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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Boys' Noise

Finally! It has taken forever, and I mean f.o.r.e.v.e.r to upload these videos! (Almost three hours!!!) Blogger is on a roll this evening! Sheesh!!! One problem after another, restart after restart, and finally......

This first one is very short. I was trying to get the noise that The Boys make when they're playing. This is a fairly mild form of their ruckus. It sounds as if they are ripping each other's throats, but .... honest, they're only playing!! And this is just two of them, Max and Sam. As you see, Joey strolls calmly across the foreground toward the end. You should hear it when they all three get into a wrestling .... and shouting ..... match!!

They were on the deck this evening and were ready to come in. Sam is learning to bark occasionally to come in. Now if only he would bark to go out!! But the funny one is Max. He "talks" to me! These are just a few of the vocalizations he makes.

Have fun, everyone!!


  1. I NEED to get sound hooked up at home. I can't see the videos at work but I would love to see/hear the babies!
    Reilly makes the funniest little noises too. It tickles my Mom to no end when they watch him for me. She loves him. (Pop too)

  2. Daisy, :D :D :D

    MQ, YES, YOU DO!!!!

  3. 3 hour of time well spent--the video is great.

  4. MJ, 3 hours on my end was too much, but the 3 hours was worth it on your end!! LOL!!

  5. I love the doggies! I'm so glad to see this because my two sometimes sound as if they're killing each other and I worry that they're weird. It's nice to see they're normal.

    I'll have to try capturing them on video. There's a video button on my camera that I clicked the other day but it didn't record anything. Guess I'll hafta read the instruction manual??? :)

  6. Mary Ann, thanks! I was thinking last night as they were noisily play-fighting, I wonder if a guest in my house would be alarmed! My guess ..... quite possibly!! LOL!

    Probably right. Once you :get it" it is easy, but learning the details about a new camera can be puzzling! good luck! I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  7. Oh, what fun puppy noises. I didn't realize there was a bird in the background and I was concerned that your dog was chirping. I thought my growing cat was odd . .

  8. Beans, that is funny about the birds! Max actually makes a sound that nearly is a chirp at times!!


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