an eye on him too.
    Ahhh the things we do for the four-leggers. You are still the Rescue Queen Lynilu!

  6. Patti, doxies are B.A.D about that!! Hope I don't offend someone who owns them, but they are dongs with BIG attitudes. My friend had one, and when she left him, he was very spiteful. He once climbed into a chair, onto the kitchen table, and messed her jacket on the table! Yes, they have feelings, f=but like people, there are just some that I chose to have limited time with. I hope your nephew works out as his new 2-legger. I'm so sad that there are unloved and unhoused 4-leggers in this world. :'(

    Ya know, Patti, we all just do what we must. :)


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