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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


After that title you're going to be humming the old Beatles song all day aren't you?? LOL! And if you weren't after reading the title, you are now because I put it into your head! Double LOL!!

I am very tired today. I worked hard both Monday and yesterday, and it is catching up with me. I need to go out and do just a little more to finish one task, but I may put it off till tomorrow. Yesterday was a booger! I did yard work again, and got a lot done. It wasn't terribly hot, but I worked up a royal sweat. It was humid with thunderheads threatening all day long, too. I never did get rain, a few sprinkles, but that's it.

By day's end I had cut almost all the thistles and bagged them with little injury. They are stickery things! I filled two of those huge contractor's waste bags. I have to use those because they poke through any other plastic bag, and actually, will poke through those, too, a little. You can't pick them up with your hands, even in work gloves, because of the "thorns." I'm sure that leather gloves would work, but I'm not sure where mine are. I ned to look some more in tool chests, I guess. Anyway, I picked them up with the pruners, just carefully so not to cut them again. It took a long itme to get them all bagged. I have a few more to cut, but I was really tired, hot, and just d.o.n.e.

I used a tow rope to pull out the fence posts that held up the fencing I took down on Monday. A few got bent, but I doubt I will use them again, and beside, it surely does beat digging them out! Honestly I don't know that I could have dug them myself. Anyway, they are out now. I'm not sure what I'll do with the fencing and posts. If I can figure out a place to store the out of sight for a while until I can decide about keeping them, I will. Otherwise, I'll see if there is a neighbor who wants them.

I was so tired at the end of the day that I just flopped in the porch swing with a glass of iced water and panted! You would have thought Max had worked hard, too. Look at this.

If you look closely, his back legs aren't on the ground. They are propped up on the table leg, giving the look of, "I'm so tired I can't move to put my legs down." Silly dog!

When I came back to the house after working, here is what the deck looked like! The boys found a plastic bag with vacuum cleaner bags and had a hey day!

Max and Sam showing their accomplishments.

Max says, "Look, Mom, we put the best parts in here!"

They keep dragging this bed out to the deck, I don't know why!! Oh, wait! Of course, it is to put those treasures in!!

While I was sitting there, cooling off and grumbling about having to clean up their mess, I looked toward the north and saw these clouds, beautiful, but angry underneath, too.

But best of all, in the east, right in front of me was this .......

I relaxed, sipped my water and just watched.


  1. Your dogs are TOO DAMN FUNNY!!! LOL!!! And your sky pictures are awesome.

  2. Daisy, their personalities are ..... distinct!!! LOL! Yes, they are a hoot!!

  3. What a hoot. Your dogs are endless entertainment.

  4. MJ, HA!!! You ought to LIVE it!!!

  5. I love dogs and they do have thier own personalities. Cats too.
    Beautiuful sky.

    You know all that work is saving you a fortune in gym fees right? I don't get people hiring someone to do their yard work and then paying money to a fancy gym to stay in shape. Just beats me.

    I love your poetry. I will have to come back and read more.

  6. Eve, first of all, welcome! Glad you stopped by! :)

    Yes, they all do have unique personalities. I think back over the years about the many cats or dogs, and I'm amazed at how diverse they have been. It is fun getting to know these guys I have now, and wondering how anyone could not have loved them and kept them safe.

    Exercise? Boy, am I getting it!!! And I'm with you on that yard work/gym thing. Don't get it at all.

    Come back! and I'll visit your blog, too. :)

  7. Beautiful! I can't wait to meet those dogs and see that sky for myself...

  8. Me, too, Julie, me, too!!!

  9. Those dogs are a MESS!! LOL

    Love the rainbow. Take it easy on yourself k?

  10. MQ, quite literally they are!! But delightful messes!!

    Thanks, and I will!


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