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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Big Thanks!!

Daisy, the audio books arrived yesterday, and I can't thank you enough! They look like good ones!! I'll be taking them to Madeleine today. I'm going to ask her if I can borrow them when she is finished.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Daisy!!!!!

BTW, a bit of good news about her. A surgery on her eyes a couple weeks ago seems to have improved her vision just a bit. She still doesn't see anywhere near normally, but she is able to get around the house a little better and seems to be able to see objects on a table or such a bit better. She still can't identify faces until you're so close you feel like checking your breath before you lean in(LOL!!), so I always announce myself. I'm not sure if any further surgery is planned other than cataract surgery, but with some luck, she may be able to return to some sort of creative endeavors. Right now, she is not thinking that far ahead, but we did talk a little about it, and she is open to changing her medium if necessary. She is still hoping to be able to return to the woods, of course. And no wonder!

Would you like to see there website and more examples of their work? Go here, and enjoy. (A personal friend of mine, Gina, asked how to reach them so she could purchase a piece, and it dawned on me that I should post the website.) While I was at the house recently, I watched her husband work a little while, beginning a small version of one similar to "Juniper Swirl" Vase, as you can see on the "artwork" page. It was fascinating to watch how quickly it began taking form from a rough chunk of wood. Of course, the finishing of the piece, the aging and polishing, etc. takes the longest and is the art.

Daisy, once again, thank you for you incredible generosity and compassion!!! Hugs!!

And Gina, thanks for waking me up! Hugs, to you, as well!


  1. Your Welcome Lynilu!!! Hugs right back at ya.

  2. Daisy & Man are just the greatest. I wish we could all get together for a week at the Beach. Oh the good times we would have!

  3. MQ, hearts of gold, for sure!! Yeah, that would be fun, wouldn't it?

  4. MQ~ I like that idea!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Daisy, well, it looks like we have a beach party in the planning! But, uh, it is going to take some planning on my part. Shall we set a date for next year? LOL!!


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