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Friday, June 06, 2008

The New Kid on the Block is on the Block!

You'll have to overlook some of the poor shots. It's not easy to take them while driving!! (NO lectures about safety!!!)

The groomer said he was very easy to work with, no fight at all, and he just let her do her business. When I took him from her arms, he snuggled right into me, put his head on my chest and sighed.

After grooming, it was obvious that he is not a Shih Tzu, but a "shit-poo" !! He's a mix of Shih Tzu and poodle. By the time I knew that, it was too late to turn back. I was already a goner!

He is slightly smaller than my Shih Tzus. His body is a little less stocky, but heavier than a poodle. His neck is not as thick as the ST and is a little longer. His eyes are poodle eyes, not the bug eyes of the ST. His snout is not as pointed as a poodle, and he has that ST underbite. It looks like someone took a plunger and elongated it! He has the shorter, stubbier legs of the ST. At a glance, he looks ST, except for the snout.

When I put the new kid in the car at the groomer's he ran across the back seat and flopped down by China. She was a bit chagrined, but accepted it quickly. During most of the trip he alternated between here and being in front with Ali or .......

....sitting on the console.

He has one of Ali's characteristics. He likes to stay upright, even when he is drifting off to sleep.

Part of the day he sat like this, feet on the little make-shift step between the seats, and his front paws on the console.

Look at him dozing off!!

And China was asleep with her head in the water bowl!! Scared me, but when I touched her, she woke and just her chin was wet. Thank goodness there wasn't a lot of water in the bowl! Silly girl!


Look at this! Leaning on one elbow and rolled over like a cool dude!!

He had been resting his head on Ali's side just before the picture.

There he is, with his cheek against Ali.

And passed out again.

China just hung out in the back, minding her own business.

Ali "owns" the front seat. And for some reason, he loves to hang off the edge most of the time.

LOL!! He rode with his body/chin resting here most of the day.

Ali dozing off.

At one time, I picked up the little guy and put him in my lap. He snuggled right down, his head in the crook of my arm, and promptly went to sleep. After a few minutes, he even began snoring! He stayed there for about a half hour, then he moved back to Ali's side.

And little mister has decided Ali is his new best friend.

Ali seemed to be just fine with it.

Could it be any cuter?

What a snuggle bunny!

Look at Ali's feet and head hanging off the console!

About two hours from home, China gave me a woof from the back seat. I thought she wanted to stop and potty, but when I turned around she was wanting to get into the front. Now, China never wants that. She enjoys the quiet and peace in the back. Hmmm. Interesting.

So I reached around and helped her get up front, then I put the console up so the front seat was a bench seat. Ali settled next to me, our new buddy nest to him, and China in the passenger seat. I spent the remainder of the trip petting each one in turn!

It was nearly impossible to take a picture of them, because Ali was right up against me, but this gives you an idea.

The little one seemed to like having the whole family in one place. He settled down and slept like a log after a few minutes.

Shortly after I took this pictures they all three went to sleep, and they stayed like this for over two hours. I was going to stop at PetCo in Roswell, but I decided I could do that anytime. Let the sweet babies sleep. They had all three had a couple hard days.

Since we've been home, he is having to adjust to yet another new place. He isn't doing bad when you consider all the things that have happened to him in the last two days. It's all good, but he doesn't understand that yet. He has now made himself comfortable on the bed with us, and he has already learned to use the doggy steps to the cedar chest and then to the bed.

He is still cautious of me. I'm sure he will be for some time. But when I pick him up, he just melts. It may take me ten minutes to corner him to pick him up, but he is OK with it then!! Poor little mixed up thing.

He would not eat anything in the car. I had dog food available in the travel feeder, but he didn't want it. I tried yummy little treats, and he turned his nose up. I tried bites of cheese, a french fry, and I also bought a couple McDonald's meat patties, which mine love, but he turned his nose up at that, too. He also didn't pee all day. At our first stop, we were near the off ramp of the highway, and a truck came down it, and he totally freaked. He pulled the leash out of my hand and took off running, but the retractable handle was "following" him, and it scared him, so he stopped, backed up against the fence. When I picked him up, I found that he .... literally .... had the shit scared out of him! His tail was a mess, so I had to clean him up. Thank god I had baby wipes, bottled water, and Purell!! Anyway, once here I took him to the back yard, let him go and within a couple minutes he peed. Whew!

Next I decided that I had to get some food in him, so I gave him a couple tablespoons of Ali and China's canned food. It is for older dogs with joint problems, but I had to get something down him. It took a few minutes, but he finally ate it.

Just a while ago, he began scratching at his ears. I hope he doesn't have mites! Arghhh. I put some oil in the ears, and it should help to ease him. We have an appointment with the vet on Monday.

Now, here we are, ready for the night.

I've been rolling names over in my head, but I still won't name him until I get to know his personality. (it is beginning to be noticeable! He is trying very hard to play with A & C) Any way here are the ones that have crossed my mind.

Barry Cuda (because of the underbite)
Guy Lumbarko (I've referred to him as the little guy already)
Clark Greyble (His color is brindle or grey in appearance)
Rocky Barkola (the underbite gives a "tough guy" look)
Robert Greyford (LOL!!) or Bobby

Because of his color, I thought of :
Greydon or Greydie
Brindon (color-brindle)

Late in the day I thought of Sam Slate (his color & a play on the name Sam Spade of the Maltese Falcon)

I've also been calling him "the kid," or "the new kid," and when Caroline heard that she suggested "Billy the kid," appropriate for where I live!

