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Monday, August 25, 2008

Lazy Monday Afternoon

Sam has spent the last 48 hours+ carrying around one of the new toys. It is the little blue and pink fuzzy ball that Jazi went for when I put out the new toys. He has had this ball in his mouth almost constantly! It seems to be his latest obsession! When it isn't in his mouth, it was right next to him. He balked when I made him put it down to go outside. I swear it's his pacifier!!

Now, he hasn't cared when one of the others plays with it for a while, but he watches them intently and the minute they put it down, he grabs it. In fact, here is a picture of .... well, can you even tell what it is? It is Jazi and Sam wrestling. She had the ball, and he was following her around, and she dropped it. He started to grab it, and she jumped on him!

Max discovered an hour or so ago that he can sleep on the back of the couch just like Jazi does. Well, not just like her, because his size makes a difference. He kept sliding off one way or another because of his "overhang"!! Once I arranged the cushion for him on the corner, he was very comfortable!

You can see Jazi (barely!) and the left hand side and Max on the right. I'd swear there is more difference in their sizes than 3 pounds!

Right now everyone is sleeping, and I'm wondering if I could take an afternoon nap myself. Yeah, why, not! I
worked in the yard for about two hours this morning, and I deserve the rest. :D


  1. They are too cute. And it is a great pacifier :)

    Enjoy your nap, Lynilu !

  2. my 57 pound beagle still tries to sleep on the back of the couch and so doesn't fit up there.

    i love Same. he is sooo cute! he has grown quite alot since you first adopted him.

  3. Maybe I should be happy bufford only weighs 35 lbs, and not 57 lbs. That is the only thing i have been doing is napping I hate medicine and its not working grrrrrrrrr. Great pics.

  4. No working outside here for the last three days. We are getting the rain that is left from Tropical Storm Fay. It is raining right now.

    These are the sweetest dogs. Solo lines up his toys under the edge of the bed. When I clean up, he puts them back in the same spot. : )

  5. Sadie is not a toy dog. She will occassionally play with a stuffed animal carcass (she's taken all the stuffing out). Your kids are cute playing together.

    Nap! I love naps!

  6. Of course you deserve a nap. With as many toddlers as you have running around, you should be napping everytime they are napping.

    Sam is so darn cute.

  7. Annie, thank you. Yes, isn't it a great pacifer??? I had a nice, short nap, and all is well!

    M(ary), Max certainly is a long way from 57#, but he is so lanky and long that his little body just kinda goes everywhere! Yes, Sam has really grown. He's gained a pound or so, and emotionally, he is much better than he was.

    Redgrog, LOL! We need to be thankful for some of the little things, shouldn't me? Sometimes napping is the only way for a body to heal, I think. Sorry the meds aren't doing their job, but be thankful that you're able to nap.

    Eve, OH, I'll bet you don't do yard work when a TS is hanging over you!! My daughter in Melbourne bot something like 15 inches at her house! Look out!!

    Thanks about the kids. I know I'm biased, but they are pretty special. I love the lined up toys! That is cool! Now ... have you considered that Solo might have a touch of OCD?? :D

    MJ, LOL! I know Sadie is not a toy dog, she's waaaay too big for that!! Oh, sorry!

    Ali has decimated stuffed toys like that, but then he doesn't want anything to do with it after that.

    Yes, naps are good, aren't they? :)

    Caroline, I can't imagine how parents of a set of twins and a set of quads could do it!!Yeah, the nap was a good one. And yes, Sam is a charming little guy. And then at other times .......


    Let's say he is certainly coming out of his shell!

  8. I always love a pup update!
    Reilly cracks me up when he occasionally perches on the arm of the couch like a fuzzy little bird!

  9. MQ, good! Reilly really is the size of a bird, isn't he? It is cute to watch how each little guy has his/her own behavior that tickles us. Yay for our best friends!


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