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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catching Up

I'm skipping the Sunday Funnies, and probably the Monday Movies this week. I just so far behind, that I need a a "vacation" from the routine. Hang with me, and I'll hopefully be back on schedule next week.

I'll get over to the comments on the last couple posts and catch that up soon. Before I do, here is a quick summary of why I've been so absent for the last couple days.

This weekend is "Art Loop in Lincoln County," an annual event. Many of the artists in the county open their studios/galleries for visitors. A map shows the locations of the artists' and the public can drive all over the county
to visit, to chat with artists, in many cases watch them at work. The artists are happy to talk about their process, and it is a really fun weekend for everyone concerned. Of course, the artists all hope for an increase in sales. As the Gallery is "on the beaten path" as far as Capitan is concerned, we often get a lot of walk-in, also. We are not officially on the map, but anyone in our neighborhood is likely to stop in.

My coworker, J, who usually works weekends took a couple days off, so I was filling in for her on Saturday and Sunday. We were really busy both days, but especially today! OMG, I'm SO tired!! I was on my feet all but perhaps 15 minutes of the day from 10:00 till 5:00. We don't take a lunch break, but Da Boss buys our lunch, and he is generous, willing to buy us anything we want. Sunday is the best day .... our favorite restaurant is open for brunch, and this is the only choice, at least if you have any smarts at all. Today was so busy that after they delivered at about 11:45, I kept grabbing bites here and there of my fritatta until about 2:30 when I put half of it in the fridge! I did eat the wonderful fruits and veggies, organic lettuce, parsley, basil, etc., that is part of the delicious platter. Most of the day, Da Boss and I were both busier than we could handle, greeting visitors, writing invoices and wrapping purchases. That's very good, but it is also exhausting. By 4:00 it slowed down to a reasonable pace, but by this time, my feet hurt SO bad that I almost couldn't stand it!

At 5:00 Da Boss helped me close up, I wrote up the last few invoices, and just as I was leaving, it started raining. Yesterday when I left, it was not just raining, but pouring! So today was an improvement over yesterday. Yesterday when I left, by the time I got to my car, 15 feet from the door, I was pretty well soaked. Than I got home and it was raining even harder here, so getting into the house left me drenched again. I got 1.5 inches of rain here yesterday, probably in about 2 hours. Today was just .3", so not nearly the problem. I got to the car just damp, and about the same at home. In the last two days, as of last night at about 8:00, I've had .............

Now, here is the kicker to all this ..... I left for work yesterday without posting or reading anything. When I got home yesterday, I had no internet access!! I guess the rain wiped it out for some reason, probably a brief power failure. Anyway, I called the phone/DSL company, and they said it was nothing at my house (duh), and they would have to work on it from their end (duh), and I would be back to normal by 4:00 today. Clearly I couldn't post or read or anything last night. I left this AM without having internet access, and I thought I'd get online at work for a little bit. HA!!!!!!

When I came home this evening, I am back online. Whew. Before I left this morning I tried to call the company to check on status. Since this in the 4th time I've lost DSL in about 4 or 5 weeks, I thing it is excessive. Well, what a ridiculous fias├žo!! I won't bore you with details, but "Jason" was rude, put me on hold with out explanation, putting me into the endless loop of automated "tech support" from which the only escape is to hang up, refused to let me talk to his supervisor, denied knowing the name of his supervisor, to name just a few of the insanities. Tomorrow, I will be talking to someone who works in the Mon thru Fri offices with major complaints. Are you surprised?

OK, I'm done. Hoard work is what it is, and worth it most of the time. After all, work days busy with sales mean my paycheck is secure. What else could I ask for? And to make up for missing out on the last two days of Caroline's Challenge .......

.... last night's sunset was beautiful.


  1. So glad to see you back Lyn, I was wondering if I had missed a post about you going away. Obviously just technical problems. The last time I had to call Bell Canada (phone service)
    with a problem, I talked to Michael located in INDIA. Go figure and by the accent I'm sure Michael was an alias. Glad all is well and arent you a busy gal?


  2. Hi, Ruth!! I wanted to leave a note from the computer at work, but we were so busy I never had time to even do a short note on the blog!

    I know what you mean. The person who I spoke with and she did the original tech support before writing up the "trouble ticket" was named "Nancy." I DON'T THINK SO!! That's not a common name in India, either!

    Ruth, I have to keep busy to stay outta trouble!!! LOL!!

  3. The rain used to always mess up our phone lines and internet when we lived out in Plum Nearly! Glad you are back online

  4. MQ, this time it wasn't rain. Actually rain hasn't been a problem for a long time, but whatever is going on is really, really irritating! Yep, I'm glad to be back, too!!

    Daisy, isn't it?? :)


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