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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dog Days

Or maybe I should have said .... A day with the dogs.

Early in the morning, after the trip outside for the obligatory duty, they are all wound up. they tear around the house, growling, barking, wrestling, grabbing the others' tails, and generally making sure no one can go back to sleep.

This first one is blurry because Max is moving, but I had to put it in. He has a discarded sheet of paper, shaking it with all he is worth, and I love the way the paper looks!

Max is positively my clown! He finds anything from toys to "no-nos" to play with! His happy attitude is such a delight!

OK, a little slowed down, he noticed that I have the little silver box out! This dog has no hangups about the camera!

Aha! Max spots Joey coming in the room!

Joe is getting ready to jump onto the couch.

Max is considering his next move.

Sam ( his back half barely visible in the background) is gettin' the hell away from the camera!

Max followed Joey onto the couch, but when they began wrestling, I told them to stop or get down. Max got down!!

Meanwhile, Sam chose to watch from a "safe distance," in the kitchen about six feet away.

Joey stayed on the couch, but Max just couldn't let him alone! He has Joe's tail and is pulling it!

So Joey gets down, and the game is on!

"I'm Top Dog!"

"No, I'm Top Dog!"

"No, I'm Top Dog!"

"No, I'm Top Dog!"

"No, I'm Top Dog!"

"No, I'm Top Dog!"


"OH, wait! She took a picture of me!!"

Finally, a little rest time.

Does anyone notice a difference? Yeah, Max has no collar on. Sam and Joey had chewed on it so much that I couldn't keep it on him! the little tabs that fasten it were mincemeat! It's only two days early. Shhhhh. Don't tell the vet!!

Oh, the headless dog is Sam, of course!

And he does have a head as you can see here!

Joey is my nice quiet boy for the couch. He gets up with me and just curls up. Obviously this boy was a couch potato for someone in the past!

And he is a cuddle bug. Actually he and Max both are. They love to curl up with me and just go limp! But on the couch, Max often continues to wiggle with his energy while Joe will just be quiet with me. Soothing.

China looked around like "Why is it so quiet all the sudden?"

"Oh, Mom got the camera out. Good. The boys will be quiet for a while."

Big sigh.

And Ali was off in the bedroom by himself. As he likes it. If he isn't on the bed, he is on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed, as he is here.

Just as I was uploading the pictures, Joey, followed by Max, then Sam ran to the window that opens to the deck. There on the trunk outside the window was the kitty looking in the window with very wide eyes! I keep her food dish there so I know when she comes to eat, but I never thought of the dogs seeing her, too! They didn't really bark, just gave out a few little soft woofs, probably because she took off before they got too serious about it! I went out and moved her dish to a less threatening place. I wish I could have taken pictures of the whole thing, but the upload was going on.

Right after I came back in I began to work with the now-downloaded pictures, and the boys all settled in. Max and Sam were on the floor, and Joey back on the couch with me. All the sudden a flash of black fur appeared, and Max landed half on and half off the couch, right next to me. He didn't even try to get his back legs up, but just went limp!!

I couldn't get the camera high enough to get all of him in, but you get the idea! Silly, funny little dog!!

Update of the older kids: Ali does not seem to be feeling well. At least he isn't at his best. His legs seem to be getting weaker, and he has trouble standing very long and has particular difficulty on the tile. I think it makes him uncertain, especially if the younger boys try to play, so he gets snarly with them often. I wonder, too, if he is having more pain than I've realized. It must be hurting him to work to keep his leg under him. He is very defensive of his space. Last night as we were going to bed, I brushed against him from behind, and he whirled his head around and bit me! He didn't break skin, but he had a good hold of my arm. When he realized it was me and not one of the usurpers, he let go and looked embarrassed. He's just not himself these days. :'(

China still does pretty well, but she is also having more trouble with her leg control. She still trots and still plays with the boys sometimes, but less in the past couple days than before. She seems to be more tired, and even on the carpeted areas, her little legs just randomly seems to not work for a few seconds. Her attitude is sweet and gentle, and she shows no signs of pain. The tumor is still growing, but not as rapidly as it was for a while. The problem is I've found two new tumors. It is definitely spreading and taking over. :'(

I can't tell you how hard it is to recognize these signs. I guess that's who I don't post much about their conditions. I'm happy to have the boys with us, as it helps to distract. It is is just very saddening to face the facts with my two old and very dear friends. I make sure to give them lots of quiet time with massages and petting ear scratches and rummy rubs, soft words and gentle moments. Life just isn't long enough.

OK, gonna get dressed and run into town for a bit. Everyone have a good day-after!!!



  1. I am sorry to hear that it increasingly harder for the two older kids to get around these days. Very sad. Life is way too short.

    However, you have Mr. Clown Boy and his counterparts to entertain you. I am so happy for you that you have found the new kids.

  2. I love hearing stories about the doggies. I like shy Sam and Ali.

  3. That makes me so sad about Ali and China. I could really tell the difference with Ali when I saw you guys, but China is still just as sweet as ever. I can't imagine how hard it is for you.

    Love the pictures of the younger babies. Sam is soooo darn cute. He looks like he has adjusted well to the helmet.

  4. Daisy, this part of life is never easy to face, for sure. And yes, I have Clown Boy and Company! But I'm not sure I found them .... I think they found me! :) Caroline said the other day that now we know why I didn't get Max & Mia from El Paso when I started looking. Yep, I need these guys and they needed me!

    M, I have a doggie personality to suit every visitor to the blog, I think!!

    Caroline, yes, I began to be weepy when I wrote that earlier. I wish I didn't have to think about it, but I need to be aware for their comfort. Gail noticed a significant change in China when she was here yesterday, and she had seen them just week or 2 ago. Chi is still a sweetheart, but she is physically becoming more challenged.

    Hmmm. I think you like Sam best! Not that you're prejudiced, of course!! LOL!!

  5. Nothing like having built in entertainment. It sounds like you are having a blast.

    Sorry to hear about the older ones.

  6. You've done your best by them and nobody else could have done a better job. God Bless China & Ali. I know it is hard.

    The newbies are cracking me up - so adoraable and i'm sure a very welcome distraction/joy to you as well. God Bless Them too!

  7. MJ, oh, yes, they are most entertaining! a few minutes, they were barking at their reflections in the window! Those musta looked like some kinda mean mutts on the deck!! LOL!!

    Thanks. It is what it is. :(

    MQ, oh, I know. They've had a good life with me, and I with them, and it's just a normal process. Yeah, it is incredibly hard. They're really good little buddies.

    The newbies .... oh, goodness, what a side show they are!! Already I can barely remember life without them!


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