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Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's Always OK Once It's Over

OK, I think I'm ready to come back to Bloggerville. The last 48 hours have been stressful for me, but I'm beginning to surface from the abyss that has been my life. What has happened is not that any one thing happened, but because several things hit me at once and the timing was icky. Just one of those bad moments in life, you know?

Financial: Because I trusted the mortgage company to do what they said, my checking account was overdrawn. The mortgage is being sold .... again!!! ..... and because both companies sent a payment coupon, I paid the old one. They said they would send it back to me, and I should send a check to the new company. I did. They didn't. Arghhhhh. Well, all I can say is my loan is now paid for this coming month. Crap. I have overdraft protection, so I don't have outrageous charges, but I still have the fees from my own bank for covering several checks. That puts me immediately down in the old pocketbook. Ehhh, it could be worse.

Work: Not really anything wrong. We just finished out biggest month to date, a very good thing. But it leaves me with the biggest challenge of bookkeeping to date, as well, as I am the one who tabulates and confirms all the sales and makes sure the artists get paid for what was sold. And as one might expect, there were more mistakes than usual made which had to be corrected, and I was working on those tasks, and becoming frustrated with stupid errors (some of them mine!) that occur when business is that good. It's a double edged blade, cutting on the good side along with the bad.

Personal: As you know, I've been trying to find a motel in the area of Broken Arrow that would accept pets so that I could make a reservation for my upcoming trip to my niece's wedding and the reuniting of Joey and his little lady. I found 2 hotels that would accept pets, but they weren't very close to the site of the wedding. I was also waiting to hear from Caroline about her being able to meet me there and "doggie-sit" while I attended the big event. On Friday, Caroline realized that she just couldn't do it, and I had to shift into alternative mode. I was sort of expecting this, yet I hadn't made a Plan B, so I was scrambling.

I talked with my house/dog sitter, and she was OK with the change. One more dog (Joey) wasn't a big deal. So this afternoon, she came over to meet the new kids, and it went really well. She is a teenager, and she is having a friend stay here with her, so both girls were here. The meeting went pretty well. Joey charmed the girls, of course. Max tickled them with his antics, and almost made up with them (he barked at them under his breath and stayed close to me, but wagged his tail and they could see that he would be workable). Sam did better than I expected. He didn't stay hidden in the other room, as I thought he would, but kept venturing closer and closer. He actually came within a couple feet of them! YAY! My sitter knows China and Ali, and there will be no problem there. The two girls are coming over at least three times this week and again next week so The Boys will be more relaxed with them.

Then, right after they left, I emailed the woman at the rescue shelter to tell of the change of plans, that I would be leaving Joey here. I also needed her to know that I wouldn't pick up the little girl until Monday. She emailed back immediately and invited me to bring Joey, drop him off at her place for the weekend, and pick them both up on Monday! What a deal!!! So I will take Joey, drop him at the shelter, have my weekend with my family and pick up both my babies to come home!!

None of these things was awful, but the timing of everything at once about did me in. Who would have known it would happen like that? Anyway, everything is right again, and it is going to work out. I was just in a tizzy because I had so many things to try to cope with at once, and I simply had to take some personal down time to crawl my way out.

So I'm back, at least until the next crisis!!! Who knows? Maybe I'm stronger for having to confront all this in one fell-swoop. Who am I to say? LOL!!


  1. Lynilu,
    It's hard to get hit with everything at once. It gets overwhelming, even if you got it all handled one after the other, or at least planned for smoothly.

  2. Oh, Annie, it surely is. Each thing seems much larger than life in those circumstances, and even when it works out, it leave a muddy footprint on the heart!

  3. I am so sorry that I won't be able to make this trip. And I am so sorry that you have had to deal with so many other things.

    Hang in there.....

  4. Caroline, it was just one of those things that happen occasionally to anyone, I suppose. No problem! Thanks.

  5. I am glad to hear that it is all working out. Mortgage companies....blech.

  6. I am glad everything all worked out for you. I hope you have a great time at the wedding.

  7. Several mini crises add up to one regular sized crisis! So glad it's all worked out for you now, though. :o)

  8. Julie, yeah, blech. My last home was owned for 30 years and the mortgage was sold once, in the last 5 yrs of the loan. Nowdays, they are sold so often! I've had three now in just over a year! Blech.

    Daisy, thanks, and me too. I think I will enjoy the wedding, being able to see some family that I haven't for a while. And now that I know all my babies will be in good hand, I am relieved!

    Jen, I hate to think of the comparison, but I almost feel that several little ones close together like this are harder, because my attention to solutions is divided. Well, maybe I say that because in a major crisis, my head just shuts down completely, and I don't think. Either way it is a pain in the tush!! Thanks, I'm in far better shape now.

  9. I hate tizzies!!! Glad everything worked out okay though.

  10. Sam wasn't shy? maybe Sam knew a friendly teenager in his time before joining your family?

  11. M, Sam was still shy, but came closer to the girls than I expected. Perhaps you're right. I even said at one time that I wondered if he might have been a pet to a child in the pet mill home. Because of some behaviors, he seemed to have had some degree of decent human contact in his life.


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