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Friday, September 12, 2008

Dogs and Stuff

A couple days ago I was trying to take pictures of The Kids. "Trying" is the operative words in that sentence. They weren't being hard to get along with, they were just moving around and stretching in the sunlight, etc. But here is what I got .....


Joe and Jaz.






And then........... What a treasure this one is!!!

That made it worth it all! May I present ........ Ms. Jazmyn, Queen of It All. (Sorry, MQ, but my house, my rules!!! And Jaz rules!!)

Jazi is an independent little thing. Don't get me wrong, she loves to cuddle, to sit on the cushion of the couch behind me and snuggle against my shoulders (I'm gonna love that this winter!), to roll over and let me pet her tummy. But she doesn't seem to need to be glued to my side. It is a very nice balance of herself and her relationship to me. The Boys? Different story altogether!

When I walk around the house, it is common for all three of The Boys to be right with me. That old thing about "if I stop too quickly he/she runs into me" holds true for these little guys. They frequently bonk into my legs if I slow down or stop. When I'm standing still and turn around, I can't immediately start walking. I have to turn, look at where each of them is, then step over/around/past them or wait until they move out of the way! I'm definitely their leader!

Now ..... if you're tired of hearing Max and Sam growl, you can skip these two little clips, but these two guys continue to crack me up over this behavior! They were sitting on the couch beside me, close enough to get their little bitty grumbles clearly on the audio, the camera was right there. I just loved catching this moment. I promise (maybe!!) this will be the last of this kind of video. ;D

In this next one, Sam gets bored with it all, but Max is persistent and consistent .... and an irritant!! But only in an endearing way!

What more could I possibly want in my life????

Oh, speaking of that ..... a couple weeks ago I had a nice lunch with a nice man. Remember that? Have you wondered what came of that? Well, here it is.


I have not heard from him again. I know there was some family stuff going on, so I didn't think too much when he didn't call (as he said he would) about going with me as invited that weekend. However, it would have been nice if he had simply given me a quick call to say he couldn't make it.

But I never heard from him at all. He said as we parted after lunch that he would like to see me again if I was open to it. That's when I invited him to my activity. But now, two weeks and three days later, I can only guess that his phone is broken, beyond repair, he knows no one else with a phone that he could borrow, his car is broken, and he knows no one who would make a call for him. Yeah, that's it.

No, I actually suspect that he got tied up in the family issues (and I would place that first in my life, too), forgot to call (at first), then eventually, it became embarrassing to call. Sadly, that is no excuse in my book. If he is too embarrassed to talk with me, his friend has my email addy and he could go that route. But there was another time when I was told he would call that day, and I didn't hear for several days. For me this second time is over the top. He is a nice man, one with whom I think I could be friends at least, but bottom line .... he said he wanted to see me again but didn't bother to call. I'm worth/deserving of a phone call, on any account. Obviously, it's done.

And in spite of that experience .....

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. aw. i think sam is just adorable. for some reason, he touches my heart the most.

    btw. welcome to the world of dating! i guess if it is meant to be, your paths will cross again.

  2. Lyn those kids are just too darned adorable, and the Lady herself is beyond words. That elusive man has missed having a great friend. I use to tell my kids when they were teenagers and that happened...when one bus has gone, there is another coming right behind. I'm not sure about the bus service in your area lol. Maybe he has a very valid reason, but you're right...a call would have been appropriate.


  3. (M)ary, Sam is remarkable, if for no other reason than his ability to overcome many of the hang-ups he had when he first arrived. But his personality is precious, too. Except when he chews my shoes, my computer and other electronics cords, etc. The little cuss!!

    As for the guy .... well, I don't know if our paths crossed what my reaction might be. I'm a pretty forgiving person, but this might be over the line. I'd listen, but not sure I'd go there again. Boy, this was a rough intro into "Dating After 60 101".

    Ruth, my kids are dears, for sure, and the lady, woo-hoo!!

    I know, I have always taken that approach to life. But you're right, in this county with its sparse population, the bus doesn't pass often!! LOL! Well, to quote Doris Day "Que sera, sera!"

  4. very cute pups!!! i can't belie how they talk to each other like that!! Addie and Riley do that occasionally, but it is much louder . . .

    sorry about the boy . . .

  5. I never get tired of the furkids antics!!! Love them. They always make me smile and I don't mind sharing the title of "Queen" with Ms. Jaz!!!!

    As for the man.. meh... if it's meant to be - it'll be!

  6. Beans, they are all so funny and entertaining, each in his/her own way. Trust me, these guys sometimes get unbelievably noisy about it, too. I can't believe such big noise comes from such little dogs!

    Thank you.

    MQ, I don't either, obviously!

    And M'Lady Jaz says thanks!! ;D

  7. I agree... you deserved a phone call. And I'm so glad you know your worth.

    Your dogs are beyond precious, by the way. What a cutie that Jaz is.

  8. Cathy, lessons from the past, learned hard, not easily forgotten.

    Thank you, I think my pack is da bomb!

  9. How disappointing to think you could have a possible new friend. I am sort of in a situation that I thought I could be very good friends with someone. Even traveled a good distance to see her on her birthday and we really haven't heard much from her since.

    Hopefully he got caught up with family issues. Still no excuse to not give a quick call or email to let you know that.

  10. Daisy, I'm going to update on this soon. It is disappointing when potential friends don't seem to have the same level of interest/involvement. But we can't control others.

  11. Daisy, if only everyone were as honorable as me, huh? ;)

    Jen, I certainly think so!! Thanks!


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