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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Four-Leggers Abound!

Joey snoozing.

Sweet Jazi.

Max often looks thoughtful.

Sammy was sleeping behind me
on the back of the couch

with his head on my shoulder.

I have meant to tell you about something really cute that Sam does. When they go out in the back yard, the dogs often get to running back and forth, chasing imaginary (or perhaps real) intruders. Recently Sam has been getting right next to Joey, shoulder and shoulder, and they run from one end of the yard to the other. It is so cute to watch them! They look like they are joined at the shoulder, two little reindeer running and leaping in unison. I don't know how they know to leap at the same moment, but they do. If I can catch them being cute, I video it for you, but it isn't easy to have the camera that convenient at all times.

This afternoon The Kids were barking on the deck for several minutes, and I decided I should check and see what was going on. To my surprise one of the little stags was standing in the driveway, munching on scrub oak. I was really surprised that he hadn't moved away from the noisy little mutts, but no. There he was, just a few feet from the deck, but 12-15 feet below us.

That little guy is at the bottom of the picture, and if you look toward the end of the driveway, there is his twin brother! I was surprised and happy to know they are still hanging out together.

This is a close up of his head. He is a little smaller than his brother, and his antlers aren't as long (see following picture).

This is the other boy. See how much longer his antlers are? He was amazingly interested in what we were doing on the deck.

Most of that green stuff behind him is the scrub oak. I've got the thistles on the run now, and my next challenge is the scrub oak. I won't remove it all, because the deer really like it, but I will cut it away from the house for fire protection.

Both of them stayed, ate, and watched us for about a half hour. It is fun that they stick around like that, but I also worry that it will make them more vulnerable during hunting season. I hope they stay right here at my house during that time.

I love my dogs, and the deer are a great bonus to living here!

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. Now, THOSE are neighbors I'd be happy to have.
    I hope no one tries to hunt on your property.

  2. I found your blog which is listed on Froggi's. I like the way you have the photo stretch across the header. Did you do anything special to get it to fill the entire header? Mine only goes across the first column.

    I grew up in NM. Still love it there. Are you a native?

    Randy and Pam

  3. Julie, they are nice, quiet neighbors!

    I don't think there is any worry where I live. I actually live in a
    subdivision" of 1+ acre lots, and it would be very hard to mistake it for hunting territory. The deer and elk may hang out here for safety, to be honest.

    Randy, welcome!

    Briefly, I consider myself a native, although I wasn't born here, but grew up in NM and my heart has resided here no matter where else I've been.

    I'm going to email you with my response to your question, as it might be a little long here.

  4. Wonderful pictures!!

    We have deer come through our neighborhood every once in a while as evidence by what they leave behind in our yard. lol But they must do it in the middle of the night or something because we've never seen them.

  5. I never get tired to seeing deer... or pics of your sweet pups! I could just kiss their sweet faces!

  6. Jen, I think deer more normally come around at night, but these guys have become accepting of our presence. Thanks!

    MQ, thanks, and me, too!

  7. Oh the babies are so darn cute. They all look very content and happy.

    You are so lucky to have deer that close to you.

  8. Great pictures as usual.

  9. Caroline, thank you! I think they are happy. And yes, the deer are wonderful. We watch them almost daily.

    Redfrog, Thanks!


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