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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Woes (and good stuff, too)

My last 24 hours have been ........ let's just call it "eventful"!!

Yesterday morning I took Mr. Max for his checkup. Here's the report: Max is approximately 2-3 years old; his heart, lungs, eyes, etc., are good; his weight was 12.4. He has one thing that will need to be corrected. It is commonly referred to as "Cherry eye." I thought it might be a little tumor or cyst. It's strange looking (you can see it in his left eye in the picture here), but pretty easily corrected. Next Friday, 6/27, both boys will go in for surgery and treatments: neutering, heart worm test, immunizations (both): teeth cleaning (Sam), eye surgery (Max). Yeah, I don't even want to know what this is all going to cost.

Max was nervous in the car! I couldn't believe it! When I brought him home last Friday, he was a cool cucumber, slept most of the way, but not yesterday! He sat right next to me, scrunched up against my hip, with his chin on my thigh, and he drooled a spot on my pant leg that was about six inches across! At one time he stood up and began heaving. I couldn't pull off the road to stop, so I grabbed tissues and held them under his chin, but all he produced was some foamy clear stuff. And on the way home, he drooled another huge spot on my pant leg! I donno what that's about, but I hope he gets used to traveling soon, 'cause we have places to go and things to do!!

I brought him home and went to the grocery store. The grocery in Capitan didn't have a couple things I needed, so I went to Ruidoso, as well. The whole thing took me about two hours. When I came back, Max had jumped into a chair, got the charging cord for my Palm and chewed it into f.o.u.r pieces!!! He also got one of my smudging sticks (a bundle of herbs and grasses) and scattered it all over the living room! Well, I say Max did it .... I'm pretty sure he is the one who got the cord, and probably the herb bundle, too, but there is a strong chance that he then was aided and abetted by Sir Sam!!

Around 4:00, I found that my DSL was not working. I called, and after a long wait (of course) and a long, unintelligible conversation (of course) with a man in India, I gave up. He said there was trouble on their end with the DSL and was trying to help me set up a dial-up to use in the meantime, but between the language problems and the fact that he seemed to not have Macintosh knowledge (he insisted he had a Mac in front of him, but I don't *think* so!!!), I gave up. Everything would be back on line by 4:38 today, so he said. I had other things to do, so I just decided to go on about my business.

Last night was a pot luck, and it was nice. There were only seven of us there, so it was a bit quieter than usual. But it was good, nonetheless. One thing I took was Reuben Dip that I got from Caroline, and OMG, is that good!!! Thank you, Caroline!! The other dish I took was a new recipe, too, and it didn't turn out nearly as good as it looked and sounded. The dip was good enough to make up for it, though!!

When I got home, there were no problems with the dogs. Whew!! And there was still no internet. OK, I watched a movie and a half and then went to sleep.

This morning I got a call from Caroline who was checking to be sure I'm OK. Isn't it pathetic when your life is so centered around the internet that your friends call when you're not on line every few hours???? LOL! OK, I admit it, I'm officially pathetic!!

And the internet was still down. Although they said 24 hours, it is usually fixed within just a few, so I thought that was strange. So about 10:00 I called to check on the status of the repair, and after a wait of about 20 minutes, of course I again got a woman in India. Not only did I have the same language barrier, but she had a bad connection or faulty headset, and I was missing about every third word she said. I kept telling her that there was an equipment problem, but she seemed to not get it. She would just start over again, missed words and all. I finally put together that she was saying the problem on their end was fixed, and we needed to do something in my computer, but I couldn't do that any longer and asked for someone else to take over because of the equipment problem. I told her that several times, but she would just start over with her speech, and I finally had to let her know I was not happy. Then she put me on hold. Again. For 25 minutes. Until I hung up. Grrrrr. I redialed, punched "O" and insisted that I have someone in IT whose first language is English!! I waited only about seven or eight minutes before talking with a gentleman who checked the situation, and within about 5 more minutes, he had my computer back in communication with the internet.

