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Saturday, June 07, 2008

OK, I'll Quit After This. For a While.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try throwing a squeaky toy for the Little One to chase. He has carried two onto the bed, and I think he is trying to say something, don't you? He obviously like them. Maybe that will help break the ice with me. It may help with Ali, too, as he used to take turns with his daughter, Margarita, who loved to chase toys, especially tennis balls. He shares well.

I have no idea if he likes to chase and bring it back, but it's worth a try.

He looks like a little baby ET at this angle!! LOL!!

Look at this ... that little light colored spot right under his chin is his back foot!

I can't believe how limber he is!

And how cute is that face, for goodness sake??

Now he has stuck the foot right in front of his face!

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. They are so cute!

    You are so wonderful to give them a new home!


  2. It is almost like Little Boy is putting his foot in front of his face as if to say enough already with the pictures. Too funny! He is a cutie pie.

  3. So cute. I love that he doesn't mind you taking his picture. Someboy should tell him to get used to having his pic taken. :)

    How is day 2 going?

  4. Linda, thanks, I think they are cute, too. The new one is the dark colored one, the light colors are the ones I've had for 15 years.

    Daisy, do ya think he's been taking lessons from Ali? Maybe he's already giving me backtalk about "TOO MUCH. MOM!!"

    Caroline, yep, he might as well suck it up, 'cause it's gonna happen! I've taken pix of light colored dogs for so long that I'm going to have to learn about this little dark face and lighting! A whole new world!! I don't want to use the flash and scare him, so I'm adjusting most of them.

    Day 2 is here ALREADY??? grooooaaaannnn. I just woke at 8:30, late for me, and they are all three still asleep on the bed! I'll report in later!

  5. Gosh, Lynilu! I'm so far behind!!

    The puppy is adorable and all the pictures are so cute!!

    I especially liked the self-photos! I think your hair looked pretty!

  6. oh my, he is adorable! seriously. you could keep posting dog stories for awhile i would be happy.

    i am glad that he is fitting in so well with the rest of the family. he seems so contented in these pictures.

  7. Your pics are priceless. I'm even falling in love with him and rooting for a quick adjustment.

  8. Hey....I thought of a name for him...Keep in mind I am just pulling this out of a hat....what about Wilson??

  9. Jen, thanks and thanks! It's hard to appreciate my hair when I can't even get a comb through it without puffing it even farther!! LOL!

    Anon, thanks. Tonight he is trying really hard to play with Ali who is giving him what-for!! They will work it out! The Young'un seems nonplussed by Ali's attitude!

    MJ, keep rooting!! He's doing well with the kids, but he is still wary of me! Once I'm close enough to pet him or pick him up, it's OK, but getting there is often a challenge! And if he is on the floor, I have to be careful because he dribbles everywhere!! I can feel a carpet shampooing coming on!!!

    Caroline, ????? AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I KNOW I'm gonna answer some of the questions you get on your blog!!!

  10. It's like he belongs there...oh wait, he does. So precious.

  11. Kathi, oh! Yes, he does!!! LOL!


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