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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mover-Arounder, Lamp-Fixer, Super Trainer/Trimmer! LOL!

That title sounds like a pretty good traveling medicine show, doesn't it? LOL! That's me, sumpthin fer everyone in my wagon!

I baked a German chocolate cake last evening. No reason. I just wanted some. When it was bedtime, I sat a little plate with a piece of cake on the night stand, far enough away to keep Max from getting into it. Remember, he is my nightstand raider.

Then I gave all the babies a bedtime treat and while they munched away, I changed into my jammies. It took me all of 45 seconds to slip them on, and when I turned around ..... can you guess? Nope, not Max, but little Jazi was on the nightstand, all four feet, having herself another treat! I panicked a bit about chocolate, but she was safe. In her very princess way, she was not eating the chocolate cake, but just licking the icing!!

But on the nightstand? Excuse me! Is this my house anymore? Sometimes I wonder!

Oh, but we are getting one boundary established. When we get into bed for that hour or so of being close with Mom while she reads, there is occasionally a bit of a wrestling that starts up or a bit of low-tone growling as the boys establish who gets what spot. I've been telling them, "Not on my bed," when they start something. Finally on the last two nights, they seem to get it. When I say that phrase, they stop, lie down, and it is over! I may have to repeat the phrase the second time, but then that's it! Now, don't ask me why it works, but it does. Damnedest thing I've seen!

They've also learned "drop it" and "put it down." When they have something contraband, or if we are going outside and try to carry a toy, I tell them to drop it, and they do! It is the strangest thing, as if suddenly all the things for which I've been training them is all coming to fruition at one time! I'm afraid to brag too much, but it is too cool to keep to myself.

I gave almost everyone a trim today. China was sleeping so I left her alone. She will get her trim tomorrow, then everyone will get a bath. I trimmed their muzzles, but I didn't trip Max's as much as I did the others. His face has a little Fu Man Chu look going on that is special and unique, so I left it. They are all pretty easy to work with, but Jazi is funny because she just goes limp and lets me do whatever I need to do! The girl knows how to be pampered!

I'm still amazed with the way everyone is fitting in, getting along. There is still the occasional ruffled fur, usually during a wrestling match, when one of the boys gets his dander up. But all-in-all, the balance in the house is just great. Ali continues to spend more time with us, and the feisty boys aren't bugging him when he naps on the bed during the day. Oh, occasionally, one of them, usually Sam, jumps onto the bed and Ali has to set him straight about territory and rowdiness, but it doesn't happen often.

Yesterday I went to put my luggage away under the house. It is a walk-in with dirt floor. I keep mouse bait there to try to keep the rodents coming from the woods at a minimum. When I opened the door, just before I stepped in, I saw a snake slither across the doorway toward a corner. I ... H.A.T.E ... S.N.A.K.E.S!!! But I was amazingly calm. I looked quickly to be sure it was not a rattler, and no, it was not. I haven't found a picture of one like it, but I'm pretty sure it was a common garden snake or something similar. There are just two venomous snakes in NM, several types of rattlesnakes (there were definitely no rattles) and the coral snake (nope, no coral rings). It definitely wasn't either. Obviously I haven't eradicated the mice completely. I guess I will have to get some more bait and keep a lot of it down there.

I did some furniture rearranging yesterday. My bedroom is large, but with the crates in here for the next few months, it is cramped. I've stacked the crates, but I still have one too many pieces of furniture in the room. I shoved everything all around, but it is no better than when I started. I have considered moving something to another room, but there is no way that will work, either. I guess I will just live with it until the young ones can be trusted out of crates. The thing is, I'd like to be able to leave the crates, or at least one of them, here in the bedroom, because several of them like to go into the lower crate during the day to escape or rest. If I can manage to downsize some more, I will sell a dresser and that should help. But that is a tall dream. We'll see what happens.

I'm proud of myself. I fixed a lamp today. It has been flickering, and I thought I might have to buy a new switch,but I thought I'd check it out. I couldn't find anything, so I put it back together, and I noticed that one of the connectors had been a little loose, so I tightened it. I have no idea if that was what was wrong, but the lamp works correctly now!! I'm not questioning it!

All is well!!


  1. I like snakes. They are the opposite of centipedes and spiders since they have NO creepy crawly legs. I have a four leg MAXIMUM. :)

  2. Sandra, OooooKaaaaay! If I catch that sucker, I'll pack 'im up and send 'im to you!! As if I could/would catch it! There is something weird about a critter that gets around on land without legs.

  3. I love the stories of the kids...I can only imagine how much fun it is to be around a house full on little ones.

  4. MJ, I admit one thing .... it is not boring at my house! Something is always going on at any moment when the kids are awake!


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