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Saturday, July 26, 2008


This was the scene on my bed at about 8:30 this morning. It is hard to take these pix, because the kids are so close to me.

Joey is on his back at the right side, Sammy at the top middle and China on the left.

China raised her head, and her muzzle was all messed up from having it pushed into the bed! Next to her is Max, and farther down is Ali.

Around the time I took these, there was an occasional shower outside. It was really nice and refreshing. I had looked at the rain gauge about 7:00 and we had just a touch of rain overnight, between .1 and .2 inches. The forecast was for rain today and tomorrow, some of it possible intense, thanks to Hurricane Dolly.


By 9:30, it was raining cats and dogs. Correct that .... It was raining birds and dogs!! These two little guys had sought shelter on the deck , clinging to the back of a lounge chair.

And the dogs were out looking at what was going on!

Look at Ali. He seems to be saying, "Holy crap!" Sam says, "Can we go in now??"

And by 10:30, it was still raining torrentially. Since 7:00, I have had just short of 2" of rain!! Some of my newly planted grass seed is floating away, I'm sure, because the back yard slopes. Guess I get to replant, eh??

And I thought I'd let you see/hear what was going on....

I am 891 miles from Brownsville, TX, BTW!

It's 11:30 now, and it has let up for now. Whew!


  1. That is ALOT of rain! The puppies are cuties!

  2. Traci, yes, it is a lot!! And after a couple hours of almost no rain, it just started again! Oy Vay!!

    Aren't those babies sweet? Joey dun guut!!

  3. That rainstorm sounded intense, Lynilu !!!
    Glad you and the dogs (and the two birds) are safe and sheltered.

    I'd say you are going to be replanting grass seed when it lets up...

  4. Annie, Oh, yes I will definitely be replanting! I looked at the planted area, and I'm guessing I will have very heavy grass in between the places where the rivulets of water completely cleared the ground of the peat moss and top soil I put down! sigh. But we are all safe. I have a funny story about the birds, so I hope you check back later!

  5. What a rainstorm!!!! It's like our Nor'Easters.

  6. Daisy, it was a doozy, fer sher!! Even the dogs noticed how different things were. They weren't afraid, just puzzled, it seemed.

  7. I was sort of hoping WE would get Dolly's fall out. Lucky you!

  8. Julie, well, you might be glad you didn't get this. We are flooding, seriously flooding. More on that later. I've had a lot of rain, but I'm OK, but in Ruidoso there is a serious situation.

  9. Wow you did get alot of rain! Madison would tell you that rain is God's way of making the trees and flowers grow. I hear it EVERY time it rains LOL I never get tired of seeing the puppies!

  10. MQ, oh, yes, we did. Tell Madison that I agree with her, and I'm glad for the rain. (Just not so much at once!!! Don't tell her that!)

    Me, either! (the puppies) LOL!!


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