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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pork and Dogs

LOL! Did I get your attention with that title??

I made a pork roast in the CrockPot Tuesday while I was working in the yard. I wasn't sure how it was going to work out for a couple reasons.

First, I always do a pork roast in the oven, because I like a crunchy roasted crust on it. But doing that takes attention or you wind up with a dry, over-cooked chunk of meat. Since I couldn't do that from 30-40 yards away in the yard, I decided to try the slow-cooker.

Second, as I began adding seasonings to the crock, I picked up the garlic powder. And yes, usually I use fresh garlic, but I didn't feel I had time to do that as I wanted to get to the yard work, so I took a short cut. I always keep a large container of it, the kind that has a lid that snaps up one side to spoon or pour, and another that has the little holes to sprinkle. You've probably already guessed that I snapped open the wrong side and made two good shakes over the roast! I'm guessing I poured out about four tablespoons into the crock. gah. I scraped out as much as I could, but the sides were damp, and there was a lot still there. My guess is that I left a couple tablespoons of garlic powder. I decided to risk it, added a little water (up till then I was browning it a little), put the lid on, and went about my business.

Tuesday night I had some for dinner, but I was so tired that I didn't pay attention. I just ate a little with some random veggies and went to bed.

Well! I just had a sandwich of it a few minutes ago, and WOWZER-ROOTIE-TOOTIE-BUCKO!!!! Dayumm, that was gooooood!!! I'm guessing my breath smells as if I'm trying to scare off vampires, and it probably would, but I freakin' don't care!! I've never tasted a better flavor! I miss the nice crust, but I'll live! LOL!

This morning it took me four hours of vigilance, but I outlasted Joey!!! We sat in the back yard for at least 20 minutes. Back in the crate. We walked in the back yard for 15-20 minutes. Back in the crate. (repeat that rotation of four activities about 3-4 times, sometimes with other dogs, sometimes just the two of us) We walked out front. We walked out front. We walked out front. We walked out front. Back in the crate. We sat out front. Back in the crate. We walked out front again. Back in the crate. We walked out front with Max. We sat out front. We walked out front. We sat out front. We walked out front with China. Every time we were with another dog and s/he did some business, I raved, petted that dog, and sounded like a total idiot (thank god for distant neighbors!). And finally, after China got her kudos .... and looked at me as if I were frickin' stupid since she hasn't need that encouragement for many years!!! .... he walked over to my truck, lifted his leg next to the tire and let go. And go. AND GO!!! At one time, he rested his leg against the tire, looked up at me as if to say, "OK, OK, OK. Please leave me alone now." And of course I raved and petted him and sounded more than ever like an idiot! Now all I have to do is repeat this routine several more times today. And tomorrow. And probably several more days. Then perhaps I will be able to back off a little at a time.

And while Joey and I were having our battle of the wills, I had hooked the leash to Sam, letting him drag it around to get used to it some more. He is doing better , but still hates it. However, today he was on the deck while I was in the front yard with Joey for the last hour of the ordeal, and he did more moving around than he ever has. He would move a few feet, stop and glare at the leash, then after sitting a while, would move on to another spot, usually so he could keep Joey and me in sight. Later, as we came inside, he followed and has managed to walk back and forth in the kitchen/living room several times. Now, don't get me wrong, he still obviously hates it, but he is moving around!!! EEEEE-HAWWWW! Progress on two fronts!!

OK, I have to go take a nap now.



  1. psst dont tell my beagle I said this but cats are so much easier have a good nap you deserve it.

  2. Now you've got ME hungry! I might make some pot roast next week.

    Yes the title got my attention! NO telling what those babies of yours are up to!

  3. LOL Yes, that title got my attention!!

    I LOVE pork roast. And yours sounds delicious!!

  4. Redfrog, I feel like I made a huge step forward today. I just hope it continues going that direction!

    MQ, before I wrote that, I had already put a beef roast on to cook. Now I don't want it, I want the pork roast! LOL!

    Yeah, no telling about these guys! And besides, given my recent history for collecting strays, I might have come up home with a pot-bellied pig!!!

    Cheryl, LOL! Good!

    It is excellent. I wish I had that crunchy crust, but that isn't that good by the second day, anyway. I'll live with what I have! :D

  5. I just realized that your life is my favorite reality series. I swear each time I come to read your blog you have the most amazing (and funny) stories. I can't wait to see what happens next....


  6. I don't believe you can ever have too much garlic. Sounds delicious to me.

    BTW, I read your reply to Cheryl about Siloam Springs. The son of a friend from church went to John Brown U, in SS, Ark.

    Just a random fact.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. Caroline, (singing in my best "Gypsy Rose Lee" imitation voice) Let me entertain you .....

    You know, if my life weren't so exciting, I'd probably wind up in a rocking chair with an afghan over my lap. Nah, I like it this way!!!

    Check back often! You never know!! LOL!!

    Hippochick, I actually agree with you! garlic is a wonderful thing to overdo!!

    As I said at Cheryl's blog, the world is getting smaller, isn't it? Maybe it would be fun to do a blog about some where I've been, lived, had family, whatever, and then see how many readers have a connection. What'd ya think? :D

  8. What you did with the garlic sounds like something I would have done. I'm hungry for pork roast now.

    Sounds like good progress with the kids.

  9. Daisy, sometimes those mistakes turn into blessings, and this was certainly one of them!!

    They're coming along!!! I can't sigh with relief just yet, but soon, I hope!

  10. Your garlic story is so funny. Probably because I did the same thing once (or thrice), lol. But you're right, it does give a good taste to meat, doesn't it?

    Ok, I'm almost embarassed to say this. But has it been THAT long since I read your blog? Who is Joey? Ok there, I said it! And yes, I AM embarassed!!

    I went back a few posts, trying to figure it out on my own and I guess I've just missed it.

    I've GOT to do better (and catch up in the meantime).

    You can respond to me via email if you'd like. I'm not sure I want others to read what you might say to me, LOL!!!

  11. Dawn, since I did that, I've heard about at least six others who have done it, too! And yes, garlic is marvelous on meat .... even when it is a lot of it!!

    Gasp! You should be embarrassed for not knowing about Joey! The story is 3.5 weeks old!! I'll email you. What I have to say can't be said here!! :D LOL!


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