Then I asked for a supervisor, complimented "Damien" on his help and lodged strong concerns about IT from India. He told me that this has become a commonly voiced issue, and put my complaint in the system, as well. What good will it do? I donno, but I feel better!

Max and Sam were really wound up this morning. Here they are wrestling in a dog bed.

There really are two dogs there! Max is winning!

Just one dog! Max is black on top and white on the underside!

Max says, "Whachu lookin' at???"

Sam the Man has Max pinned. Well, sorta.

Max has Sam trapped under him!

Sam is sitting on Max!

Max spinning in the bed!

One thing it ain't at my house...... boring!!

Lawdy, it is fun!

Life is beautiful!!!!

PS - Good news! I decided to try plugging my Palm into my computer via the USB cable that transfers data back and forth since some other devices recharge that way (I don’t use the cable much because I usually use the Bluetooth method). EeeeHawww! It works! I still need to order the replacement, but this way I won’t feel so pressured about it.

PSS - Oh, goodness! I forgot one of the “events” of the day! I propped the door open for a while this morning, and let the dogs roam in and out. I went into the office and discovered that while the door was open a wild bird had come into the house. I think it was a little titmouse. Well! I chased the little thing all over the house with a dishtowel, but could not catch it. After 30 minutes of chasing it. I decided I had to do something better for the bird and me, too. I wished I had a net. So I designed one using two yardsticks and taping some tulle to them. With that, I caught the little guy in just about 5 minutes and took him to the deck to free him.

I wish something exciting would happen to me. I believe I mentioned being bored a couple days ago!! LOL! Be careful what you ask for!!!


  1. Wow-what an update! Glad to hear things are relatively ok with the crew.

  2. Beans, :D - It's all relative, isn't it???

  3. Sorry Max had issues driving to the vet. Glad the boys got a clean bill of health and their surgeries scheduled. I know it will be pricey but you'll be glad to have everything taken care of at once.

  4. Daisy, luckily I have a great vet who is willing to let me pay if off in payments if I need to. I don't think I will, but it is nice to have that assurance! They are such special, wonderful companions that I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

  5. Yea, I bet you will say you are bored again...:)

    Glad you liked the Rueben Dip. It really is good and now that you have mentioned it, I might just have to make some this weekend.

    It's not like you to not visit blogs or post for more then a day (at least without telling us first) so I thought I would make sure everything was OK.

  6. Caroline, yeah, I gotta watch that!

    Reuben dip rocks!! I hate to admit it, but that is what I had for dinner tonight! But I had a V-8, too, does that help???

    I know, but it is just strange that friends hundreds of miles away knew I wasn't "here" before anyon within spitting distance!!

  7. Surgery, scary. Praying it all goes well...I know it will.

    Love the pictures, so darn cute!

  8. Kathi, yes, scary, but essential for their quality of life. Yes, I know it will be alright, too, thanks.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pix. I just love these guys!

  9. Do you think he has figured out that the car ride = vet? You should take him to a park or something too so he doesn't associate the car with bad?

  10. Julie, I wouldn't think so, as we'd not been there before. It was his first car ride with me alone, so perhaps that was a stress, being away from his new family buddies. We do go on "wee little trips," but usually in groups or as one huge group.


  11. Girl, you lead such an "uneventful" life!!! lol!!!

  12. Sherry, well FINALLY someone gets it!! I need some excitement!!! LOL!!!

  13. Love the dog wrestling pics. Sadie had a friend that she would wrestle with--we referred to it as WWDF--world wrestling dog federation.

  14. Your dogs look like such a happy crew, Lyn. A sign of a loving home, for sure. :)

  15. MJ, this is funny! I hadn't read this before I posted my newest post, "Thought on Dogs." You'll have to check it out!

    They are so cute when they wrestle!

    Catherine, they're adjusting really well and doing fine. They still have their moments, but all is settling out and I think we are all happy!


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