Time will tell.

BTW, he was dubbed "Gizmo" or "Gizzy" at the shelter.


  1. Oh my God, I am in LOVE with him. The photo of him with his head on the armrest sleeping is so adorable.
    What a lucky little guy to have found you as a mom. You rock.

  2. Oh my freakin cute. I have to run to work, but I will come back when I can read what you wrote.

  3. OH GOOD JUJU!!!!
    i have a name suggestion - "gray trey." because he's the third and gray.
    just me being clever again. try to bear with it!
    now you're only one dog and three cats from being crazy like cameo!
    keep up the good work my friend.

  4. I have to say - this little pupster was meant for your family. I love those photos and the other pups will help the new one adjust as well as trust. So, so sweet.

    He may came arrived under a false assumption of the breed but it seems like a perfect fit!

    Congrats on your new baby!

  5. Julie, he is a cutie, and I think we are going to find a fun personality under it all, too. He is beginning to show his colors a wee bit!


    Caroline, we'll be waiting for your return!! And yes, he is very cute!

    Cameo, that's a cute suggestion! I had NO IDEA that you had so many pets! I thought you made do with a gaggle of kids!! I could easily do a half dozen Shih Tzus and a couple cats ... but I could never leave home!!

    Casey, yeah, it was obviously a meant-to-be situation when I got there and saw him. And trust me, falling in love with the bag of rags that he appeared to be was not a push-over. Luckily, I could see through all the mess to a sweet little pup.

    Now the real challenge begins!

  6. yup.
    three kids
    one husband
    two parents
    four dogs
    three cats
    and three fish
    used to have 2 rabbits too

    on another note - when i look at his face, the name puddles comes to my mind.

  7. Well isn't he adorable?!? And wanting to be part of the family already!!! Even if he is a bit skittish -- you can tell he loves that he's loved!!

    So many great ideas for names -- I'm not with the Gizmo at all -- and I love that you are waiting to get a feel for his personality first.

  8. What a darling little baby, and so snuggly with the others??!!!

    Whoever came up with this particular breed name however...

  9. OMG - he is SOOOO precious. I'd take one like that in a heartbeat, well, if I had a house. LOL! Can't wait to hear what you name him...

    The Grey Spook (Spooky)....heh-heh!

  10. Cameo, YIKES!! But I must admit that at one time I had 5 kids, 1 hub, 2 parents & 1 MIL, 5 dogs, 2 cats. The hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds and fish predated that time! "Used to have 2 rabbits"? Uh, and how many do you have now, 104? LOL!!

    Puddles is cute!

    Sherry,yes, I think he knows this is where and with whom he belongs. :)

    Gizmo actually kinda fits him. It's a term you use when you don't know the technical name and use it to fill the space, like "whatchamacallit." Since his history is so uncertain, it seems to fit. Or maybe "Widget"!! But nothing will be placed on him till I know him better.

    Sandra, LOL! You don't like "shit-poo"?? (Actually it is shid-poo, but it still sounds the same) How about "Tzu-poo"? Zoo-poo? OK, no better. Well, let's forgive him for the accident of his breed-mix, and call him, as you said, "darling little baby"! That's who he is!

    Froggi, now you know as well as I do that these little guys can travel with you in the RV!!!! The "house" is where your heart is!

    Spooky? Cute, and he is, for sure!!

    Stay tuned on the name!

  11. That little cutie is just fitting right in to your family, it seems! And since he was so well behaved for the groomer, maybe he's already feeling grateful, too. I'd say your effort was well worth it!!!


  12. Hm. I like Guy Greydon. He is absolutely adorable.

  13. I liked Greydie until you mentioned Widget. Whatever name you decide for him, I know will be suitable. He is a cutie patootie and will be a wonderful addition to your family.

  14. WOW, I can't believe how "the kid" has already started "settling" down with A & C. That's great! Again, you're such a good mommy!

    Can't wait to hear what you finally name him. Thanks for all the updates.

  15. I was thinking about you this morning and thought "I bet the new doggie is home now" so came to see! He is adorable. Can't wait to hear what his name is...

  16. Betty, He is trying to fit in, for sure. I think it is going to work out just fine as he begins to get over the fear from his past.

    Anon, that is cute, too! I'm getting lots of good suggestions!

    Daisy, I like both those names. I don't know that I'll know the real deal for a while yet. He's been so traumatized. The plus in that is this .... in spite of what he's been through, he is a pretty happy boy, working to be our friend. I can't ask more. :')

    Dawn, his exuberance at fitting in is his biggest problem, as they just are used to his level of energy. But he naps a lot, too, and I think he needs the rest. His life has been chaotic.

    I'll letcha know!

    Traci, I was just thinking ... we bring home pets and wait to see about the personality to pick a name. But we have babies and name them with monikers that we picked out weeks before they are born, and they have to grow into the names! LOL!! Seems that is a bit backward!

    Stay tuned!

  17. I love that "cool dude" shot. He does appear to be adjusting well- even though it is only the first day and a long car drive.


    Ps, LOL no lecture on "Be Safe"..LOL

  18. Ah, Reach. that is one of my favorites, too. "adjusting" or not, he seemed to be accepting that he was not in danger. Didn't know what/where/who, etc., but there wasn't danger.

  19. Oh, how stinking cute are they together. The new kid seems to be fitting in well, and the others seem to be accepting him alright!

  20. Beans, they're working on it. The older 2 have to tell him to settle down occasionally!


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