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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dis 'n' Dat

A few days ago I posted this picture.

And Caroline was startled by the prominent, extended display of his manhood. I didn't even notice it. I drive by this place every time I go into Capitan, and I am so used to it that I don't notice these things, I guess. It is a breeding service farm, and the bulls are amazing creatures. I'm impressed with the massive size of these animals. They have all kinds, and my favorites are the Brahma bulls.

Anyway, the point of this is to ask a question. I have no idea why with bulls their testes hang so low. Does anyone else know this? If you look at other animals, it isn't so. Once is a blue moon I've seen other animals that "hang low," but I have no idea why bulls seem to always be like that.

Boy! You weren't expecting that for a topic of discussion, were you?? LOL! You never know what you'll get here!!

Here is what my bed looks like at night.

You'll notice that the kids have demonstrated that there is no room in my life for a man!! LOL! We'll talk about that!

And Ali usually sleeps right at my feet.

OK, an update on the dog pack. Briefly, all is going well.

Sam is allowing me to approach him much more frequently without going into his frantic trot away from me. There are still those moments, but far fewer. He also is brave enough to walk (usually run!) past me through the door. He used to wait me out until I propped the door open and he would then dash in, after I was out of sight. This is a great improvement. He is eating more openly than ever, not sneaking at night to crunch. I have stopped leaving any food in the dishes at night, and this encouraged him to do more daytime eating, of course. He is taking treats from me now. Not from my hand, but he allows me to put them right in front of him, and eats them right away, before one of his assertive brothers steals them. He is also eliminating outside, I think all the time. If he has gone in the house, I am not aware of it. I gave him a few days away from the leash work over the long weekend, but we will be back on it today. He loves to sleep with his little head on a pillow, and he was snoring up a storm when I took this!

Max. Oh, my wild child, Max! He is actually doing very well. He is the most happy-go-lucky little guy in the house! Like Sam, I think his housebreaking is nearly completed. Neither has figured out how to "tell" me when they want to go out, so I have to really watch them, but with frequent trips outside, he is doing his business out there. His appetite is good, his outlook on life is rosy, and he has a nice balance between his physical contact needs (petting, etc.) and having his alone time when he just flakes out or grabs a toy to play with. Max is a delight, generally low maintenance, something that helps with so many new babies to be adjusting. He will be groomed soon, when the groomer is back from a vacation. Isn't that face a sweetie?

Joey could barely get an eye open for me! The elder of my adoptees, Joey is a very sweet guy. He loves to be next to me, on the couch, on the bed, at my feet. He is already very attached to me. He is beginning to show his stubbornness, a Shih Tzu trait. He is refusing to go potty on command! After two weeks of relative compliance, he has decided that he will go when he wants, not when I say so! The only trouble with this is that he doesn't tell me when he is ready, so I have to watch and watch and watch, and trust me, if he is out of sight, I'm in trouble. But over all we are now at three steps forward and just one back with the whole group, so I'll try to be patient and let it run the course. Joey loves to play with toys, just like the other boys, and he likes it when I toss it for him to retrieve.

The three boys love to run and chase each other, sometimes having a tug of war with a toy, other times just running until they drop. Their favorite place in the whole world in the deck .... 80 feet of running space would appeal to most energetic kids, wouldn't it? :D

China is about as sleepy this morning as Joey! And don't they look alike? Joey's personality reminds me in many ways of China's dog-mom, Mai Lin. If he weren't old enough to be born before she died, I would wonder about if she returned to us in this way. Chi continues to surprise and maze me. She sleeps a lot, but when she is awake, she is happy and active. She chases with the boys on the deck, although just once or perhaps twice down the distance and she is done. I got tickled at her yesterday when she was at the far end and I called her. She came running like a puppy, ears flopping, bouncing and prancing, happy as could be with that "doggie grin" on her face! Sweet little girl!

And the Grand Little Man. He sleeps an awful lot. Or maybe I'm just more aware with the activity level of the other kids. He has loved the routine of the past few days as I am keeping the boys barricaded from the bedroom while I'm not in there with them. It is to keep them in my sight for the house training, but Ali loves that it gives him the room, quietly, peacefully, wonderfully for himself! When he wasn't to go out or get a drink, he comes to the baby gate and gives a soft woof. Sometimes he stays a while with us in the living room and kitchen, and others he wants to go right back to resting. I most often have to carry him down the steps now, and about half the time back up the steps, as well. Those poor back legs just don't have strength. I can't begin to explain how active he was as a young dog, or how difficult it is to see this decline. I'll give him and China just about anything they want at this time. Their comfort is paramount in my duties.

All is well in Doggie-dom. We are happy, adjusting, working on the tasks of living together. We still have bad days on the house training, but as I said earlier, it is at least three steps forward with just one back now, and that's progress!

Rain again today! Yay! Yesterday's rain total at my house was about .6" or .7", very nice. I love when it comes down slowly enough to soak in. We really need that soaking kind of rain. The forests are reopened! Another Yay!! We are not in the clear completely, but there is enough that people can again go into and enjoy the beauty of our natural wild areas. I'd love to take the boys for a walk, but we'll play it by ear and see if there will be enough windows in the rainfall to allow us to do it without becoming muddy messes. And if it's a choice, I'll choose rain with their exercise coming from the deck. Yep!

Hey, I haven't said for a while .....

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. I just love the pictures of you puppies. I don't think I could handle all of that energy.

    I never gave it any thought about why "it hangs low." Truthfully I never really noticed. When I go down to visit the steer that is in bovine time out he is usually at the gate happy to see us.

    It sounds like you are making progress with the housebreaking but I just want to know - who is the alpha dog?

  2. IE, I have to admit that sometimes, the energy goes over my head! But they respond to "Quiet!" in a stern, slightly raised voice. :D

    Good, I'm not the only one who doesn't notice that! Whew! That steer you visit is a beautiful animal!

    Alpha dog .... well, most days it is me (most days!! LOL!!), followed by Ali, after that, who knows? I suspect it will be Joey or Max. Joey probably has more alpha dog characteristics, but Max can be ferocious when food is involved and food is big in the process! Time will tell!

  3. Do you find it ironic that the lesbian is the one that wondered why "they" were hanging so low? I find that kind of funny.

    Your new babies look like they are settling in just great. I love the one pic of 4 of them on the other side of the bed. To me there is nothing better then waking up to a dog laying right next to me. Well, there is something better, but for now I will settle for a dog. :)

  4. Caroline, I certainly do! Are you sure you're .... LOL!!! Never mind!

    Uh-huh, they are, for sure. I'm really enjoying them. And as I said in the post, there may come a time that I will need to have a heart to heart about that side of the bed! For now, I'm not complaining!

  5. your dogs are so sweet. reading about them almost made me forget the first picture of the well hung bull. almost.

  6. M, yes, they are sweet, indeed. But .... I'm confused .... are you trying to forget the picture of the bull or afraid you'll forget?? ;D

  7. Your pooches make me smile!!!

    Caroline is not the only one I have a hilarious pic on my cellphone of my niece's rat's mongo balls!

  8. MQ, ohhh! Now you're starting to really worry me!! You actually took a picture, on purpose, of the rat's balls??? Oh, wait .... is mongo a type of game?



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