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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Thundering Herd in Action!

I have the best little pack in the county! I started to say "world", but I don't want to have to argue with any of you over details. So you know I'm not kidding, I got a few videos of "the boys" playing on the deck today. Wanna see 'em?

Just before I took these clips, the three boys and occasionally China were pounding their way up and down the deck. They were making the biggest noise I've heard from them! They were having the best time! They would clump one way, doing the funny little growling noises of play, stop at one end and wrestle around for a while, then thunder back the other way. I was hoping to get that on video, but they got interested in the tripod as I sat it up, then they seemed to be out of the mood. Too bad, 'cause it was cute as heck!

Now on this first one, you're gonna see something I feel bad about, but I promise it isn't animal cruelty, just an accident and with a soft dog toy! Poor Sam!

Toward the end of this one, China comes out to see what is going on. Notice how she trots along, you'd think there was nothing in the world wrong with her! Having these guys around is doing her good!

I think given enough time, Max will be playing fetch with me, too. He is watching what Joey does, but he doesn't quite have it down to returning it to me. Give him time!

And dear little Sam! He sometimes runs around with toys in his mouth, but he seems to be totally baffled by the fetch idea. With enough time, perhaps he will catch on, too. We'll see.

I'm so lucky, and the picture will be completed when Joey's sweetie joins us. I e-talked with the rescue shelter lady today, and she says it looks like it will be a week or less before the puppies arrive. Then we have to wait around six weeks for her to wean them, she can be spayed, and I'll bring her home! I'm thinking this will be just about perfect. I'm due to go to my niece's wedding in Tulsa the weekend of 8/16 & 8/17, and it will be about perfect timing to pick her up!! I'll take Joey with me, but hope to have a sitter for the others. That will give them time to re-bond on the trip home. Is that perfecto, or is it perfecto??? :D


  1. OMG the videos are hilarious and loved seeing the tail wagging with happiness. They are just too cute!!!!


  2. Ruth, aren't they adorable?? I'm SO happy!!!

  3. Loved the videos. Your kids are too cute. And yeah...perfecto timing!!!! :-)

  4. I was beginning to think that Sam couldn't walk since he never walked when he was on the leash. Oh need to tell about how he walks when he is he is a show dog.

    I miss your babies...

  5. Caroline, LOL! OK, I will. Stay tuned!

    My babies miss you!! Me, too!

  6. Things work out as they are meant to, don't they? :)


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