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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mama Got Some Bling!

Oh, yeah!

One of my favorite artists works in many mediums, and she is good in them all, but my favorite is her jewelry. Yeah, I know, go figure!! We got some new pieces from her today, and I brought home three of them!!

This is the most unique ankle bracelet I've ever laid eyes on!!

Isn't that interesting? A medley of shells, beads and even bullets. Yes, you read that right, bullets! I put one on and didn't even bother to take it off! They are inexpensive, too, so if I lose or break one, which I do often, it won't be a terrible loss.

She also made this necklace of stones and shells. Fun but with some elegance, too.

A closer look. Common, earthy pieces but she puts them together so well!

She does many styles in jewelry making. Here's a different one.

This one rests just on my collar bone. This will go with lots of things and is so much fun.

The pièce de résistance is this one, not from the Gallery, unfortunately, but from a Southwestern/Native American store in Ruidoso, owned and run by some relatives of an old classmate from my high school days. The family has run trading posts in the Northwest part of the state for several generations (one of their fine NA jewelry stores is called "Fifth Generation" and I've bought several pieces there in the past). While this store is not a trading post, it has the flavor of their posts while featuring nicer jewelry made by mostly Navajo and Hopi from my old stomping grounds.

I am particularly fond of Navajo jewelry, perhaps because it is what I grew up around, and it is familiar to me. This piece is very different from anything I've seen before, and it reflects the fine quality that Navajo silversmiths are producing in recent years.

I saw this several months ago and have been drooling over it every time I went into the store. I had talked with them about perhaps putting it on layaway, but said I wasn't sure. I went in today to do that, and I found that the owner had taken it out of the display case and put it away for me! Then he gave me a generous discount, so I brought it home rather than putting it in layaway! I can't wait to wear it!!

Actually, I can't wait to wear all of them!


  1. ohh very pretty. I like the really colorful one toward the end. I also really like your sandals . . .I happen to be a collector of really comfy sandals . .what kind are they?

  2. could I have used any more "really's" in my comment, I mean really!

    too early to be writing anything!

  3. LOL!! Really, Beans, I really think you should really express yourself really fully!!!
    Yes, I love it all (obviously, sillly Lyn, or you wouldn't have bought it!!). The sandals .... hold onto your sox, cause it will surprise you. Do you remember hearing about "earth shoes" that everyone wore back in the 1970s? They were really (really!! LOL!) ugly shoes with broad toes and a heal that was lower than the toe, and they were sooooooo comfortable! The company was revived a few years back and began sell shoes that are very comfortable, but much more attractive than the originals. They are now called "Earth Spirit" and are sold at ..... WalMart! Since it is our only large retail store in this county, I'm very happy (make that "really" happy!) to be able to get them here.

    The pair I'm wearing in the photo have the sole which wraps around the foot, and the are extremely (really) comfortable. I have three in that basic style, different colors. I can be on my feet most of the day without major discomfort, important for me at my age, and my arthritis and fibromyalgia. I also have 4-5 other styles, and every one of them is comfortable. happy shoe shopping, Beans! Really!! LOL!

  4. Daisy, thank you, me, too!!! Wanna borrow? :D

  5. DP loves the earth shoes, though they specifically said that if you had back problems to NOT wear them . . so I haven't since i have two severely herniated discs. I should try them though, to be a rebel!

    Right now my favs are keens!

    (we are getting a new walmart like 5 minutes way! Every exciting times!

  6. Beans, the new ones do not have the extreme low heel. "Earth shoes" did, but "Earth Spirit" does not. I think that is the issue about the back problems, but check it out.

  7. IE, thank you! I think so, too!


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